Wedding makeup photo for brunettes

To complete the festive way, the bride should bethink about your future wedding makeup. He has the most suitable type of person it: correctly applied details make-apa allocate merit and would smooth, make invisible flaws. Dark-haired girl suit different colors - dark, bright, light, and a selection of photographs and descriptions below will help determine in advance with style.

Wedding makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Eyes of color are naturally expressive depth, so the only thing to do brown-eyed ladies - to frame their correct colors:

  • The basis - powder and concealer - select on the basis of the color of their skin. It should be natural tan shades - beige, tobacco.
  • The depth of view will emphasize two colorgradient makeup when from inner corner of eye to the outside is applied first dark and then light color. Shadows can be golden, green, chocolate tones.
  • Dark skin is advantageous set off the black eyeliner.
  • For hair color brown is better to pick a pencil hazel.
  • Ideal brown-eyed brides fit Matte dark lipstick pink hue.
    Wedding makeup for brown-eyed brunettes

With blue eyes

Cold blue eyes and full shadedark hair look majestic. To make blue eyes tenderness, or vice versa - an icy royal rigor, pay attention to the right makeup:

  • Quiet peach, pink, coral gammafreshen the face, add lightness. A make-up, which used shades of blue, brilliant silver, gray, create a fairy-tale image of a la "The Snow Queen".
  • Blue-eyed brides should pay attention to blush. It is best to choose light, dim blush - otherwise the image can turn vulgar.
    Wedding Makeup for blue-eyed brunettes

With green

Playful green eye shade will suit a special make-up that can highlight its beauty:

  • All colors of makeup should be beneficial to shade her eyes - this emerald, brown, pink gamma.
  • Spectacular lips decorate green-eyed brunette. Choose a bright ruby, berry lipstick, but avoid the classic red. Making such a strong accent, decorate forever quiet shadows.
    Wedding makeup for green-eyed brunettes

With light skin

To make-up on his pale skin lookednatural, carefully pick up the tonal foundation. In fashion popular nyud makeup, implying an even, radiant tone and light shades of shadows, blush, that do not create a sense of the image of the evening. However, if you want to create a bright festive make-up, you will approach the blue, green, brown gamut. Remember, eyebrows should not be strongly reviewed. Elegantly will look most natural looking faces. The final touch for muzzles - black or brown mascara.

Wedding makeup for fair-skinned brunettes

With dark skin

Swarthy brunettes should not be afraid to userich, eye-catching colors of makeup. Pick up the tonal foundation for the skin and suit color coral, peach rouge. If you are the owner of the bright eyes, blush is better to choose a brown tone and beautify lips lipstick warm saturated palette. Keep track of the amount of makeup on her face - if you overdo it, it will not help you emphasize the dignity of, and add a few years.

Wedding Makeup for dark-skinned brunettes

The basic rules of wedding makeup

Remember the basic rules, following which you will look great on the wedding ceremony:

  • If you can not handle brushes, sponges, liners - entrust the matter to the master. Skilful make-up be sure to amaze guests.
  • Trial superimposition of cosmetics - a useful exercise. This will help you to understand the suitability of the chosen variant features of your face.
  • Cosmetics, which will be on you all day, should be stable, so as not to smudge the most crucial moments, and high quality that your skin felt good after the removal of makeup from the face.
  • Remember that an experienced makeup artist do your facethe most relevant forms of ideal. When applying paint to the area around and dimpled cheeks, nostrils, under the lip, he will be able to visually reduce the nose, adjust lips smooth "sharp" cheekbones.
  • Combine the make-up with color schemes of wedding dress - then you will look harmonious.
  • Wedding make-up is different from the evening. You'll have to wear it in the morning, afternoon, evening, so do not overdo it with bright colors.

Video workshop will help you learn - independently apply universal makeup:

Selection of cosmetics

High-quality cosmetics - the key to a beautiful makeup,which will stay with you all day. Choose products known, proven brands - let them resistant varieties are more expensive, but you'll love his reflection in the mirror, and the wedding photos will please even radiant complexion, shadows spectacular, gourmet lipstick.

selection of bases

Choosing the right foundation - an essential element ofwedding make-apa. It should be possible to combine with the natural shade of the skin, to avoid creating a sharp contrast with the neck, arms. Test the foundation on the hand.

Applying blush


Dark-skinned girl is better to give preference to blush shades of peach, coral. Light-skinned brides can use soft pink color. Almost all dark-haired brides fit bronze tone blush.

Lipstick and Lip Liner

Instead screaming shades of lipstick which maycome evening event, prefer lighter options. Dark saturated colors make lips thinner and visually matte texture can give them a flat view of the future picture. Accurate pencil line of the lips to add volume and prevent smearing lipstick. Do not buy cheap indelible lipstick - they create a feeling of "varnish" on the lips.

Wedding make-up with bright lipstick for brunettes

Use eyeliner and false eyelashes

Choose black, brown eyeliner andeyeliner - it is advantageous to set off the skin, add expressiveness. Many brides give up false eyelashes, but this detail photo of festive makeup looks good.

"The correct makeup" - a pledge of comfort and impeccable image

To all the wedding day feelfreely and comfortably, please refer to light makeup base that will not create a sense of "mask" on the face. Needless vivid detail may surprise those present, in addition, they require special attention. Perfect make-up - one that corrects a person, will highlight the natural color, will look favorably on the background of the whole outfit.

Every bride should think about make-up playlong before the wedding. This will give her the opportunity to try several options and choose the one that fits perfectly. What makeup for brunettes like you? Tell us in the comments.