Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Wedding - an exciting event whereeyes fixed on the bride invited. Every bride is anxiously awaiting holiday, and if the outfit is purchased well before the wedding, the hairstyle is difficult to predict in advance. How will form the hair in a momentous day, it depends not only on the bride, but also by the stylist. Some girls begin to grow before the wedding bangs, because they believe that wedding hairstyles with bangs do not look solemn. This is not true. A good stylist will make any hairstyle attractive. Bang - not a hindrance, but an additional attribute styling.

Options for wedding hairstyles for long hair

Perfect dress, elegant shoes, airVeil - virtually every bride sees himself in a wedding dress. Complete the image give the correctly chosen styling. Length of hair plays an important role when choosing hairstyles. Some girls especially before the wedding start to grow hair. On long strands easier to experiment with weaving and laying, and at the ceremony so I want to surprise everyone with irresistible appearance.

When choosing a festive hairstyle with bangs onlong hair should pay attention to the appearance of the bride. If a girl - a fragile, tiny lady, she is perfect for the high, body styling. Contraindicated such girls sleek and smooth hair. For high ladies, on the contrary, high stacking is not suitable, but an excellent choice would be neat, sleek hairstyle. Wedding hairstyles with bangs will be the right choice for women with high, elongated forehead, as if it is narrow, such packings should be avoided.

Much depends on the style of the bride. If the wedding dress is modest, neat, the bride's hair should be decorated with additional accessories in the form of flowers, beads, pins, threads, ribbons. Otherwise, the bride will look too simple and inexpressive. If the dress on a lot of decoration, the installation should be as simple as possible, that the girl did not look tacky, nalyapisto, tasteless. Let us consider the wedding hairstyles with bangs.

Updo - beam

Hair, arranged in a bundle, for a long timeremain in the trend. This hairstyle is conservative and elegant, open neck, back and shoulders, he emphasizes the oval contour of the face, which makes the image of the bride more vulnerable and tender. The beam is ideal for miniaturized, low girls with rounded facial features. The young lady in a body suit lush, surround beam. When selecting stacking should pay attention to model wedding dresses.

Wedding hairstyle - beam with a bang

Along with an open back and neck as a bareIt can not be combined better with a neat bundle. If the dress is made of satin or satin, the beam is better to make a smooth, brilliant. By the simple decoration of the hair should be strictly optional accessories to decorate (flowers, beads, wedding pins, strings of pearls, pins, and even feathers). To dress, trimmed with lace, harmonious decoration will hairstyles same pattern. Wedding dress from the air, flowing chiffon goes well with light, casual, fluffy topknot.

The dress with a fluffy skirt does not look like a smoothed,neat hairdo. In this case, the proportions are not respected, there is disharmony - the head looks small compared to the volume the lower part of the wedding dress. To create a high beam, the hair must be a minimum length of 15 cm. This hairstyle is perfect for a summer ceremony. Long hair, loose around her shoulders, the bride will distract, interfere with it. It is best to collect them in a bundle.

Hollywood curls

A prerequisite for Hollywood curlsare healthy shiny hair or styling will not look elegant. This wedding hairstyle with bangs can make and the bride herself without the help of a stylist. Technique is extremely simple. On the entire length of the washed, dried hair, apply a foam or mousse. Starting from the forehead, screw locks medium size rollers, gently wrapping the ends inward. Try to keep the curls were identical width, thickness. Strands tighten as much as possible tight, to the roots. Otherwise curls will form ugly.

Wait for about ten minutes. Dry thoroughly hairdryer. Then slowly loosen the strands without confusing them. Comb received curls comb with wide, sparse teeth. To make it clearer, use a few clips on the front strands. Leave them only 5 minutes, then remove. Will finish laying a small jet spray, to keep in shape. Do not overdo it with styling products. Hair should look lively, natural, not weighted.

The image of the bride: flowing curls with bangs

If the wedding is planned for a hot summerday, evening or prepare a nice hairpin wedding hairpin. At the party, carefully kill the loose curls, exposing his neck and shoulders. By the end of the evening you get tired, and the heat from the flowing curls you do not give power. If, however, the celebration will take place in cold weather, the wedding hairstyle with bangs and curls Hollywood will fall just out of place. Decorate beautiful hair wreath or rim, tiara or flowers with rhinestones.

French braid

Wedding hairstyles with the French plait neverlosing its popularity. With such laying bride looks delicate, vulnerable, feminine. French braid highlights the beauty, the wealth of hair. Bride stands in advance to try different versions of tangles, to learn how to go to the strands as they are obedient, kind of braids suit more to the selected image. Trust a professional stylist. To achieve perfection in her hair, he will appreciate the external data of the bride, hair density, and even a wedding dress model as a whole.

The combination of French braids with bangs

French braid is made of all the volume of hairor used as a decoration element. Availability bangs hairstyle will give special urgency and poignancy, it will highlight more the style. Weave braids splayed bestow laying special elegance. Use several thin braids over the entire length of hair is as a decorative element that will give the romantic hairstyle. With bangs go well all the options of the French braid. It can be fully woven into the hair, sometimes it curl or use as is.

Hairstyles for brides with a bang on the hair of medium length

Options for hairstyles for medium length haira bunch of. They are laying in the Greek style, adorned with a diadem, soft waves, laid on its side, cascading waterfall braid. When choosing hairstyles should consult with a professional stylist, be sure to put it in the fame of style of dress and accessories to the alleged image of the bride. What options pilings celebrations with a bang on the middle length hair are the most popular?

Laying in the Greek style with a tiara

Festive hairstyles with bangs in the Greek stylecharacterized by tenderness, grace and carelessness. In 2014, such stacking has become a fashionable trend and remain at the peak of popularity ever since. Hair Greek hairstyles should be slightly curled, stacked on his head completely or partially. A prerequisite for this style are the volume and concise in one embodiment. This can be a braid and curls or beam. The decoration of the bride's head would be lovely tiara.

Diadem and Greek bride styling hair

With this accessory in her hair every girlfeel ancient Greek goddess. Try the different options for jewelry. Simple tiara to complement the lush, voluminous hair. Tiara with stones or sequins, lavishly decorated, assembled or semi-assembled complement the elegant styling. Bang in the Greek hairstyle is a rectangular, and oblique. Try different options before the wedding to choose their harmonious way.

Cascade waterfall braid

More stylish and delicate version of the classicalFrench braids, revealing all the beauty of hair, the strands will be laying oblique waterfall. This hairstyle gives the effect of romance, airiness. Very nice cascading tresses look at curly, melirovannyh or tinted hair, which visually enhance, heavier hair. His sonorous title of this installation purchased due weaving technique.

Different element such hairstyles was thatwoven into a braid not all of the hair, the remaining strands streaming beneath it, like a waterfall. The options are many tangles cascading waterfall braid. Here are a couple of ways:

  • Cos drags the one hand, runs through the entire circumference of the head end on the opposite side.
  • Looks nice French "waterfall" on both sides, caught up at the nape elegant clasp.

Soft waves on the side

This hairstyle has its roots in the era of the "GoldenHollywood ", where such style icons as Veronica Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Veronica Lake and other famous beauty 1940-1950 years adorned their heads graceful soft curls on his side, covering the cheek. Do not lost this retro styling of its popularity today. The asymmetrical parting and soft, flowing locks will give the image of glamor bride, both innocence and sexuality. This installation is able to narrow oval face. The longer the hair, the more effective it will be.

Asymmetric hairstyle

Create the curls you can own withoutunassisted. You will need curlers or curling iron (iron is). Stranded curls lay neatly on the right side, starting from the opposite side. The size of the waves depends on the rollers, the thickness of the selected strands. Decorate the hair pins, sprinkle fixing means. If you want to look naughty and daring, the curls can be small, the effect of negligence. But if you are applying for the aristocracy, impeccable sense of style, you need to style your hair soft, regular waves.

Ideas for wedding hairstyles with bangs short hair

There is a stereotype that the woman should havechic long hair to be attractive and feminine. In most surveys this opinion prevails among men. But many girls prefer short hair. Not everyone goes the extra length, and some girls can not grow curls to her waist. Do not despair. And short hair make beautiful wedding styling. Among the festive hairstyles with bangs for such a length of the strands in the lead - "shell", laying in a vintage and retro styles. Let us consider them separately.

Laying in retro style

In the 20 years was a key element stylingcold wave that hung over his forehead and whiskey girl. Extremely elegant she looked at the blonde. In the 30 years to achieve a stunning effect required to shorten the length of the hair to the earlobes, cut bangs, make a side parting and curl locks. This is the time of short pilings, which now looks extremely elegant, mysterious and with a highlight among wedding hairstyles with bangs. In the 50 years of its contribution to the history of fashion has made Marilyn Monroe. Its soft flowing curls and side parting still live in the trend.

Wedding Hairstyles in retro style


This hairstyle refers to the classics. It is universal. To create a shell short hair needed a comb, hairpin. Placement is made of smooth, straight hair. If you are the owner of curls, before folding shells should straighten curls. Girls with thin hair to add volume before laying should make bouffant. Shell can be placed not only on the back of the head, but from the side, diagonally, on the top or near the neck. If you do not weave all the hair into a bun and leave a few strands and curl on the sides, this will give the image of lightness, romance.

Elegant wedding shell with a bang

Hairstyle with fleece in vintage style

Aristocratic hairstyles with bangs and fleece invintage style were popular in the 60s. Now they again come to the fashion arena. It is immortal, elegant classic style. This option is ideal for placing girls with sparse, thin hair, because it creates the missing amount. You can use the additional rollers in her hair, hairpieces, to achieve the desired effect. Gently tease the hair, this invasive procedure is able to damage them.

Wedding styling with a bang from the 60s

Video tutorial for creating hairstyles with bangs and veil

Some brides refuse to useveil in her dress. And for good reason. This symbol of innocence gives way of harmony, creates a holiday atmosphere, the magic. Availability bangs does not affect the choice of a veil. But the kind of bangs is worth considering when looking for a suitable accessory. With a straight rectangular bangs and gathered hair looks great lush veil. Diagon - decorate curls on the side and a veil of average length. How to create a hairstyle with a hat, if you have bangs, see the video below.

Photos of wedding hairstyles straight and oblique bangs

If you have bangs on the hair is carefullythink about your image. It should not interfere with the bride in this solemn day. It is not necessary to cut bangs shortly before the ceremony. Better to do it in advance, discussed the styling with a wedding stylist and make a trial hairstyle. If the bride wants to change the shape of a straight bangs on laid on its side, then it must be combed to start a week before the celebration to become obedient hair and went as planned.

In preparation for the celebration to highlight for yourselfbeautiful hairstyles straight or slanting bangs. Decide coca option you no longer to face. Pay attention to the features of appearance. Each installation can not only hide minor flaws, highlight the merits, but also to open, what would you like to hide. Choose a hairstyle that will make you irresistible and breathtakingly beautiful in this solemn day.

Boxes with a straight oblique bangs