Wedding hairstyles for long hair photo

Hair - the main female accessory. To look stylish and unique wedding day, every bride will have to take care of a stunning hairstyle. You have long hair and you is not easy to choose styling? Wedding hairstyles for long hair in photos, video materials considered in this review will help you.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2016 photo

You've heard about the fashion trends in clothing,accessories, cosmetics in recent years. The main trends in wedding fashion 2016: loose curls with a wreath of flowers or herbs, neat stacking with a veil, smooth hair, original retro-style, all kinds of braids and weaving. Below is a selection of wedding hairstyles for long hair 2016.

Photo: Wedding styling long hair

With the veil

Air snowy veils give the image of the bride's charm, lightness. There are several options how to fix it.

  • Gather strands into a tight or loose beam assembly, the shell, or used to make Babette weaving. Secure the veil on the top or back of the head.

Photo: How to fix the veil on long hair
  • Make bouffant at the crown level, secure the veil. Charmingly will look for long hair Malvinka.

Malvinka - decoration hairstyle bride with long hair
  • Veil-Mantilla will be a great addition toyour stylish image - is best suited locks or braided braid. You will need the clips, pins for securing. This veil should be light so as not to cause discomfort during the holiday.

Veil-Mantilla for long-haired bride

With a bang

At bangs many useful features - it hides too broad forehead, the young, makes a person more tender. When you create a festive image of a question, as it is beautifully laid?

If you have asymmetric bangs, is a good option -accurate laying on its side. To do this, dry the wet bangs, apply a mousse, using a round brush make it bulk or, on the contrary - a smooth, tighten the curl.

As a long-haired beautiful bride put asymmetrical bangs
  • Owners straight bangs can give ittenderness, splitting ends, or emphasize the clean lines, fixing varnish. For direct symmetrical bangs hairstyles suit neat without the effect of casual styling.

Photo: Wedding styling straight bangs

If you want to hide the bangs completely, tell your master - he vpletet it in a braid, or hide in the strands quietly kill.

On the loose hair

Those girls who in addition to long hair can boast of their density, it is necessary to consider the options with her hair.

  • Effectively will look completely straightened hair.

Elegant wedding styling long hair straightened on
  • Delicate light waves will make the image of a romantic wedding and tight curls will add luxury.

The image of the bride's romantic curls long hair
  • Braid, which front woven strands or delicate Malvinka that opens a person - a great option for those who have regular features.

Wedding styling long shag with interwoven strands and braids

Note: Use a variety of ornaments - put on the rim, or kill the strand side tie up tape.

Hairstyles with flowers

Bride itself resembles an open flower, so it will be a symbolic wedding accessories. To create a composition with vibrant colors, you need to consider a few rules:

  1. The plants must be suitable for hair color.
  2. Flowers have to choose the same thing in the bride's bouquet.
  3. Large flowers are best used in small quantities (exception - special wreaths).
  4. When selecting plants, note the duration of their life. To keep in shape, and appearance of colors, leave them in a cool place until the ceremony.
  5. Large flowers are perfect for bridal hairstyles side.

Laying head of hair braided with flowers for long-haired bride

Popular floral decoration 2016 season -wreath of flowers or herbs. It looks rich and unusual especially for long hair, creating a natural feminine image. Note that this decoration is not suitable for every dress.

The image of the long-haired bride: floral wreath instead of a veil

With a tiara

Tiara - an elegant accessory that will helpbride to feel like a real queen of the celebration. It looks expensive, but can be decorated like a jewel, and artificial stones, beads, pearls. Long-haired beauties are lucky, because they most of all is a decoration. Choosing the right stylist tiara fit under almost any outfit.

Decorate with long hair bride tiara

With the tail

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with a tail look elegant. Even an ordinary ponytail can be a great decoration in the hands of an experienced hairdresser.

  • Tail knotted or laid on its side, adding to the image of tenderness. Complete its various elements - braid pigtails, decorate with beads or flowers.

Photo: Boxes with a long-haired tail for brides
  • Hair tail, tied back, open your face and neck.

The image of the long-haired bride: knotted at the back tail

To make it more volume, screw on each strand of hair curlers or curling irons, make bouffant.

Extravagant wedding hairstyles

If you want to stand out, but not found in the catalogmaster anything interesting - experiment, selecting extravagant options for long hair. Fancy woven, intricate designs, feathers, animal pastizhi, large beads and strange shapes - everything depends on your imagination.

The image of the long-haired bride: a work of art of the strands


The image of the retro - Babette it volume, low beam,smooth cold waves. Realizing this style, do not forget the details: hats, feathers, veils, bows. bride must also match the image - is best suited straight silhouette, or "fish."

Photo: Wedding retro hairstyles on long hair

The hands

Some women rely on in the creation of the style only to itself - in the cabin is sometimes difficult to get what you want. See examples of how to make simple hairstyles for short hair with his hands.

Video master class on creating hairstyles "fish tail":

Simple and elegant option - laying-shell:

Unusual and easy by the tail:

Accessories for wedding hairstyles

Decorate the wedding hairstyles for long hairmake them really great help to all kinds of accessories. We have already examined the veil, floral accessories and magnificent tiara, but that's not all.

  • Feathers
  • Hats
  • Various clips
  • Ribbons and headbands

Accessories wedding hairstyle on long hair




Tips stylists

A few tips to make your wedding day hair looked amazing:

  • If you have chosen a sophisticated dress, which has a lot of detail - the structural elements of hairstyles should match them.
  • Be sure to determine your face shape and hair styles to choose, ask for advice from a hairdresser.
  • Make a test version of the hairstyle. Come, stacking testing, the whole day. This is to not think of interfering falling strands or tight hairpin wedding day.
  • Brilliant lacquer from hair - it's awful. The more natural it looks, the better. A month before the wedding, arrange them rapid recovery.

You've probably already imagine what should be theyour way - careless curls with a colorful wreath, shell smooth, perky ponytail, tied with a ribbon, or a gentle beam and sparkling tiara. The main thing is that it reflects your personality and made even more beautiful holiday. Share the vision in the comments, what should be your wedding hairstyle.