Wedding hairstyle beam

For wedding hairstyle shouldchosen especially carefully. Its aim to emphasize the beauty of the bride, highlighting all of her dignity. A good choice is considered hairstyle beam. Lifting the hair, you can open the shoulders, neck, and emphasize the beauty of the dress.

Hairstyle for the bride surround beam

Wedding Hairstyles beam can afford aholders of long hair and women with short hair. The only difference is the way you want them to bed. As decoration, you can use combs, tiaras, ribbons, barrettes, rhinestone. But for most of the wedding hairstyle barber need to polish, hairpins, invisible, hot tongs, curlers.

Option with a veil

Depending on how to style your hair, youYou can achieve a particular effect. Ideal for small or slim girls of average height combed high bun. You can decorate it with a veil. Under the image will fit almost any veil stacked, single-layered, lush or straight. Normally, the veil is attached under the bun, but there is a solution for you and it can be attached on top.

volume styling

Placement with a bang

If the girl has a high forehead, it is recommendeduse bangs. It may be accurate, or torn it all depends on your style. Add elegance hair, releasing several separate curls framing the face. Can you straighten bangs, put to one side, or even combed upward variations depend on the shape of the face and on personal preferences.

Girls with a bang

Option with a diadem

Owners perfectly smooth hair, weWe recommend to take a closer look hairstyle with tiara. Although such background curls decoration will also look great. tiaras size is chosen based on the volume of the most hair styles and face shapes. Little tiara fit chubby and skinny girls should pay attention to the average size of jewelry.

Newlyweds in diadems

Laying flowers

Of particular concern are laying flowers. The latter should be in harmony with the dress in colors. Flowers are inserted into the ground, but do not forget to wrap the tips of the twigs of cotton wool soaked in a nutrient solution. Prettier will look hairstyle fresh flowers, artificial but in no way inferior, if they are harmoniously woven into the hair.

Flowers as an accessory

Ideas for different hair lengths

Based on the length, styling can be daring,romantic, modest or extravagant. It all depends on which side to place the beam base and how to decorate it. If you have long hair, position the beam at the back of the head, so you distribute the weight and will not feel any discomfort or severity of the installation.

Laying on long hair

For long curls there are a variety of styling. Due to the volume of strands they go lush and beautiful. If desired, you can hardly twist the strands, thereby slightly reducing the volume.

Girl with a veil

Beautiful styling for wedding ceremonyhappens if parting make oblique or even figure. You can make a parting in the form of woven braids right, at the back, side, any variation will look beautiful and original.

In the long hair of the tail base istop, side or bottom. It looks great if to comb hair into the bun, then wrap her pigtails base. You can experiment with braids braid around the head one, to make a few braids and shape them into a bun at the nape, and other details, see the photo.:

Option for medium hair

On medium length haircuts volume created by the fleece:

  • necessary to collect the strands;
  • of the strands to separate the top;
  • the lower part to comb the roots;
  • free curls wrap fleece;
  • fix studs loose ends and complete the laying of selected accessories.

The beam at medium hair

Styling for short hair

In short haircuts make the mop will be more difficult,But well-skilled hairdresser is in the cellar. The volume is created by curls, laid around the tail. The disadvantage is considered to be just what to do such packing will not be easy at home.

Option with swirls

A few practical tips:

  • Try not to use a large amount of varnish. You do not need to handle the hair mousse. In a qualitative consolidation curls, they will be held, the beam does not fall apart, and the curls will remain light.
  • The classic version of the bun will not be boring, if properly decorate it. In addition to these accessories fit lace strands of ribbons, pearls and so on.
  • Discard the large beams, if your height is more than the average, but the petite ladies this option is particularly suitable.
  • The main advantage of such a practical hairstyle need not comb, and it will remain accurate throughout the holiday.

How to make a casual beam of his hands video

After reviewing the video master class, you will be able to layeven unruly, thick and curly hair in a roller. With his own collection this video tutorial, you'll create in a few minutes elegant styling for a wedding ceremony or any other celebration.

Popular Hairstyles 2014 photo beam

From the form and method of fixing it depends on the whole of hairyour image, and properly chosen hairstyle is able to radically change the appearance beyond recognition. Below is an overview of popular embodiment of the laying of the classically smooth ballerina to extravagant braided braids in a bun. Your preferences, skillful hands and adorable wedding hairdresser image is ready.

High beam

A high roller is tight or a lush, smoothor in the form of shells, smooth or with plaits and braids. It all depends on your desire. Such an arrangement is suitable beam proportional to owners face shapes, chubby visually lengthen it. This hairstyle will make a ballerina bride wedding image is incredibly feminine, romantic.

Accurate high beam at a wedding

Low beam

Low tail roller is suitable for long hair andtall girls. Due to the location at the back of the head you can make it airy and light, without fear that excess weight will shift it down. To secure suitable gum or more pins.

Elegant Wedding beam

Smooth beam

Incredibly popular sleek considered strictroll or bun. This kind of classic in wedding hairstyles. Roller hairdresser can decorate individual locks or beads. This will give a smooth beam image of the bride charm with a touch of rigor. This hairstyle is practical hair smoothly combed, fixed varnish / wax, which eliminates the possibility of knocking out individual strands.

The beam-bun of braid for wedding hairstyles

Laying in the form of a donut

For tight fit option donut. Hair roller stacked, which is then connected in the ring. Secure the ribbon or veil under the base and incredibly attractive hairstyle is ready. The main thing is not to overdo it make itself tight beam, fixed, and the rest of the hair can weaker to such stacking together not squeezed the bride's head.

Tight bun at the wedding

Laying with braided pigtails

Braids are still relevant. Formed with braids bun, you add the raisins in a wedding image. In the photo you can determine that the location of the braid will depend on the style, the form of wedding hairstyles beam.

Weave braids and a bun on a wedding

To complete the image can only createmake-up and wear a dress. In this form, you are ready to conquer the world and the first in the list of your future husband! If you have your own ideas about the creation of similar hairstyles for the ceremony, we will be happy to see them in the comments.