Wedding hair with a comb

While creating a graceful, modern andelegant image of the bride not do without the parts that will make the big picture a little magical notes. That addition may be a ridge. In modern times it is not only a decoration, but a whole new trend in wedding fashion. Wedding hair with a comb - the easiest way to decorate the bride's head. These accessories can be decorated with flowers, appliqués, sequins, crystals, beads, beads and other materials.

Possible wedding hairstyles with scallop

The image of the bride crested

Scallop in the wedding hairstyle is designed effectively, luxurious and at the same time complement the concise styling created. Depending on the created image is chosen accessory:

  • For a formal and strict style suit refined accessory with a sleek design and shimmering stones. Form, performance enhancement can be varied.
  • To fit the romantic image enhancement, which depicts leaves, plants, dragonflies, butterflies. They can be encrusted with rhinestones.
  • Scallop with decor stones - modern, the perfect solution for the creation of the original wedding hairstyles as they perfectly complement the veil and look magical.
  • Scallop with floral decoration is very popular with the bride. It is easy to complement any style, bringing it interesting notes.
  • Very nice looking accessories like tiaras. They are easily fixed on short, long, medium hair, make any image a bit brighter.
  • Scallops with pearl finish is ideal for important dates. They allow you to look beautiful, feminine and elegantno.S this accessory hair is combed back or to one side.

Wedding hairstyle on the basis of the beam

Bride any type of appearance may itself createbeam as a wedding styling. This hairstyle is versatile. If your hair is characterized by high density, length, is available to you any beam shape and size. If the volume is not enough, you can put a cushion. In addition, the bride can always take advantage of overhead strands to make hair longer.

The beam - ideal for hair thatno matter hold curl. In addition, it is a real salvation during inclement weather. After all collected hair fastened pins, lacquer, fleece, so the bride can be sure that the installation will last all day, will not lose its magnificent view. However, the bride to be prepared for the fact that the creation of the beam will need a lot of hairpins, weighting packing.

The beam can be smooth, three-dimensional, high orlow, it all depends on the dress style, face shape. For example, for the dress style "mermaid", or close fitting suits high beam assembled from curls to lush robes or a-line is better to prefer a low volume, the Greek outfit looks perfect with low beam under the gum. This wedding styling, decorated with beautiful scallop, gives the image of elegance, femininity, freshness and interesting flavor.

Wedding beam with a comb

With the gathered curls to the side

Laying the collected curled ringlets on his side whena comb makes the image of flying, gentle and air. This hairstyle looks beneficial on long hair. However, if you are the owner of medium-sized, go to a small trick and fix overhead strands, the length of which should not differ from their own more than 10 cm. Scallop makes the image more interesting. Laying with curls fit brides in dress with an open back, neck, A-line dress and lush.

Curls bride crested

Hairstyle with a roller and comb

Laying, decorated with paint roller and comb - thisclassics by Babette, that was popular back in the 60s. It became fashionable thanks to the popular actress at the time of Brigitte Bardot. This hairstyle helps to visually draw a round face, the bride look slimmer and more. Scallop looks in such installation is very beautiful and harmonious. If your own hair is not enough to create this hairstyle, you can use the overhead chignon.

Hairstyle for wedding with a comb and a roller

Fixed comb curls back

Flowing down the locks give waybride femininity and romance. This hairstyle can be executed in different variations: natural waves, curls cleaned, Hollywood hair, with braids, fleece, tail braids. One of the best options - fixed curls back with a comb. This visually opens up the bride's face, it does not weigh down the image, at the same time giving it a touch of romance.

Curls bride fixed comb

Hairstyle shell

This installation has many names: banana, twist, shell, French bun. Its shape resembles a sea shell. Originating in the early last century, it still does not lose relevance. For the grand image of shell from the crest - a great option. It is easy to perform on the hair of almost any length. And do not think that such a hairstyle is too strict, because it can be given effect rastrepannosti.

Hairstyle for wedding shell

Photos of hairstyles for a wedding with a comb for hair

Comb for wedding hairstyles - it is not onlyexquisite, beautiful decoration. This accessory performs sacred function for the bride. He keeps a feminine energy. In Russia, the crest was considered a talisman, as well as a strong magical object. Not for nothing the modern bride, decorating accessory like head, feel luxurious queens.

Options pilings decorated crest