Wedding hairstyles with fleece

Impressive volume hairstyle perfectlyfor the bride image. It gives the mean girls more elegance and underlines the solemnity of the moment. Wedding hairstyles with fleece can be made on the basis of collected in a bun, a braid, a ponytail or loose hair. What features should be considered when creating these pilings? How to choose the right accessories for hairstyles with fleece?

Options for hairstyles with fleece

Voluminous styling to make different length hair,because they give the image of a bride certain lightness and airiness. The bulk of the hair, you can create straight or curly locks. Elegantly looks at the bride bundle of loose hair or fleece at the crown of the head. This kind of packing can be effectively stacked or slightly disheveled. There are several techniques fleece, which is used for creating hairstyles:

  • For bulk packings used fleece to the root. The essence of the technique is that the lock with one hand and pull the tease in a circular motion towards the roots.
  • To create curls (originally laidcurls) applied for bouffant locks. Boxes made by this technique, look impressive and beautiful. In this case tease strand from the root upwards along the entire length.

Updo Babette

For vintage wedding bride perfect feminine, beautiful styling Babette. This volume hair can have many variations. For its creation, do the following steps:

  • The hair from the crown and temples combed forward, and the rest is collected in a ponytail.
  • His tease and make out in the form of a roll with the help of pins.
  • The separated upper strand tease the root and wrapped them beam.
  • Fix Babette pins and varnish.
  • If you want you can leave the bangs and comb it sideways or split into two parts and put in different directions.
  • Decorate Babette can rim tape or a clip.

Babette to the wedding

A bundle of fleece and curls

Extremely romantic, festive looks of the bride with a bunch of curls. To create this hairstyle do so:

  • The hair wound on curling.
  • With the temples strands are removed forward.
  • In the area of ​​the crown is attached to the scope. His record a clip.
  • Then stack the curls at the back in the form of rings and slaughtered their hairpins, invisible.
  • Use nail fixation laying.

A beam with fleece and curls for wedding

Shell on the basis of fleece

My favorite in the last shell of the hair in womenIt can be a wonderful decoration for the bride in the wedding day. Its easy to do yourself. To do this, the strands to comb over the entire length, lay on his side, twisting them into a spiral inward. Then be sure to spray the hair lacquer. Shells can fix the decorative pins, decorated with pearls, flowers. Such a bright accent give the image of the bride's special solemnity. Originally, bright shell will look with a tiara with rhinestones or rim.

Shell with fleece

Bouffant front with flowing curls

Curls are perfect creation of celebratoryimage of the bride. Flowing tresses will make the bride a gentle, feminine. To create beautiful styling with flowing hair need a little time. First, create curls using forceps pre inflicting on the hair spray to increase the volume. Separate the strands in the crown, at the temples and nacheshite them. Then they lock clasp or invisible. At the end sprinkle with lacquer, which is especially important during the windy season in bad weather to preserve the beauty of the bride.

Hairstyles for a wedding with fleece

Spit on the side with fleece

Romantic, it looks defiantly spit on the basis of fleece. This hairstyle will suit bold and independent girls. Creating braids begin to add volume to hair at the roots, with each strand fix varnish. Next smooth the top hair to give a neat appearance. From bulk strands weave low a loose braid. Her little stretched across, making it more broad, flat. Spit and voluminous crown is sprayed with lacquer. In this simple hair weave can be changed to "fishtail".

Kos with fleece for brides

Tail with fleece

Simple "horse" tail of hair can be transformedin a wedding hairstyle, making three-dimensional crown. This styling, decorated with beautiful accessories, perfect for weddings. Lush top and tail can give the bride a bit cheeky, but kind of cute. To do this hairstyle yourself, observe the following sequence of actions:

  • first separate the hair in the crown area of ​​a circular parting and slaughtered them,
  • the remaining strands are collected in a high ponytail and fasten a rubber band (so it was not noticeable, wrap the base of the beam small amount of hair)
  • further nacheshite strands at the crown and nice lay back to the base of the tail, fixing invisible.

As a wedding hairstyles for brides tail suit with long hair. And if a girl with an average length of strands will want to make a tail, she can use artificial hairpieces.

Hairstyle tail fleece

What accessories are suitable for hair with fleece?

Voluminous styling are perfectly combined with a veil. It can be mounted on the head by a beam collected on the basis of Babette. Fata fit the lush styling with flowing tresses. In these cases, the image of the bride is still possible to add a tiara or a tiara, but these accessories should be in harmony with the wedding dress and the overall style of the bride. If you choose to wedding braid to the side, then woven into her tape or fixed colors, shiny stones make laying a compelling, original.

Accessories for hair fleece

Well in tune with bulky weddingpackings accessories with live or artificial flowers. For the decoration of the wedding low beam perfect comb with buds. He will make the bride more elegant, romantic. Comb better to choose not from the large flowers and a small decor. Headband with buds will look great on the collected and loose curls.

Pins, decorated with pearls, rhinestones,will look great at the base of the beam of curls. For bulk and shells collected curls fit decorative hairpins with flowers and pearl beads. Lush bridal hairstyles - ideal for vintage celebrations. In this case, retro-style will emphasize silk bandage on his head. For its decoration can be used beads, rhinestones or embroidery.

Decorations for wedding hairstyles with fleece

Video: How to make a wedding hairstyle with fleece

Retro style is relevant in today's weddingfashion, so on the basis of bouffant hairstyles have become popular again. Make your own wedding bulk laying on her hair loose easily. This process will take a little time, and loose strands become more festive and feminine look. With small tangles can create a glamorous bezel of the side strands.

For thin, curly or straight hair suitbulk wedding styling. Based on it, you can make the braid to the side, which will give the girl a romantic, slightly bohemian look. It radically transform the image of the bride, making it more feminine and beautiful. If you want to know an easy way to retro styling, then watch the video:

Photos hairstyles with fleece for a wedding

Fleece makes a woman more romantic, majestic, so it looks great in the image of the bride. But the self-creation of magnificent wedding hairstyles need to know some secrets:

  • Firstly, you need to wash the head. This will allow laying hold on longer, because the lack of fat film on the strands and make them easy to hold shape well.
  • Second, after washing dry the hair dryer, tilting the head forward. This will help create volume at the roots.
  • Third, do not tease the wet strands. Better be sure to dry them before this procedure, otherwise the hair may become brittle and lose its beautiful view.
  • Fourth, remember that if you can not nap make any sudden movements.
  • Fifthly, it is not recommended to comb the magnificent styling, and it is better to remove it to wash your hair.
  • Sixth, the right to make bouffant helpSpecial thick comb. Stylists recommend to create lush areas on the head using the tool, in which alternating long and short teeth. At the end of a comb is a fork to form the styling.

Wedding hairstyles with fleece