Wedding manicure at home

On the wedding day every girl dreams sincekindergarten. Flowers, white dress, ring, happiness in the eyes - in such unforgettable moments you want to look perfect, so every detail must be thought out and chosen wisely. Do not forget also about their nails, which can take care of the home called the master of the wedding manicure. Professional will offer an array of design options, growing nails, nail strike. The pre-wedding day full of trouble, not every bride can take the time to hike in the area, and call home manicure solves this problem.

Benefits wedding manicure at home

Wedding manicure at home

Wedding nail design house has such advantages:

  • Saves nerves - you need not worry,sit on pins and needles in thought, whether you have time to go back to the time when assigned hairstyle, make-up. If all services will be ordered home, some can be provided in parallel.
  • It saves time - you do not have to spend time on the road in the center and back, and on the wedding day is an important criterion.
  • The ability to make a point - in theirterritory you will feel more safe, relaxed, so it will be easier to make a point, if something is not pleasant. Master as quickly orient and fix the problem, because the wedding manicure should meet your expectations.
  • Being able to get advice from a manicurist -see your outfit, and other wedding accessories, the specialist will select the most suitable, in tune with the overall image of the bride nail design, designed to beautify hands.
  • You will feel like a queen, around which everything revolves - the wedding day you have to not only look perfect, but also to have fun, enjoy, get married because infrequently.

How to choose a wedding manicure:

Wedding manicure made at home, must meet the following requirements:

  • resistance - the bride, which is in the midst of the holiday finds that the nail had lost its appeal, get a little pleasure;
  • practicality - manicure should be comfortable, not to cling to the hair and dress, not to interfere with the bride, so it is better to choose an oval shape rather short;
  • harmony - Wedding nail design should be in harmony with the dress, successfully integrate into shape.

Beautiful wedding nail design at home

To nail design often used glitter,rhinestones, glitter, beads, foil, sequins and other decorative elements. The classic colors for wedding manicure - pink, white, beige, and other pastel colors. But the bride may not be limited to, and choose a bright color, if such is present in the decoration of dress, bouquet, or other accessories. For wedding manicure procedure should be prepared ahead of time and think through all the details:

  • It is better to ask for help to the auditedspecialist, pre-thought-out design and discuss it with the master. If you selected extensions, it is desirable to make a trial version to test the length of the convenience.
  • A couple of weeks before the wedding, you must begin to actively care for your hands, make them look neat and beautiful. You can make the bath, body wraps, paraffin, oil massage.
  • It is best not to choose too long nails,as the bride would have to wear a bouquet, be very active. The tip of the long nail could accidentally break that will only upset the bride.
  • The decor of the nails is best not to overdo it, because look beautiful light decoration of nails or only on the ring finger. Modeling, glitter, old men - all should have a small trim size.

Capacity gel or acrylic

On the wedding day the bride's hands must beperfect, well-kept, beautiful, because this part of the body a lot of attention will be focused on. Nail design is intended pocherknut uniqueness, beauty, to focus on the hands. But by nature not each of the fair sex has a beautiful shape nails, not everyone is able to grow the desired length. Capacity acrylic or gel helps to solve this problem. This technology adjusts the wedding manicure aesthetic aspects such as fragility, brittleness, lack of length, will allow to realize any design.

Nail the wedding the bride's home

Wedding manicure shellac

Shellac looks very elegant, gentle andNaturally, since this technique wedding manicure provided by manipulation of the nail lengthening. The coating can be different: pastel, monotonous, with a complex pattern, a variety of decorations with rhinestones, sequins, beads, etc. This technique has been developed for those ladies, preferring lacquer coating that dries quickly, does not roll, not lubricated and keeps a very long time. It is an ideal outlet for women with brittle, fragile, thin, and the layer of nails.

Wedding manicure shellac at home

French manicure on long or short nails

Many brides prefer classical French nail design. It looks sophisticated, stylish and can be made in different variations:

  • Chevron - the smile line is made in the form of a tick;
  • Asymmetrical - white lacquer is applied on the diagonal;
  • millennium - the tip of the nail is laid decorative sand and glitter;
  • various options decor - picture on the nail of the ring finger, acrylic molding, decoration with crystals, beads, sequins.

French manicure for a wedding at home

How to choose a master?

To choose the right wedding manicure masters, you should pay attention to the following:

  • availability of certificates, diplomas, awards and other achievements in the field of nail design and manicures;
  • neat appearance wizard (but as ofNails should not be judged on the work, because in contact with a chemical solution, the heavy workload of their own professional manicure quickly lose presentable appearance);
  • good master always has a heavy workload and customer record to it can be extended for several days or weeks;
  • cleanliness of the workplace.

How much does the master to leave the house?

Table - Wizard Cost of services manicure at home

The name of the passenger compartment, Moscow

Cost nails in rbl.

shellac cost in rubles.

The cost of the French manicure, in rubles.

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Chic Gloss Beauty





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From 900

Note: Information obtained by selectively analyzing salons Moscow and is presented for informational purposes only. At the time the data may be out of date.