Wedding hairstyle with her hair

Choose a wedding hairstyle can be difficult,After all, today the girls there are so many wonderful options for styling the wedding. In the last year I received huge popularity gentle, natural way that highlights the natural beauty of the girl. It became an integral part of the beautiful flowing hair, this type of hairstyle will suit every bride. What are the most interesting wedding hairstyle with her hair?

Wedding and evening hairstyles for long loose hair

Long-haired beauties kindlythink about your hairstyle. Due to the great length hair more susceptible to damage, often the ends are cut, burn. To this styling looked organically, you need a health course for a month before the celebration - a mask, applying oil on the tips of their regular trimming. This therapy will pre-wedding hair look vibrant and luxurious, do not allow guests to take away from you look.

For long lengths

In the short and medium

Wedding hairstyle with her hair willwonderful decoration for girls, whose length barely reaches his shoulders. In this case, it will be fine to look lush high styling with fleece, adorned with a variety of accessories - pins, rims. Brides with medium length ideal gorgeous Hollywood big curls, smooth "cold wave" fixed gel. The latest hairstyle perfectly complement the dressing comb or elegant veil.

For the short and medium

With the veil

The veil - bridal headdress, which will helpemphasize the romantic image of the bride. It will look great with a thick plush hair. In order to secure the veil on a short length, you may need a hoop overhead, increased locks - especially bulk long veils. On the long head of hair accessory is attached with pins, invisible on top - fixed on the back of the head does not look natural.

Watch the video, which will help secure the veil on long hair:

With a tiara

This element of the decor fit girls whoWant to feel like a real princess, it will look great together with her hair. To an accessory sat well, you can comb the hair of the back, lift at the roots by means of a varnish - Get Stylish Malvinka. Also diadem looks great at full flowing hair. It can be decorated with pearls, rhinestones shiny, decorative stones, the main thing - to choose an accessory that will come to together.

Tiara - an elegant accessory

With straight hair

Girls having direct thick hair,can afford to leave the wedding hairstyle intact, only slightly and secure it with a hair dryer, a varnish. To enhance the beauty of hair, use a special luster. If initially your hair is curly, apply to damp strands little mousse, dry, and then straighten the ironing, make perfectly smooth parting. Wedding hairstyles with straight flowing hair looks laconically, so fit elegantly.

Stylish straight styling

With curly

To look during celebrations cute, natural- Select wedding hairstyle with loose curly hair. To create this, please use small or large curling ringlets, curls curlers, fix the result of a special tool. Current trend of recent years - curls, curls, decorated with a wreath of flowers larger, emphasizing the natural way. Supplement should be light, delicate makeup.

Beautiful curls and ringlets

With weaving

Wedding hairstyle with braiding and looseHair looks soft, romantic. They open the forehead, the ears of the bride, will help to hide or emphasize a bang. Interestingly looks Malvinka with braids, twisted from the temple. While thinking through hairstyles for the dissolved hair, decorated with netting, use imagination, and then take a test version of an experienced master. For details, see this type of styling for photo:

Fine weave

Simple and fast festive styling options for the bride with her hair

Those brides who do not want all the weddinga celebration to go with her hair, may suit stylish options pilings that will quickly turn loose hair in a comfortable hairstyle, such as a beam. Well, if the wedding will be attending the stylist or friend to help set up this or other styling - hardly in a wedding dress will be convenient to comb hair.


Stylish high Babette is easy to makedirect placement - it will emphasize the elegant image. Such stacking would be better to create, using the help of friends, in so doing, it will help instructional video:

With oblique

Kos is perfect for girls, whose hairtwisted large or small curls - it will help make the hair volume. Beautifully will look spike classic, elegant fish tail French braid. Beautifully it looks option when the braid was put to one side.

delicate images

Poluraspuschennye curls

Slightly bomber romantic curls are easy to use. This option will create a placement with the help of Malvinka, pigtails. Make fleece, to give a lush head of hair form, using clips fasten the side locks back.

Poluraspuschennye laying


Gorgeous Greek styling will make youthis celebration star. It can be created with a bandage under which twist twisted strands, as well as being made in the form of high poluraspuschennoy hairstyle or hair.

Greek style

Bow of Hair

Elegant bow looks cute, interesting and original. This option is perfect for girls who are not having too great a length.

Original ribbons

Video: How to make hair Malvinka steps

100 fashionable hairstyles and wedding ideas 2014 photo

Wedding ideas


High fleece

Stylish Headband


Romantic image


Large beautiful ringlets

Semi-assembled hair with braided

Unusual ring

Stylish tiaras

Flowers and tiaras for the image

Variants with plaiting

Wedding hairstyles with beautiful flowinghair look great, emphasize the natural beauty of the bride's youth, her romantic nature. Creating a packing, remember that the hair was not overloaded with gel, varnish or mousse - then it will become sloppy appearance, will create a sense of "skleennosti".

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