Wedding hairstyles curls

Before the wedding, the girl carefully suited to thechoosing hairstyles for celebration. Beautiful styling will help to create a perfect and harmonious image of the bride. Curly wedding hairstyle on the long and short hair choose a lot of brides, because it is popular, fashionable and beautiful. Curls make the bride romantic, feminine and mysterious. How beautifully put locks? How to choose the kind of curls depending on the style of celebration?

Types of wedding hairstyles

Spectacular curls will look great onmedium or long hair bride. Curls are perfect for a gentle image of the bride, because they look natural and beautiful. Curls can be of different types: Hollywood, large, small, spiral or others. Curls look great laxity in the form laid on its side in a bun. Hair accessories will help make the wedding styling curly festive and stylish. Curls well with a tiara, pins and rims of flowers, rowing and other decor.

Splayed curls

Curly, loose long hair looksensual and romantic. Wedding styling with flowing locks for a long time remain relevant and fashionable. Strands can be given only a slight ripple or wind the elastic curls. If you want to put your hair in the style of Hollywood, make a side parting and bangs zacheshite side and give it the form of a light wave. Splayed curls look great with brushed back a lock of the front, which they kill a beautiful barrette. Flowing curls perfectly with the rim, a clip-flower on the side of the head.

Splayed curls for wedding

The laid-locks to the side

Bride with long curly hair, laid on its side,It looks cute and lovely. Asymmetrical wedding styling fit girl with oval or long face. Curly on his side will go well with the dress, which exposed shoulders or deep cut neckline. A long earrings will make the image complete and harmonious. To put locks on the side, used for hair clip, hair clips, nail polish. Bright accessories to help the curls to create a spectacular image of the bride.

The laid-locks to the side

Hairstyle French waterfall

The combination of braiding and curls - it is fashionable andoriginal. "French waterfall" of hair give the image of the bride greater tenderness and sophistication. Especially effective this approach hairstyle blondes. For its creation, weave French braid on top of her head, and from the drop-down strands do curls. Garnish with curls, you can decorative pins or a clip with a flower.

Wedding hairstyle french Falls

The collected locks in a bun

Bright and original look voluminous bundle ofcurls. Lightness and elegance gathered at the nape of curls will give the bride a special femininity aristocracy. Several outlier careless curls bundle will help to give the image of the bride tenderness of romance. Bride stacked curls at the nape looks solemn, elegant and refined.

Collected into a bun curls for wedding

hair curls fit for a wedding

Style celebration must be in harmonya wedding dress, hair and other elements of the image of the bride. Different thematic celebrations will suit certain types of curls wedding hairstyles. Curly color bride accentuate tenderness, lightness, romantic image of the girl. It is important to choose the right accessories to decorate curls to match the decor theme of the celebration.

  • If you are planning a wedding in a rustic style, choose curly hairstyles simple, natural style. These accessories fit, in harmony with the theme of the celebration.
  • If you plan to classical or Greek Wedding, it is appropriate to be elaborate hairstyles with exquisite decorations.
  • And to maintain the retro style of the celebration will be the best one for Hollywood waves on the bride's head.

For a classic wedding

Beautifully arranged curls are ideal fortraditional wedding. Curls can be the basis for various wedding hairstyles. In the classic wedding ceremony the bride will look irresistible with her or stacked in the style of "Malvina" curls. And if the bride gather the hair on one side, the flowing shoulder curls emphasize the beauty of her neck open.

Elegant image of the bride will give a high orLow beam of curls. The above-described variants of wedding hair styling are perfectly combined with the traditional veil. Genuine accessories to enhance the beauty of curls wedding hairstyles and the solemnity of the event. With the veil and curls blends diadem, tiara, pearls or studs with flowers and combs.

Hairstyles of long curls for a classic wedding

The Greek style

For the celebrations of ancient Greece in the style of the bridethere is a wide variety of curly wedding hairstyles. Boxes in the Greek style consist of curled hair and tangles. Make a simple, beautiful hair can dissolve if the curls and make them into several small braids, which are put on the sides and fasten at the back with decorative pins or bobby pins.

Refined styling looks a tail ofbraided into tight braids or loose curls and gathered at the nape level using stealth. No less original look curls gathered into a bun. To create it, to make a little girl's head in a bouffant top of the head and form the strands in not tight ponytail. Frizz hair, and part of their fix at the base of the pins. Flowing curls beautifully bandage strips over the entire length.

Wedding hairstyle with curls in the Greek style

In retro wedding

In celebration of vintage styling to suitretro style. To create a suitable image of the bride can make vintage cold wave on the head. They can be effectively put on one shoulder or leave fall. For the typical Hollywood pilings open forehead, parted in the middle and a special type of light wave. Retro accessories will help highlight the vintage style celebration. Veil, feathers, veils, hats, original rims make the image complete bride, bright.

Hairstyles with curls for wedding retro

For rustic

For a wedding in a rustic style bridesuitable hairstyle with a hint of naivety. Of course - the main guideline when choosing a wedding styling for rustic celebration. Perfectly suited for the village celebrations slightly disheveled curls, braids with different weaving flourishes. Large curls may fall on the shoulders or to be collected in the nape area with the help of hairpins. For a wedding in a rustic style is perfectly in harmony with the general way the bride wreath of flowers with buds or rims.

Hairstyles with curls for a wedding in a rustic style

How to make a wedding tresses

Make curls at the wedding alone the power ofall girls with long beautiful hair and lots of patience. At home you will be able to curl the strands of different ways. Hollywood waves, careless curls, elegant curls can be done independently. To do this, select a few hours time. To make the curls you need curlers (curling hair, hair with a diffuser), mousse (gel, spray) paint.

  • Light waves do using curlers, papilotok. They carefully wind the strands vertically in the direction of hair growth. Then make the fleece near the top of the wave and fix varnish.
  • To create a careless curls into strands coatedthermal protection spray, styling cream. Further taking small tufts and they are twisted in one direction in the flagella, and then dried with hair dryer with a diffuser them. This flagellum is inserted into the nozzle, lifting up the strands. Then straighten curls hands.
  • Whorl-shaped corkscrew. Strands lubricate spray styling, make parting. Next, using curling irons create curls from the roots, fixing clips on the ends of them. In the final stage shoot clips, fingers straighten curls, fix with varnish.

Video: hairstyle with curls and flowers

Some brides do not wish to use the servicesstylist, while they themselves want to make a wedding hairstyle. It is easy stacking with curls, decorated with flowers, you can easily make at home. Elegant wedding hairstyle with curls stacked suitable for girls with long hair. A floral accessories give color image of the bride femininity, sophistication. Pre-stranded strands assemble with the help of hairpins on the back of the head as shown in the video. Before the wedding day workout in creating this installation.

Photos of wedding hairstyles curls

Wedding styling with curls for hairdifferent lengths. But most of all variants of this type of hairstyles available to girls with long braids. However, brides with luxuriant hair is not advisable to choose a laying of large cascading curls, because to them it may look sloppy. They are more suitable bundles or braids of curls. Note the few useful tips before selecting stacking with curls:

  • Precautions should be taken to the newlyweds curls with a round face shape, because the curls can visually enlarge it.
  • For decorative curls are ideal for small accessories. They will not overload the image and fix curls perfectly in position for long.
  • If you have curly by nature, before the creation ofwedding hairstyles better straighten curls ironing, and then to wind them in a specific pattern again. This will help to make perfect and neat curls.
  • Use for laying a good locking means that curls were natural.

Best wedding hairstyles with curls