Wedding Hairstyles for a full face - Photo

The desire to be at his own wedding itselfbeautiful, to attract admiring glances, quite justified. After all, every girl dreams about this day for most of his life. Therefore, the image of the bride has to be perfect. Not less important part of a wedding hairstyle. This detail is particularly important when it is necessary to adjust the visual shape of the face if it, for example, complete. Successfully matched hairstyle able to visually lengthen it, to make thinner and the overall harmony of the whole image set.

Tips for choosing a hairstyle for a full-face

Wedding hairstyle with flower

Wedding styling - a real art. Let us make one that is airy and light, at the same time hold on throughout the day, will be a beautiful, elegant, interesting, not everyone can. The problem becomes more complicated if you want hair, designed to hide the fullness. In this case, we propose to use details such as ribbons, flowers, curls, and other decorative elements. Such a diversion visually minimizes the effect of fullness. In this regard, it is not necessary to abandon the complicated structures, giving priority to high-tail, voluminous curls, smooth bundles, hair straightening.

Laying on a wedding with curls

Wedding Hairstyles for overweight women may belush, with original wicker, asymmetrical, with a creative mess. If you want to supplement the hair shiny rhinestones, large flowers, use these accessories. In most cases, plump characteristic square or round face shape. To determine this, pull the hair into a ponytail, and present yourselves in the mirror. Cosmetic pencil to outline the face. Depart from the image on the mirror to vote proportion.

If a round face, you want to hidehorizontal width, adding verticality. Create additional height at the crown at the expense of, for example, fleece, which, combined with vertical elements visually pull full face, while retaining all the charm of youth. Also suitable soft waves, but add basal volume. If you are wearing a bang, then it should be fine and asymmetric, as a clear horizontal lines emphasize the width of the face.

Asymmetric laying on a wedding for a full-face

If you want to soften the square shape of the corners. With this perfectly cope gentle waves. Throwing the hair on one side looks interesting and hides the corners on the face. Avoid hairstyles that add fullness mandible. Strong slicked hair can further emphasize the angularity. When selecting stacking refer to the following general rules:

  • Height - this is what you need to complete the face. The volume at the crown visually extends and creates a slimming effect.

The collected hair for wedding
  • If you want to add bulk, remember that the amount allowed to be added above or below the jawline. Any splendor around the cheeks to add more junk width.

Wedding locks
  • The volume at the crown can be done just outside the fringe. This technique is ideally looks issued with side locks.

Wedding bunch of full-face
  • Effect of weight loss, contrast full-face added side hairstyles, made in the form of flowing curls, various tangles on one side.

Wedding hairstyle to one side
  • If you want to wear bangs, you can easily afford it. Only it must be asymmetrical, combed to one side.

Asymmetrical bangs for your wedding styling

Ideas evening hairstyles for short hair

Owners of a full-face shorthaircuts will have to select a smaller number of options. And then everything is reduced to a variety of methods for placing short pryadok. For a complete person in wedding hairstyles undesirable zealous with locking means that will create the effect of "wooden". Hair must be well groomed, the most natural. Simplicity is always in fashion, so no original hairstyles make you look sloppy, lags behind trends.

Wedding hairstyle with flower

Adorn a hairstyle for a full-face invisible topearls, sequins, stones. Do not forbidden also choose tiaras - only elegant, neat, not massive crown. This accessory is not necessary to combine with the other, he's a self-sufficient by itself. Hair in this case, combed back with a little nap, and the veil is attached to the back of the head or crown.

Using the rim in a wedding styling

Among the cuts for a full face should choosebob, bob, stage paired with asymmetrical bangs. At a length suitable hairstyle retro wave with Marseilles. As accessories choose a short veil light, decorative pins, headbands, lace tape. Do not forget that the hairstyle in retro style requires similar attire and accessories.

Bridal styling in the style of the 30's

On the hair of medium length

Gathered at the back of the bride hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hairfull-face have to do it visually more elegant. If the face is round, and hide behind the cheekbones cheeks, you should raise the hair above the forehead and at the temples - smooth. It will be appropriate artistic knot at the back in a couple with a small shaggy hair over the entire length. This hairstyle looks good with a long veil, short, multi-layered.

Wedding asymmetry with curls

If the nature of the massive chin for you,can not do without complex parts, pretentiousness, lifting the hair to the nape. Simplicity at large outline does not look very nice. If the length allows you to make complex braids, placing them on the top or back of the head ring, decorated with a flower, crystals, pearls, then you will make a stunning effect. The main focus of the wedding laying on medium hair should be put on the complexity of the technology. Do not abound with accessories, it is not necessary to turn itself into a kind of Christmas tree.

Wedding styling in retro style

Hairstyles for long hair

Bouffant curls and a wedding

On long hair for a full facial womenit is desirable to make the volume of hair. Not forbidden to imitate the style of unruly hair. Discard the tail, which focuses on the completeness of the face. You may make the bulk hair, side parting, decorate a wedding hair barrette. Accessories should choose a spectacular, so it does not get lost in volume. At the wedding is not forbidden to adorn parting shiny stones that distract from complete. Lying along the face curls visually lengthen it.

Hairstyle for a full face with flowers

If doing hairstyle with curls, use onwedding accessories such as artificial flowers and live, rhinestones, decorative hairpins, combs, barrettes. Do not forbidden for a person to do a full hairstyle high, with complex designs, wicker. Always leave a couple pryadok about face trousers, light curl their tresses. Wedding beam laying on the basis of added growth, lengthen the face.

The collected hair side bride

Girls with a full face can choose weddinglaying in the Greek style. In this case, give preference to such decorations as the veil, flowers, rhinestones, tiaras with a lance. In addition, the dress style should match the selected hairstyle - light flying dress is not burdened with a full figure, giving elegance and lightness.

Video: Options female hairstyles for round face

In the presented video demonstrates the processcreating hairstyles for a full face. First strands wound on curling, created after the French side netting. The result is an elegant braid with volume at the crown. This visually lengthen the face, slender.

Photo of fashionable wedding hairstyles with veil and without