Makeup for bridesmaids

You are invited to the wedding as a witness andYou do not know how to create an image? The main heroine of the celebration is the bride, and the other girls, too, are under scrutiny guests. This obliges to think carefully outfit, hairstyle, make-up for bridesmaids. Witnesses remembered all invited as well, as are the heroes of the occasion.

Features Makeup for bridesmaids

Gala meykap done through the use ofspecial techniques. The basic rule - harmony. The image of all must be combined. It is best to choose a minimalist classic style: so the witness would look natural, fresh and perfectly get the photographs. Particular attention should be paid to skin tone: select a natural shade that is close to you. Tone cream is applied to the skin with a thin layer. After he left to put the emphasis on the eyes or lips, apply blush, and you will look elegant and refined.

Gentle make-up witness

But you may need to change the usual for youmakeup style. If several bridesmaids, it is often chosen for all single image to look spectacular. For example, if the bride represents the fragility and tenderness, the witness may be brighter, creating a colorful background for the newlyweds. And when the hero of the occasion a colorful and bright, the girlfriend is better to stay in the light, subdued colors meykapa.

Rules make a wedding for bridesmaids

To look perfect in the first placeshould take care of a healthy, smooth complexion with a natural glow. Gala meykap does not tolerate mistakes, so the skin should be smooth, without defects. First you need to clean your face, apply the mask, day cream and tone. After that loose powder is applied. If the under-eye circles are seen clearly, their camouflage concealer that has a lighter tone than tonalnik.

Before applying eye shadow, is theirprepared. Eyelids should be dry, otherwise the makeup float. First bridesmaids need to apply a special foundation or powder. For eyelashes choose waterproof mascara, because it does not fall off and the best kept. Furthermore, it can be any which imparts elongation thickness. Both of these options are ideal for a special occasion.

Flawless skin tone for beautiful makeup witness

Tint shadows are selected according tolighting. Very bright shade imperceptible electric light, so give preference to darker tones, such as orange, dark plum, dark pink, dark gray, warm shades of brown and green. You also need to consider the color of your iris. If the eyes are gray, the suit purple and blue shadows. For goluboglazok better to choose contrasting colors, such as orange or yellow, rich chocolate.

The ceremony must be profitable meykapeemphasize the cheekbones. You can choose blusher terracotta, pink shades. Lip Make-up should be persistent, so fill in the outline with a pencil them completely before applying lipstick. In general, makeup palette bridesmaids depends tsvetotipa. If the skin is cold, the shades meykapa should be the same. And for warm colors suited rich, warm make-up.

What makeup is suitable for wedding

The certificate of honor and a pleasant duty to be invitedto the wedding as a bridesmaid imposes upon you certain responsibilities. Witness all the time is on the mind participates in a competition, so you need to think in advance outfit and makeup. You should not overshadow the bride of its kind, but also have to look perfect. We offer you several options meykapa that look spectacular, suitable for any type of appearance.

Natural makeup style nude

Natural makeup is always relevant. Practically imperceptible, but emphasizes the beauty of a woman's face, he had become an indispensable part of the image of the evening. However, do make-up in nude bridesmaid style is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. The reason is that such meykap intended to mask the shortcomings and beneficial to emphasize the dignity, without losing the effect of a naked person. Natural makeup is not bright accents, it is acceptable only natural.

Nude makeup bridesmaids

Make-up in retro style

Retro makeup captivates his girlsvariety and mystery. The images of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Anna Akhmatova - is not ideal for such a solemn occasion, like a wedding friend? Retro makeup is very diverse, but the species have common features. The first skin has to be perfect, which drawbacks are eliminated correction, masking agents. Face make clear statutory using the play of light and shadow. To do this, use highlighter and bronzer.

The role of first violin in a retro make-up girlfriendBride playing eyes. At the beginning of the last century, actual smokey Aes, which created the effect of a dramatic view of the round form. By mid-century, it has become fashionable mysterious almond-shaped with sensual arrows. Eyebrows should be clear, well-groomed, and his lips whimsically bent to form the bow of Cupid.

Retro meykap witness

Makeup «smoky eyes»

Classics of the genre for special occasionsconsidered «smoky eyes». This option is suitable for almost all the girls. It gives the look expressive, deep, languid languishing and mysterious. If you think that all advantageous «smoky eyes» appears in gray or black, you are mistaken. Bridesmaids can try to imagine the wildest interpretation of the image. Do not be afraid to experiment and use «smoky eyes» golden, green, lavender shade.

Smoky eyes for bridesmaids

Video: meykap the wedding for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding no lessrather than the bride herself. On this day, it must be beautiful, stylish and flawless. However, the make-up should not be screaming. In the following video demonstrates how to create a solemn meykapa for bridesmaids. Make-up artist put the emphasis on the eyes: smoky shadows successfully emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and make them visually larger. Rounding out the image of a liquid lipstick or gloss on the lips pink quiet tone.

Picture make-up for a wedding for bridesmaids

Not only the bride wants to be at the weddingattractive, festive and bright. The witness must also be up to par. Makeup bridesmaid should emphasize the natural beauty of the girl, her personality. Remember that well-known techniques meykapa not always look equally good on different women. To look good, you must try to advance several images and select the most successful.

Options for make-up witness