Wedding hairstyles for blondes

On the wedding day every bride wants to createa compelling image that will emphasize its individuality. Owners of light head of hair associated with romance, tenderness, so wedding hairstyles for blondes should be chosen so as to emphasize these features. Respect for fundamental rights compatibility of style dresses, hairstyles, make-up - a dogma for the bride. What styling fit blonde girls? Basic rules of selection of accessories.

Possible wedding hairstyles for blondes

Boxes should be selected based on the type of personbride. If the blond bride no distinct features, the focus of the image is better to put on the hair. In this case, you can use any version of the volume using a fleece. If the hair density is not enough, the bride will come to the rescue of overhead strands (tress). Newlyweds with big lips and eyes fit a smooth, elegant and lush hair.

Chubby blonde with a small forehead andowners of square type face fit voluminous wedding styling. High beam with a little nap at the roots will look perfect. For brides with oval faces look beautiful flowing hair, smooth and curvy styling. The narrow long face well decorate bangs that hide the forehead, making it visually less.

Wedding hairstyles for blondes

Wedding Dress - this is one of the selection factorshairstyles, which is adjusted for the type of shape, taste preferences of the bride. Lush blondes chosen outfit with a corset, with emphasis on the neck line, excluding the fully-fitting style. Under this approach the high silhouette styling that will make the bride slimmer figure. Fragile blondes fit dresses of any length, open or overlying style that perfectly harmonize with her light tresses.

Wedding hairstyle can adjust the heightBride that must be considered when a small difference in the growth of the groom. In addition, too high a greased back hair look too unnatural. Avoid an overabundance of decorations that add volume to hair. Blondes small growth is better to exclude long veil, which shortens the silhouette.

Ringlets or curls

White curls look much more effectively thandark. On blond hair clearly visible structure hairstyles, accessories used. This is an undoubted advantage blondes, so laying a casual wave among blond brides are very popular. Light or structured curls give volume, emphasize the beauty of the bride. Hair can be loose or supplemented oblique tail on the parietal part. Curls are decorated with threads of pearls, crystals or fresh flowers.

Curls on the wedding for blondes

Hairstyles with braided

Kos - popular in wedding fashion. It does not lose its relevance for many years, changing the shape, volume or weaving method. Braided on white hair, pigtails and decorate any bride dresses fit for all styles. This can be a magnificent braid, French, moved to one side, or a few small braids that are used as the decor. Very long hair well with a variety of accessories.

Braids for blondes for a wedding

The collected hair in a bun or shell

These types of hair styles are classic,blondes impart elegance and aristocracy. Clean styled hair on the top beam is collected in a sloppy or neat shell. If necessary, use special pads for the hair that create visual density of the beam. They add decorative elements, sometimes leave a few curly strands of a person. To hairstyle to stay in shape during the photo session you must have a spare pins and hairspray.

Shell and beam for wedding

Sophisticated hairstyles for blondes

Stacking, combining multiple techniques, components,accessory looks like a work of art, which will win the bride of the wedding. The best way to do this hairstyle on medium length hair. Abundance flourishes, complex woven braid add pomp blond bride. The main rule - do not overdo it, combining different types of techniques and kits in one.

A prime example is a simple, at firstlook, styling with smooth hair and a large beam, which is decorated with swirls retro. Quite different looks work "Swan", presented at the exhibition in 2014, designed to give the bride the mystery and elegance. The frame is made with fine wire, thin strands which are fixed.

Sophisticated wedding hairstyles for blondes

Accessories for hair

Wonderful decoration wedding hairstyles area variety of accessories that are chosen to match the dress or its components. To products harmoniously blended into the image, select them in the colors that are least often found in costume. If the dress is entirely of lace, prefer a simple, concise accessories, so as not to overload the wedding image.

Hair accessories
  • Tiaras, tiara give a royal look to attract the attention of shiny stones.
  • Hair, scallops, decorated with rhinestones, creating an emphasis on elegant smooth hair.
  • Veils, hats - originally decorate the bride's dress, retro style navivaya.
  • Decorative studs with rhinestones, pearls, flowers will add flavor to the beams or individual locks, helping to consolidate the structure.
  • Lace headbands and hair composition harmoniously combine with lace on the dress of the bride.
  • Flowers or compositions thereof, are relevant element in modern-blonde bride, giving the image of ease and unity with nature.
  • Tapes, strings of pearls or rhinestones woven into braids and suited to short hair framed the face, used as an alternative to the rim.

Wedding hair ornaments

Video: Review of wedding hairstyles

Creating wedding hairstyles requires experiencedbarber, professional styling products and a clear idea of ​​the final result of the bride. Practical workshops to create sophisticated hairstyles will help professionals in work, and the bride will give detailed information about the selection criteria and the wizard will help decide on the style.

At first glance, the creation date hairstyles forwedding for blondes - it is difficult, but the idea of ​​the complexity of creating pilings destroyed after watching the video listed below. Two master shows how to create a hairstyle with explanations of basic nuances of the work performance of techniques that can be applied independently in the future.

Photos of wedding hairstyles for blondes

Wedding photo session - this is a mandatory traditionwhich helps to capture the bright moments of the day. Just before it is necessary to determine on which side, and perspective will be beneficial to look your haircut. Before shooting, make sure precision stacking if necessary - correct, having your desired styling products, comb, mirror.

Wedding styling for light hair