Wedding manicure french

Beautiful and well-groomed hands of the bride - itmandatory element of its ideal image. The attention of all the guests and groom exchange rings during the ceremony of marriage is drawn on fingers newly married, so they should be perfect. Many brides make the wedding a French manicure, which experts called for short "french". What are its varieties suitable for the wedding?

Rules French manicure

Natural and gentle perfect french manicureIt fits the romantic image of the bride and clean. For tunic performance using light colors of lacquer: pink, peach, light purple, pale red, coral, cream, creamy. For the big day it is appropriate to decorate the bride's nails bright ornaments in the form of crystals and gemstones. This design will look spectacular and bright.

This type of manicure is performed on the square oroval rounded nails. A distinctive feature is a white stripe on the tip of a finger of the solid plate, it often is in the form of a semicircle ( "smiles"). The rest of the nail plate stained with paint in a neutral or pastel shade. There are a few rules of the French manicure:

  • Always after varnishing let it dry well. The fulfillment of this elementary Board ensures 90% of success.
  • Never use as a stencil for "smile" tape, because it reflected badly on the integrity of the superimposed layers of varnish.
  • It is not necessary prior to the procedure to use hand cream, nail polish because it will be bad to go to bed.
  • Use the special pencil white to paint the tip of the nail. This has a positive effect on the appearance of the hand.
  • Keep a positive attitude and be confident that you will succeed.

Types of wedding tunic

Originally a French manicure done sonail appearance was close to natural. But over time, a host of species tunic, making the girl's hands is almost a work of art. Whichever technique you choose French manicure for a wedding, your hands will be unique and beautiful. If you decide to make the wedding jacket, then in front of you a wide range of its species:

  • classical;
  • millennium;
  • color;
  • twist;
  • Hollywood;
  • with stylized design (modeling, applique).

French manicure with modeling

Beautiful and original jacket can be donethe use of modeling. Bulk items for the bride fingers look elegant and gentle. Variants of modeling set, but often at the hands of the bride want to see the acrylic colors. If you have a themed wedding, the beautiful three-dimensional image on the nails may overlap with the triumph of style. A molding made from acrylic dust.

Effectively look on the bride's hands petals,that match the color and shape of flowers in a bouquet or a girl harmony with the decor of the bride dresses. Bulk flowers can decorate all the fingers, or just nameless girl. In the latter case, it is the time to enhance the solemnity of the ceremony wedding rings at the exchange. On her finger with a molding in the form of impressive and beautiful flower will look engagement ring.

Wedding jacket with modeling for the bride

Dressed stones or sequins

Festive and colorful look with french decor withsequins or jewels. Nails with shimmering shining elements will be combined perfectly with the same decorations on a corset or hairstyle of the bride. Shiny stones can decorate the border between the white stripes and the end of the main color. Look beautiful crystals, scattered for the most part of the nail plate. Stones can only decorate the ring finger. Such a jacket with sequins on the bride's hands will look gentle and romantic.

Wedding French manicure with rhinestones

Wedding jacket with a picture

Manicure with original print - it's beautiful,fashionable and stylish. Art painting on nails gives the image of the bride's wedding special flavor. Bright or pastel colors, flowers often choose the bride and groom to decorate the jacket. Originally and trendy, he looks with lace drawings, which will be combined perfectly with the wedding dress with the elements of guipure. This will make the image of the bride elegant and romantic.

French with a pattern for marriage


French manicure Glitter idealfor the wedding celebration. French-millennium looks fashionable and colorful, made any mikropudrami. Decorated with shining elements can tip the entire surface of the nail, cuticle area or glitter can be located on the line color transitions. It will be interesting to look extra inlay ring finger as a brilliant butterfly or flower pattern. This item will give the image of the bride's tenderness and romance.

French-millennium for the bride

Wedding French-twist

For creative brides excellent choice manicureat the wedding will be a twist-jacket. His performance technique involves staining "smile" in several colors. Additional decorations in the form of a paste or other decor will make your hands beautiful and underline the particular importance of the event. Saturated shades that can be used in the performance of the French manicure, should be in harmony with the other elements of the image of the bride.

Wedding manicure-twist

How to make a wedding jacket - performing appliances

Make wedding jacket can be at home. For this purpose it is necessary to purchase the materials, tools and techniques to master its performance. It is advisable to conduct a rehearsal of the wedding day of execution of the selected type of French manicure. To make your nails in this style buy yourself: base and hardener, pale pink and white lacquer, round and teardrop rhinestones, nail decorator with sequins, and then follow the instructions:

  1. Apply a base nail polish and allow to fully dry.
  2. Apply pink nail polish.
  3. Draw a white painted wedge of the nail tip. Once dry, repeat the pattern.
  4. Sequins make the line, repeating the white tip of the nail edge.
  5. Decorate with rhinestones solid finger plate near the top center of the white part.
  6. After apply fixer.

Video: wedding jacket for short nails

What to do with the bride nails short length,to at a wedding they looked nice and impressive? One solution - a French manicure. To give it a more festive appearance, use rhinestones to decorate his tunic. Gentle, natural form of short nails is beautifully highlighted white "smile" on their tip. It looks nice and gently. Can I make a beautiful wedding french manicure with a pattern in the home? It's real. First, however, better to look as it does in a professional video:

Photo wedding manicure french 2016

If you are not sure that will be able tomake a jacket for the wedding, it is best to consult a specialist in the salon. The stylist will recommend what kind of wedding manicure right for you. View options nails made in the French style, it is possible in the compilation of the photos below. From this set of options bride necessarily select a suitable option.

French for the bride