Wedding hairstyle with tiara

Diadem - a fabulous wedding accessory thatIt helps the bride feel like a princess celebration. Choosing the right tiara is perfect for any image, as long as it harmonizes with the dress - its decor elements must be suitable to the dress. To hairstyle with tiara was perfect, think through in advance what you want to see her.

Bridal hairstyles with tiara and veil

Fata - an ancient attribute of a wedding celebration. It can be of varying lengths - from tens of centimeters to several meters of different sizes - lush and smooth and neat, richly decorated and concise. In all these cases the royal diadem will be a great addition to a gentle, innocent girl image that symbolizes the veil. Two of these accessories will make a strong focus on the bride's hair, so it's important to get serious about her choice.

Fata suit girls who are going to walk down the aisle, she will hide their face during the wedding ceremony, and decorate a beautiful tiara modest wedding hairstyle.

For medium hair

Brides with medium length hair, who want to use both of these decorations can make use of multiple-choice placement. They can do:

  • stylish sleek retro waves
  • luxury large curls,
  • gather hair up, tightening the playful curls,
  • to make elegant "Babette".

If a girl wants to use the retro styling, the perfect solution would be a hat-veil. More hairstyles for medium hair looking at the photo below:

Fata and tiara on medium hair

In the long

Long-haired beauty can affordmany variations of hairstyles. To veil ideal chic updo, all kinds of beams, loose hair, twisted curls or straightened utjuzhkom. Fata by means of pins, invisible, the crest will be mounted at the back or top of the head, and a royal diadem is the ideal completion of this image.

Wedding accessory for long shag

In short

Short stylish haircut with a crown and tiara,veil will look pretty and elegant. Let shorthair girls are not too large selection of hairstyles, all of them perfect for elegant tiara. Brides with short hair length can make yourself interesting, a little "disheveled" laying feathers twist hair in a playful curls and put them on top, smooth the hair back or to make volume fleece.

Decoration shorthair girls

Video: beautiful hairstyle with tiara

bride's hairstyle with tiara

Wedding hairstyle with tiara always looksa king, regardless of the elements of its decoration. It may be cheap shiny rhinestones, precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, semi-precious stones, pearls are sleek, beautiful beaded beads. Choose a tiara should be based on how the decorated wedding dress, any other decorations you use - bracelets, earrings or clip-on earrings, necklaces. Do not go to far with them - is to choose two or three types of accessories, including a tiara.

Watch the video, which shows the fashion styling, decoration accessories, tiara:

With a bang

Wedding hairstyle with elegant tiara perfectlysuitable for any styling with a bang. Bias, straight, torn - bangs make of bride the princess, or give appearance of a cute playful look. It can be laid over loose hair where fringe removed on one side, slightly curled, and the girls who have it straight, may like the idea of ​​a straight line to emphasize the stylish "Babette". Daring "ragged" bang remove the back or make an emphasis on it - the styling will look great.

Diadem and bangs


The real queen will appreciate thisoption. Updo can be concise, smooth, without ornaments or massive, majestic, decorated with intricate web, embossing curls - it all depends on the taste of the future wife. To come up with ideal high stacking - experiment: contact an experienced master, with whom you will be able to come up with the perfect song for the future of the magnificent celebration.

High stacking


Smooth, accurate styling is idealgirls who want to look elegant. Decorated with stylish, compact or tiara she will look especially elegant. This option does not require additional decorations and will focus attention to the bride's face. To a wedding image looked harmoniously, using the classic (thin black eyeliner, good tone, neutral shade, a neutral lipstick) or nyud makeup.

Smooth hair


Elegant stylish beam is capable of receivingmany forms - it can be highly collected hair on the crown, and casually killed, just raised the hair on the back of his head. Beam do in different styles: it is smooth, lush, of straight hair or stranded pryadok often used braiding, cornrows. To decorate the beam, you can use the bezel or the gum-diadem.

Stylish beam

Splayed curls

Splayed hair, scattered on the elegantshoulders look great. Make styling curls smooth, smooth, or such as if combed curls just patted wind. The second style of hair, decorated with a tiara, perfect for a natural way of celebration culprits. Do not forget about hardware: blondes are mainly dairy, pale pink color, brunettes cold - ice silver shine, warm brunettes and red autumn - copper, gold.

The elegant curls

Laying in the Greek style

This installation will help future wife feelHero like a goddess, who marries a gorgeous Zeus. Greek haircut looks really luxurious, is executed in several variants: twisted curls strands picked up, front produced several fine pryadok done Malvinka. In addition to the tiara hairstyle can be decorated with woven ribbons and flowers.

Greek styling

With a small tiara

A small form of wedding tiaras, barrettesIt allows the girl all day to feel comfortable. Small and practical, it will not give stray hair underneath and will not spoil the beautiful styling. This is especially true for large volume hairstyles that throughout the day should look perfect. This hairpin is a ridge, just fix it.

Little diadem

Evening hairstyles with tiara and veil 2016 photo

photo wedding hairstyles with tiara and veil

Selection of hairstyles with remarkableaccessory-tiara is great, the main thing - to find a suitable one. Look at photos, videos that help you decide on the style, and then go to the salon to the stylist in the preliminary test.

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