Manicure for wedding

Wedding - a significant event in the life of a girl. She wants to be irresistible to this day. An important role in the appearance of the bride plays a manicure for a wedding, which should ideally be combined with a dress, hair and make-up girls. What are the trends in bridal manicure 2016, and how to choose your option?

Manicure for the wedding: fashion trends 2016

We offer an overview of the fashion trends 2016 wedding manicure. Also see the videos and photos with new nail art ideas for the wedding.

The length and shape of the nails

As the bride not this year long nailsfashion, comes to the fore the average length and short. In a fashion natural shape of the plate and gentle, pastel manicure. However, to date still remain, and almond-shaped "spatula."

nail polish color

Designer color should be combined with the dress of the bride,and also with a touch of her skin and bouquet. If the bride has a light skin color, the nail art color should be light beige, milky or pale pink. Bride with dark skin fit bright, juicy colors. Actual pearl color last year are no longer in vogue, matte tone came on his shift. Are popular right now burgundy, coral, gold and silver colors. Particular femininity gives red lacquer.

Wedding design

Volume nail art

Girls like decor, artisticdesign, pattern, patterns, flowers. However, this is no longer relevant and has departed for the background. In 2016, enjoying success sequins and rhinestones. They are suitable for any length and shape of the plate. However, such a design is held just a couple of days.

Lace design to the hands of the bride

Artificial nails manicure for a wedding

Nail in the past. How to build acrylic nails Acrylic would not professionally done still look unnatural. Also acrylic spoils the nail plate.

Manicure for wedding shilak

Beneficial to do nail art, using shellac gel. Shellac lasts about a month, and you will not have to tinker with your design, while on their honeymoon in the honeymoon. Nails remain natural, beautiful, and most importantly, healthy.

Using shilaka for design

French manicure for the bride to the wedding (with photos)

French manicure (french) is a classic. It is suitable for any image of the bride. This year has become fashionable and laced version with glitter on the basis of the French. Earlier in the jacket used white paint, now the relevant different bright colors. The color chosen to match the color of the dress or any accessory of the bride.

Holiday jacket


This is a gentle, natural alternative. It uses light, transparent varnish. It is important that this kind of nail art was done professionally, with great care.

Designed in the Nude-style

Wedding manicure on short nails

Wedding fashion in 2016 offers a range ofnail design for short nails. Very nicely they look with acrylic stucco and decorated with rhinestones attached to the fingers of the bride elegant look. But do not overdo it and overload the design on such short nails decorations.

Festive manicure on short nails

Manicure with dark varnish

Many brides choose the nail art with darkcoated, even black nail can be seen quite often. But it does not always looks nice. After all, the main task of the bride - to be gentle. Too dark and flashy colors, on the contrary, will make her aggressive style.

Secrets of a perfect manicure for a wedding

  • To look wedding manicureIdeally, it is necessary first to strengthen the nails. And it is desirable to break to strengthen them for 2 weeks before the wedding. Magnificent restorative procedures are baths with sea salt. Hold for 10-15 minutes hands in a bowl of warm water and sea salt. Repeat this process three times a week. This will strengthen the plate and make them more beautiful.
  • Do not cut cuticles. Within two weeks before bedtime lubricate it with vegetable oil. Ideal for the care of the cuticle oil, avocado oil. It takes care of the cuticle, leaving it soft and neat.
  • Choose your gentle tone lacquer. The ceremony was important that the hands were manicured, not screaming. The tenderer will be the nail art, the beautiful bride will look.
  • Not only nails should look perfect, but your skin needs care. To do this, be sure to apply every evening nourishing hand cream.

Wedding manicure their hands

Design for a celebration with his own hands

In order to make the wedding manicure, do not necessarily go to a beauty salon. After making an excellent option and the most possible. This requires knowledge of the basic techniques.

It is desirable to have a set of dry nail polish, but if it is not, is quite suitable and conventional set. Before applying make bath for nails to make them easier to handle.

  • Lower the hand for 5 minutes in warm water.
  • Carefully treat cuticles. Ideal would be if you remove it with a special emollient using orange sticks.
  • Then treat your nails nail file. The edges of the rasp in a straight line, rounding sharp corners.
  • Having obtained the desired form, go to the treatment of the nail plate. Before applying COLOR Cover plate special leveling and reinforcing basis.
  • Choose a color scheme in accordance with the dress, hair and makeup, so that your image was harmonious. For best results, apply two coats of varnish.
  • Allow varnish to dry thoroughly or use tool for quick drying.
  • For best results, decorate the top of the crystals.

Floral motifs to decorate

Whatever the trend of the year, and whateveroffering new technology in the first place try to trim wedding manicure to your image, character. So you keep your individuality and femininity. Share photos of your grand design in the comments or tell a manicure for a wedding, you have made yourself.