Wedding makeup for round faces

Any qualified make-up artist will confirm thatwith the right make-up may turn into the most beautiful an ordinary girl. However, in order to hide the flaws of appearance and emphasize its advantages, you need to understand what they are. It's about creating wedding makeup for round face shapes. This is a complex process from a technical point of view. Round face often looks nice and somewhat childish, but wrong chosen meykap able to turn the bride into doll making too unnatural appearance.

Characteristics of a round face

Before you develop a competent weddingMakeup for a round type of person, you should determine what it really is shaped. Round face is characterized by the same line length and width, rounded cheekbones and large chin. Such data often do not sufficiently textured bride's face, so the main purpose of a wedding make-up is the selection of the relief of the forehead, temples, nose, cheekbones, lips and eyebrow arches. Each artist uses his personal make-up techniques, but there are general rules, providing the opportunity to more expressive round face.

Features of wedding makeup for round faces

Since the round face lacks clarity, increating wedding makeup is paramount empowering its expressive contours. During need the basics of different colors, lipstick or gloss, mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow, eyebrow pencil. Figure lips will be clear and expressive eyebrows. We recommend to not use make-up wedding contoured means (concealer, blush) with glitter - it will add a round face more volume. a matte colors may be used.

Makeup Rules at the wedding for chubby

Chubby brides need to select the tonal resources of three adjacent tones: repeating color, a tone lighter and darker. When you work with them for a few important rules must be observed:

  • Matched for wedding makeup should not be strongly contrasted with each other, the difference may be no more than 2 shades.
  • Joints areas of different tones to be careful shading, they should not be seen.
  • To create a wedding ceremony of makeup allowed to enhance the contrast in colors to highlight cheekbones zone.

How to apply makeup on a round face

The scheme applying makeup

  1. Cleansing and moisturizing. Like any other makeup for round faces should start with cleansing. For this purpose, use a cosmetic scrub or exfoliating, cleansing agent (milk) or a special lotion. After removing the old skin, fatty secretions and dirt, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing cream. Wait a couple of minutes, until the cream is absorbed and begin to apply foundation - the main tool that moisturizes the skin, giving it a healthy appearance, save your festive look to the end of the evening.
  2. Aligning color. Bride to be toned imperfections of the face and the dark circles under the eyes using the equalizer. Next, apply foundation natural tone that matches the color of your skin. Take advantage of this special sponge, so the cream is better distributed over the surface and blend. Remember that the transition between the neck and the face should be invisible.
  3. Drawing contours. To visually make the face oval, you will need two different tonal foundations - lighter than the one which was covered the entire face, and darker than her. First applied to the nose, forehead and chin, center, the second - on the cheeks, temples, jaw line. Do not do it with your fingers, even so familiar - it is better to use a sponge. Feather must be perfect, so the bride should be armed with a mirror and a hotel window.
  4. Apply blush. If the bride prefers sculptured face with a blush, not a foundation, you should be armed quality brush, preferably with natural bristles. Apply the blush under the cheekbones and shade them slightly towards the top, towards the temples. Businesses are advised not to go for the parallel lines, which are outer corners of eyes.

Wedding Eye Makeup

To create a wedding image, chubbygirls should stick to the rules of vertical lines. They help to visually adjust the rounded type of person. Correct eyebrows bend - usually №1 in eye makeup. Comb your eyebrows, if any, pencil, shade gaps prorisovyvaya hairs in the direction of their growth. To get a clear, soft contour, eyebrow comb is slightly up.

Bride is necessary to allocate the eye, which maydone with a highlighter powder and light bronze color. Apply highlighter on the inner part of the century and under the brow line. It goes a little bit darken eyelid powder, it has to be applied to the area under the lower eyelid. To do bridal makeup eyes more expressive, use the liner: you can draw the full arrows or emphasize only corners of the eyes.

Wedding bride meykap for eyes

To achieve the effect of big eyes, shadedark shadows area just below the eyebrows and slightly move the eyebrow to the outer corner of the eye. Chubby girls should not be applied over the center of the shadow of the eye, or the roundness of the forms will be even more apparent. Move the lower eyelid and blend shadows between the lashes. The final stage - applying mascara on the top row of eyelashes.

Make-up for lips

The finishing touch to the wedding makeupround face will make-up lip. Suitable any technique applying gloss or lipstick, the main thing - to draw a clear outline. To lips seemed puffy, the bride must use glitter or natural shades of lipstick. And it is important to comply with the order: first coat lipstick, then gloss. This bridal make-up gives chubby girls fresh and natural look. Remember that the focus must be on something one - or in front of, or on the lips. Bright lips and eyes shorten a person visually more rounded it.

Wedding makeup for lips on his round face

Video tutorials on applying makeup for round faces

Round female face make full cheeks -a sign of health and vitality. You can not call them ugly, but it is often the girl with facial features tend to form a more oval face. To this end, the stylists came up with a lot of cosmetic tricks. Makeup for chubby girls involves the use of light, discreet colors. To create a beautiful wedding meykap should stock up on a set of cosmetic products: 3 shades of foundation, mascara, shadows, eyeliner. To learn how to do make-up for brides chubby, you can learn by watching the video tutorial.

Photos of the wedding makeup for round faces

Working with a round face, it is important to use all thetools that effectively extend its shape. Makeup is important, but should not be limited to only one well-applied make-up. A great helper in this case will be: hairstyle, shape neckline wedding dress, jewelry in your ears and on the neck. Approach to the creation of wedding image comprehensively and be irresistible.

Wedding meykap for round face