Wedding hairstyles stars

Recent design trends of the fashion worldembody the most "cool" Hollywood stars. Their outfits, accessories, shoes have become the standard of taste and style. Especially on such an important occasion like a wedding. Millions of fans around the world "rastirazhiruyut" then the famous image of the bride. Wedding hairstyles Stars deserve special attention, and their known pravoobladatelnitsy, following fashion trends, unwittingly becomes her lawgiver. What are the latest trends in wedding fashion of hairdressing?

What are the hairstyles chosen for the wedding a star?

Elegant dresses, ornate, wonderfulaccessories, sea guests - these are wedding traditions of Hollywood stars. Perfection image from head to toe has become familiar to them. Some celebrities prefer a quiet wedding ceremony closed, the others - loud techniques with thousands of guests. But all share one thing: wedding photos taken by photographers from around the world, publicized in millions of magazines and the Internet. A special role in creating the image of a bride played beautifully coiffed hair.

Top celebrity hairstyles for wedding

Wedding Hairstyles superstars do not lag behindmodern fashion trends. The classic simplicity, elegance of style - the trend of recent seasons. Great Grace Kelly, star of 50-ies of the XX century, the Princess of Monaco, and the owner of an exquisite taste, brought into fashion the concept of "low-key chic." Elegant beam luxurious hair gathered at the back under the veil, for many decades, it has become a style icon Suite. After more than half a century, polish, elegance wedding hairstyles of famous actresses of Hollywood models continue to impress others.

Beating incompatible elements: simplicity and gentility; deliberate confusion and elegance - hairdressers provide unparalleled images. What are they - wedding hairstyles movie stars of the past in 2014:

Styles of wedding hairstyles for bridal
  • Greek style with a slightly curled ringlets, issued at the temples, a precious pin comb strands at the back remains in a trend.
  • Smooth, shiny hair, collected by means of pins in the form of an elegant "shell" or classic beam, open forehead, emphasizing the huge eyes, a delicate oval face bride.
  • Splayed curls, carefully laid a handmaster, bordered pretty face in front of the bride. Creating the impression of lung disorder, big curls freely develop at the slightest breeze.
  • High chignon at the nape, a couple of neatcurls of ears emphasize the beauty of the bride, revealing the graceful curve of the neck. Low-key tiara, decorated with precious stones, is an optional accessory.

Some Hollywood stars prefer to spendWedding ceremony away from the eyes of strangers, organizing almost secret wedding ceremony. For the wedding they chose ordinary everyday hairstyle. Only a long veil attached behind, wedding dress (classic and elegant at the same time) are reminiscent of an important event. Keira Knightley, Figure Witherspoon chose this option.

Wedding hairstyle Kate Moss

British star Kate Moss choserustic style wedding. Blond hair, laid neat locks, create attractive image of the angel, got lost in the endless expanses of Britain. Finest handmade lace, embroidered with Swarovski crystals, went to create unparalleled veil. Fixed satin ribbons, rims, it was a real work of art by John Galliano. The transparent veil for the church wedding thin cobweb covered graceful curls model.

Hairstyle for the wedding of Kate Moss

Wedding hairstyle Kate Moss Rusticpermit a famous photo shoot the star and her husband, without resorting to the services of stylists, hairdressers throughout the day. Gentle wreath of natural flowers, fastened all the same satin ribbon, stressed chic image of Kate surrounded by bridesmaids. The naturalness, simplicity wedding hairstyles in harmony with divinely beautiful dress and a common entourage marriage ceremony.

Kate Middleton

Modern style icon, the favorite of the people,Kebridzhskaya Duchess Lady Kate Middleton has created a unique, elegant and sophisticated image of a true princess. Above the wedding hairstyle worked favorite stylists Kate. They managed to bring together the loose hair, the royal tiara and a long lace veil. Dividing the front hair into two parts, hairdressers freely stranded behind them, creating a surround beam.

Aristocracy wedding hairstyles Princess Kate Middleton

Most of the elegant princess hair stylistsclocked large curls and bangs from her forehead lifted. To hairstyle does not distract from the contemplation of the image of the future Queen, it is made possible simply and elegantly. A unique combination of precious tiara Cartier, lent itself Elizabeth II, and the veil, the veil of Grace Kelly style laid the foundation for a new direction in the world of wedding fashion.

Ann Hataway

The owner of a huge happy eyes,beauty Anne Hathaway could not at the time of the wedding celebration boasts luxurious curls. Art, as is known, requires sacrifice. The star of the film "Les Miserables" was forced to make a short cut for the Oscar-winning role. To give the image of romance, ease, the ideal solution was elegant lace bandage. Style 30-ies of the last century perfectly with pale pink dress by Valentino. The final touch, the final air star outfit, became a long transparent veil.

Wedding image of chic diva

Hilary Duff

Huge bundle of chignon selected staryouth melodramas Hilary Duff for wedding hairstyles, creates a unique elegance, emphasizing the image of gentility. Lighter hair beam, with respect to the collected hair, create a contrast, with an emphasis on beneficial stunningly elegant hairstyle. Lace veil attached bottom beam neat bobby-pins.

Simplicity wedding hairstyles Hilary Duff

Sophia Bush

Wedding hairstyle Sophia Bush iselegant free beam at the rear. Pre-star hair are wound using a large curling iron. Styling tools allow you to fix the hair, lifting at the roots. Putting them in a bun, hair gets extra volume, creating the effect of slight negligence. Front on both sides of the person released graceful curls - romantic and tender. Fata fastened with a silver old comb inlaid with stones.

Elegant way to the wedding Sophia Bush

Avril lavigne

Neither the first nor the second marriage could not forcerock star Avril Lavigne to abandon the commitment to the natural style. Angel hair, beautifully framing the face of the bride, in perfect harmony with white princess dress. A tiny tiara holds a magnificent veil, creating a fairy-tale image. Equally fabulous singer appeared at the wedding outfit №2. Straight shiny hair, slightly curled, stick thin tiara. The finest black veil, cobweb makeup smoky eyes, black luxury wedding dress the stars create a mouthwatering image of the fatal ladies.

Avril Lavigne Hairstyles for a wedding

Kendra Wilkinson

Graceful curls, raised at the roots laid inlight, "live" wedding hairstyle Kendra Wilkinson. A lock of hair from each side of the parting pulled and elegantly intertwined behind. Bangs, woven into the strands, the bride opens her forehead, giving the image of nobility and aristocracy. Large curls a free fall on the open arms of the star. Luxury long veil adds a romantic image of the bride.

Waterfall curls at the wedding of Kendra Wilkinson

Photos of wedding hairstyles Hollywood

The main trend of the majority of wedding hairstylesHollywood stars are simplicity and elegance, giving the aristocratic gloss external appearance Suite. Rejection of "clever" hairstyles, bouffant complex in favor of naturalness brought grace notes, making the star bride "recognizable" not only his own grooms, but also fans. Select the image of the star for a private wedding ceremony will help photos, which show the hairstyles for the wedding of Hollywood superstars.

Hair Hollywood celebrities at wedding