Wedding hairstyle with flowers

Wedding Fashion is fickle, and traditional whiteVeil is no longer a mandatory element of the dress of the bride. wedding Girls are increasingly choosing hoops, tiaras, veils miniature. But the current trend of recent years - a wedding hairstyle with flowers woven into ringlets. This decoration underlines the elegance, beauty and style of the bride, also looks incredibly impressive, and is suitable for any wedding dress.

Options for hairstyles with fresh flowers on long hair

Fresh flowers in the bride's hair, havinglong hair, must be combined with a bouquet of the bride or groom's buttonhole. Plants should be freshly cut, not to lose the look of the wedding. Best stylist emphasizes the right combination:

Wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers
  1. Long ringlets and flower type.
  2. Hair color and decoration.
  3. Hair and flower.

To keep the freshness of flowers, their endspacked in special capsules. Purchase decorations need to reserve to replace a flower, a broken during the creation of hairstyles. To select the type of plants should be based on the conditions of the wedding: the season, the celebration place. The basic principle of creating a wedding hairstyle with flowers on long hair is a restraint in the volume and number of buds. Split long styling, as a rule, in two categories: loose or gathered in braids curls.

Bomber locks behind

Casually bomber hair - this is the mostpopular trend in wedding fashion, because this hairstyle is suitable for absolutely any bride, the type of person, so is considered universal. Soft curls easily hide any lack of face or neck. The cascade of curls, formed the rear, give a gentle charm of the bride, and fresh flowers spectacularly decorate it, as soon as their heads decorated with ancient Greece beauty. Add color to the image of green leaves, harmoniously wrapped around the back curled curls bride.

Bomber locks with fresh flowers

The most common colors for the long curls - is:

  1. Roses have long been a classic wedding fashion. They do not necessarily have to be white, elegant look on blondes pink or red, and on brunettes - cream or yellow.
  2. Freesia, which is inserted in small twigs or buds. Choose the right shade of this plant is very easy, because Freesia possesses a wide color palette.
  3. Lily, who looked very tenderly on longhair. Only for weddings need to pertain grade odorless, because this flower has a pronounced flavor, which can cause headaches at the end of the solemn day.
  4. Orchid harmoniously complement the image of the royal bride, emphasizing her femininity. This flower will be appropriate at a wedding in any season.
  5. Alstroemeria, like a lily in miniature. But unlike the lily, this flower is not allergenic, less fragile and does not have a sharp odor.

Greek Spit with woven flowers

Greek Spit, decorated with fresh flowers,It allows the bride to create a unique and fascinating way. This hairstyle will suit a blonde, brown-haired, brunette, even red-haired bride, so braids becoming more popular as a wedding styling. Classical Greek Spit - a hair, wrapped in an elegant hairstyle with elegant open forehead that provides an excellent opportunity for a photograph to make great shots at the wedding photo shoot.

Hairstyles long hair decorated with flowers

Hair, twisted into a complex weaving anddecorated with fresh flowers, too, claim to spit, making the bride to the Greek goddess descended from Olympus. Greek weaving sometimes supplemented with swirls and curls, flowing freely on the back or going down to the side. This is an excellent option for brides who want to get married in a medieval style.

Hairstyles with the use of colors on medium hair

Most modern brides hair averagelength, so hairstyles for curls to his shoulders, there are many. With an average length of hair is easy to experiment with any style: loose curls, tufts, braids. But the main task of the stylist - it is to choose a wedding version, ideal for the bride dress style, type face, skilfully concealing shortcomings and emphasizing the dignity of women. Universal and stylish medium length hair ornaments are fresh flowers that you can create on the head of the bride's masterpiece.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair decorated with flowers

Unique wedding, you can create the image of a hairstyle bob, bangs and large flower on the side. It is suitable for any oval face and bangs can be:

  • lush;
  • shortened;
  • long;
  • scythe;
  • straight.

Adding to the hair a small bouquet of flowers,the bride will immediately become romantic. Newlyweds prefer traditional white buds, but the girls who love to retreat from the standards chosen for their laying gentle pastel shades. Last squeak wedding fashion - it's turquoise, purple, pink or purple buds in the hair of the bride. They are fixed with the help of invisible, studs, pins or wrap.

Volume spit on his side

Spit at all times was considered the best ornamentbride, and now she enjoys a reputation as an outdated hairstyle. On the contrary, it is experiencing a rebirth with new braids: French, Dutch, spike. And the unusual configuration, for example, a braid on one side, perfectly hide insufficient length of hair, giving them volume. Depending on what the bride wants to achieve, side braid is woven of two, three or four strands.

Braids, decorated with flowers

The classic version - is to gather combedhair is left in a bunch and share them on the desired number of parts, gradually weaving in a braid vivid curly flowers, small artificial flower buds, petals, or plants. Bright shades of floral compositions fully compensate easy hairstyle, make it festive and unusual. Beneficial to the bride looks combination of wicker, for example, Dutch and French braid to the side, or a combination of the classical waterfall braids with loose curls.

Splayed curls with a wreath of flowers

The most common bridal hairstyle withflowers - loose curls with a wreath on his head. This trend is expected to peak in popularity for many more seasons, thanks to the fashion for ekosvadby and original performance style. Make a wreath for the bride by a big buds of roses, peonies, lilies and even orchids. The main thing - it's bright palette and volume, but smaller flowers of the field, too, sometimes find their place on the head of the bride.

Wedding hairstyle with flowers on medium hair

The wreath looks best with curledloose curls or a French twist: selected strands of different lengths, recorded in high heels. Traditional wreaths - it hoops, rims or gum attached to them live or artificial flowers. This female accessory has always been a symbol of femininity and beauty, so loose curls with a wreath successfully survived to our time.

Wedding hairstyle with flowers on short hair

Who said that the wedding can not be laying onshort hair? This view is fundamentally wrong, because the haircut - a new world with more opportunities to express their imagination. To make the image even with ultra-feminine haircut, you can add accessories in the form of live or artificial flowers. For example, put a haircut, decorating the side of a large bud. Or wear a veil with a beautiful flower, or mounted on the head hoop, decorated with many small petals.

Great look at short fine hairelegant roses. Especially if they are carefully woven into curls, which are now as popular as in the distant 30s. The bride with short hair can become a queen on her wedding, even if zacheshet smooth hair back, giving hair shine with the help of gel and put on the head of the hoop with some artificial flowers. Only in this case it requires the perfect make-up, because all attention will be given to the facial features.

Hairstyle beam with a flower on the side

If the bride's classic white dress, and shegenerally prefer the classics all over, she will love the hairstyle beam with an ornament on the side as a white flower. Many celebrities at the exit to the "light" is selected, this classic, but a win-win placement. This hairstyle is necessary to trust the professionals, because to make a beautiful beam yourself hard. Pridact beam refinement regal rose, gorgeous orchids and even a modest field flowers.

Hairstyle beam with a flower on the side

It is best to attach the side of one large bud. Often brides prefer to add a short veil, which is attached directly to the flower. But that such a decoration does not look vulgar, it is necessary to exercise restraint. Bright colors suit brunettes only. They are allowed to be mounted on a beam of yellow, red, purple flowers. Blondes stylists recommend the white, pink or pale lilac shades buds. And only brown-haired hairstyle can use absolutely any color.

Styling with light swirls

Curly hair is converted into a real bridetemptress, but it looks modest and natural. Not surprisingly, the curls and waves are popular among girls with different hair lengths. The wedding styling with light curls, decorated with flowers, easy to make your own with the help of special locks for ironing or curlers. The larger the curlers, the freer and will look softer curls. To get spiral curls, you should use the smallest size of the curlers.

Laying on a wedding with curls and flowers

For example, short bob can be converted toelegant wedding hairstyle with the help of volume at the roots, light curls and side parting. And for the cascade haircuts make packing "feathers" when using a hair dryer and a round hairbrush stretched several curls, while the rest are left curled. Special hair lipstick or gloss will make the holiday even the shortest female haircut.

Hairstyle shell

Options for laying great French shellsa bunch of. It was created at the beginning of the last century, but until now only gaining in popularity. Name hairstyles "shell" speaks for itself - it looks like a seashell. With this original styling and beautiful fresh flowers the bride easily put everything in their way of stylish accents. Over 100 years of existence, the stylists have come up with many possible modifications wedding styling shell, making it a bit of fantasy, fairy tales, slight negligence and royal grandeur.

Hairstyle shell with flowers

seashells option depends entirely on the imaginationbride. For example, single strand twist in a sophisticated curl or leave freely around her face. As ornaments stylists hairstyles used not only flowers of different colors, but also combs, hair clips, which attach to the shell itself silt around her. Especially popular among brides enjoys legendary shell, which was Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Video review of hairstyles for wedding with fresh flowers

Wedding hairstyles with live flowers budslocated at the intersection of two arts: hairdressing and floristry, so better to give the bride and groom their hair in the hands of professionals, if they want to create something exclusive color. Selecting and laying of floral elements - this is a very laborious and delicate work, and independent experiments can easily ruin your mood on the day of celebration.

Fresh flowers are much prettier and more delicate look inbridal hair than all the other decorations, but require a perfect make-up and the minimum bright accessories in the dress of the bride. Beautiful buds emphasize the freshness and youth of the bride, fit to any dress, make an image softer and more romantic. View our selection of videos wedding hairstyles with decoration in the form of fresh flowers:

Photos for wedding hairstyles without veil with flowers in her hair

Living flower buds decorate any wedding image. Bride will only buy a simple cut dress made of fine fabric, choose a little low-key accessories, and the perfect image is ready! In addition, the girl with the laying will be comfortable at your wedding even without veils. We have compiled for you a collection of the most beautiful wedding flowers pilings without veils.

Hairstyles for a wedding with flowers in her hair