Wedding hairstyle with braiding

Wedding hairstyles have always been specialbeauty, solemnity, as a festive event obliges look delicious. Beautiful braids ancient times adorn women. Wedding hairstyles with weave and in this century are relevant when creating the image of the bride. Using various techniques the master work wonders, transforming an ordinary girl into a romantic, original, fantastically beautiful young lady.

Wedding and evening hair braided with (PHOTO)

Hair weaving with simple and uncomplicated, butbecause of its beauty, they are able to give the image a special elegance. Various variations of braids are suitable for any style of dress, they are carried out on the long and short hair. A simple side braid or complicated, multiple tiers of weaving - it is your preference, but both the first and the second option would be to look glamorous and stylish.

For medium hair

Updo with braided hair on the middledid not harder than the long, need a certain skill. For example, the Greek Spit give your image of femininity, tenderness, will beautifully frame the face. Begin braiding her from the most bang gradually prihvatyvaya strands during the weaving. At the back of the head in tight braids or tighten air beam.

Photo: Bride hairstyle Greek Spit

Originally it looks like a French braid, braided diagonally.

Wedding hair: weaving diagonal

The same weave, starting from the bangs, looks good with side parting.

Hairstyle for wedding: French weaving obliquely

Two loosely braided French braids are ideal young, cheerful, mischievous girls.

Careless French braids for a wedding

If you wear a fashionable haircut - elongated bob or bob up shoulders - in this case, you can easily make a braid cascading waterfall. Light waves, starting from the braids that fell to his shoulders.

Wedding styling: braids in the form of waterfalls

How is this hairstyle look in the video:

The ideal option would be a festive Dutch braid. Scythes, neatly arranged and fastened behind, give harmony, elegance of its owner.

Photo: Dutch braid

In the long

Hairstyles with weaving on long hair lookalways beautiful, you can use almost any kind of weaving technique, only the right thing to execute it. Owners of the long braids do not worry about the wedding hairstyles - braids are suitable for any outfit and style of clothing.

Elegant, fresh, unique lookstyling brides made French braiding. They may have a complex structure consisting of a plurality of weaves, tows, and can be quite simple, but no less attractive. Usual French braid, weave made of lush curly locks, the volume goes, looks great.

Bride Hairstyle: beautiful French braiding

Kos, pin up or laid back in a bun, it looks elegant and stylish. Its different variations create different wedding hairstyles, depending on the style of dress.

Photo: hairstyle with elements of French braiding

Wedding hairstyles French braidingnoteworthy that do not require any special equipment, just a skill to master. With talented hands and a simple comb obtained true works of art.

Interesting and original evening hairstyles are obtained on the basis of classical Greek braids. Pigtails are braided around her head, resemble the laurel wreath, which was worn by the ancient Greeks.

Photos: hairstyles with elements of Greek plaiting

Italian Xhosa - the simplest form of weaving. It is formed as a conventional weave in two or three strands, which bundle is twisted back. This styling looks very feminine, stylish, beautiful neck emphasizes form.

Bride Image: Italian style hair braiding

The new trend of Hollywood stars - the circular braid. If you want to follow this trend, braid plait-basket itself. It can be anything on the weaving technique, but always drags around his head like a crown.

Wedding styling: circular wicker basket

Complex designs are not limited to woven braid, they may be laying pryadok, weave flagella well with curls at the nape.

Original hairstyle bride with curls and braiding

Especially popular among fashionistas areevening hair braided in the form of a flower. They give the girl a unique French charm, charm. Created from the colors of hair, decorated with rhinestones, looks amazing. Widespread use they find on themed wedding. Such masterpieces is better not to try to create their own, and to appeal to this master.

Wedding Hairstyles: braids in the form of flowers

Great look braids adorned with various accessories: belts, elegant studs with stones and roses, beautiful hairpins.

In short

Weaving is possible to perform, when a girllong or medium hair. But what if it is a short cut? Do not despair, there is a solution! Wedding hairstyles with the weaving elements on short hair and are available to you! But it will have to acquire locks overhead. Using them, you can create a romantic image of the bride and simulate any you like hairstyle.

Beautiful holiday options for hairstyles for brides with weaving elements

His outstanding wedding hairstyles with braids steelone of the brightest options for special occasions. Choosing a hairstyle, she emphasizes your good taste, creating a touching romantic or cool stylish image.


Greek wedding hairstyle - idealfor the wedding, if the bride's dress is chosen in the same style. Such stacking represent fantastically beautiful Greek goddesses - owners of a thick, long, healthy hair, woven in a sloppy, loose braid and tied with beautiful bright ribbon, beads or garlands of flowers.

For wedding hairstyle to the Greek weavinghair should be lush, shiny, have nesechenye tips. It is executed with both direct and oblique bangs and entirely without it, used to decorate tiaras, hoops, beautiful pearl barrettes, fresh flowers buds.

The basic element here is the FrenchSpit-rim, braided in the direction from the forehead to the nape. Weave will look more voluminous and loose, if not tightening braids. Then braid is fixed in the light beam at the back.

Hair bride: weaving in the Greek style on the loose hair with a veil

Owners of long strands can beabsolutely quiet, it is available openwork weave any form - loose braided snake, harnesses, lace effect. The master in this case, there are many methods by which of the usual hair modeled harmonious hairstyle.

Can weave the individual strands at the top of the head and the bottom to subside beautiful curls, and can be made easy weaving throughout.

Weave in the loose hair of the bride

Only experienced stylists under the power to create a wedding hairstyle, represents the flower. Created in this way the flowers look great with her hair, creating the effect of fabulousness.

The image of the bride: a masterpiece of braids

A special grace attached to wedding hairstyleslace, placed horizontally at the forehead or on the loose hair. They are like fragile thin pattern that seems strives to scatter in different directions. But in reality, lace tightly secured and will not prevent you otplyasat entire wedding.

Lace weaving on the bride's hair

trendy curls

Many wedding hairstyles made from loosehair wound on curlers. But it is much more effective will look luxurious curls, combined with a nice weave. Braided hair is usually in the parietal part of the head, and then stay loose. It may be in the form of braids, intricate lace, flower. This style is good for the ceremony and for the wedding.

Styling for the wedding: the combination of tangles and curls

With slanting to one side

Asymmetrical wedding hairstyle with a scythe on his sideextremely popular. They are especially useful for those girls who want to hide such a stylish solution abnormal facial features. After completing the weaving on one part of the head, it is possible to let the braid to the side without the use of pins. Any braid is braided in such a way - an ordinary Russian, spike, French.

Wedding styling with an asymmetric weave

Looks nice spike, laid diagonally.

The original installation of the ordinary bride spikelets

Lovely looks braid "fishtail", braided side.

Wedding styling: Fishtail

To create the image of a naive young girl let out a few strands along the side of the face.

How to make a hairstyle with braiding: Master Class

Step Master Class with photo: simple hairstyle for the bride's own hands

We invite you to explore a master class with picturescreate his own hands a simple elegant wedding styling. Running it for long, looks great, it is suitable for wedding ceremony, under it conveniently attached veil.

Bride Hairstyle with braided plait

If you like this hairstyle, we proceed to its modeling. Prior to this, it is good to wash your hair, apply a nourishing balm, dry them.

  • Well combed hair comb to divide the side parting.
  • With the high volume side take three thin strands weave traditional Russian braid, not dopletaya by about a quarter.

  • In the process of weaving can add a few strands from the bottom. End fix invisible rubber band.
  • From the spit received to gently pull the strands to give it more volume. Note that the gum will slide below. Top pigtails to eye level pull strands larger than the bottom.

  • The hair remains free from the braid, gather in a ponytail, secure with a rubber band.
  • Over gum, wear a wide-gum roller to give hair volume.

  • Using the pins, carefully tuck the hair under the elastic band, as shown in the photo.

  • Around the resulting bead wrap your braid and secure with hairpins invisible.

  • To make the wedding laying romance remove thin curls at the temples and their slightly Screw.
  • Secure the hair lacquer.

Creation of simple wedding hairstyles for powereveryone, it does not necessarily refer to the help of a designer. We have seen what are the wedding hair and how they are made. If you find the desired information for themselves or want to add something, please write in the comments.

Video Tutorial: Easy installation with an openwork weaving