Wedding hair in retro style

Among a variety of wedding hairstyles brideit is difficult to choose the right styling that will look solemn, harmonious. Fortunately, there are proven options pilings for the wedding ceremony. For example, many girls prefer the retro style, as he absorbed the best elements of each era. To hairstyle retro style is in harmony with the image, care should be taken to acquire the appropriate dress. What are the hairstyles in retro style suit for the wedding?

Wedding and evening hair in retro style on medium hair

medium length hair are considered optimal forcreating a retro hairstyles, because in this mane will be able to create a variety of elegant options. So, here it looks great retro styling "Chicago": it was fashionable in the 30's of last century, but does not lose popularity until now. Hairstyle in retro-style "Chicago" is a light curls that fall on its side. Curls are created using the effect of wet hair.

Retro hairstyles for medium hair

In the long

Long hair provides a lot of the brideopportunities to create original hair in retro style. Allowed to dissolve hair, make curls. Luxury strands of hair are easily converted into "Babette" and "Shell" and the still bouffant. High retro hairstyles are created precisely with long hair. Do not forget about decorating shag unusual accessories, appropriate to the wedding ceremony.

In short

During the 20-ies of the last century, the cultActress Marilyn Monroe started wearing an interesting hairstyle that called her name. It is said that it is still relevant, but has already become a retro hairdo. Small curls that perfectly clocked, if you take the small diameter rollers, look great with the veil. Another good option to consider short haircut curls - they can be of different sizes are created using curling irons, as well as tips for her.

Stylish retro hairstyles for different hair lengths

Options retro hairstyles for brides

If a woman chooses to create the wedding stackingretro style, it will be what to choose: high hair, light waves, fine hair, tails, braids. In addition, wedding retro hairstyles are designed to reinforce the image of accessories, such as veil, tiara, ribbons, hats, etc. Consider the options of stylish retro hairstyles more:

With a bang

Fringe of different lengths is possible to put severalways, but the main condition of retro hairstyles - face and forehead should be open. The retro-style bangs look good, laid on its side. Make sure to gently bangs fell over his forehead, for this it is necessary to fix the lacquer and hairpins, invisible. If the length of the bangs allows curl her to get smooth light waves. Bangs should decorate with beads, sequins, pearls.

With the veil

Wedding hairstyle in a popular style now!Retro looks great with a veil, but should choose the right place to strengthen the veil. So, if a woman is going to do a high hairstyle, the veil must be secured at the nape. With large and small curls well with veil, attached on top. It is important that hair was divided parting, or veil is not secured. Retro hair is desirable to issue the original bobby pins, clips, rubber bands.

Retro hairstyle and veil

With a bandage

Hairstyle with a bandage create sophisticatedretro image for a wedding. It is important to choose a bandage gentle tone that would be appropriate at a wedding ceremony. Step by step guide will help you to create your own hairstyle with a bandage in retro style:

  1. To make bulk strands, use a well-known hairdresser reception: wash them, and blow dry, directing the flow of wind to the roots pryadok.
  2. Divide hair parted on the horizontal. The inner side of the upper part of nacheshite.
  3. Zacheshite hair back and secure bouffant pins, hairpins, invisible.
  4. Spray paint your masterpiece. Put a bandage.

Instead, you can use bandages wrap.

Retro hairstyle with a bandage

High stacking with ribbon and flowers

High hairstyles in the retro style of the wedding plan require additional accessories - belts, colors.

  • Tapes should be in harmony with the wedding dress color, so it is advisable to choose a tape gentle, pastel shades.
  • As for colors, they may be either living or artificial. The main condition - they must be uniform in size. The hair used orchids, roses, lilies.

Making shag flowers and ribbons with possiblesuch updo as "Shell", "Babette" bouffant, beam. Tapes must be wrapped around the "hill", which is formed during the creation of each of these hairstyles and securely fasten. The flowers are attached with silicone rubber bands, bobby pins. Make their hair so that they looked harmoniously with each other.


Light waves are considered to be an attribute of a retro style. Waves suitable for a variety of hairstyles: waiter, cascade, quads, as well as for long hair. With short haircuts wave performed with forceps, clamps. Owners of the long head of hair are experimenting, creating Hollywood curls or small curls. To wave well kept and disheveled, they should be sprinkled with varnish and sequins give the image an exciting charm.

The lady with the hair of the waves will look sexy and attractive, if complement the overall style of veil or hat. Then the bride will be irresistible to all the wedding photos and video.

Retro Style: wavelength in laying


For many years, "Babette" does not lose itsrelevance, and is suitable retro hairstyle for special occasions. It is suitable for brides who want to give your strands volume. The following step by step guide shows you how to make a "Babette" yourself:

  1. Carefully comb strands. Using a flat comb, divide them into horizontal parting.
  2. The lower part of the head of hair gather in a ponytail so that it does not interfere during the execution to proceed.
  3. The inner side of the upper part of the head of hair nacheshite and lock pins. The resulting "hill" sprinkle varnish.
  4. From the bottom of the head of hair roller shape, place it under the fleece. "Babette" should fix hairpins, invisible hairpins. Decorate packing wrap, bandage or mesh.

Retro Style: haircut "Babette"

In the style of the 30's

Hairstyles of the 30s of the last century, which until"Chicago" is still popular, is considered to be retro styling option. Form curls - large light wave. Rings curl curls using rollers and mousse strong fixation. Curly locks must be put to one side, preferably the left. Subsequently styling lacquer sprinkled with sequins, which gives the image of elegance. Hairstyle "Chicago" - it's a good idea for women who want to create a retro image.

In the style of the 60's

After the release of the movie "Babette Goes to War" in60-ies of the last century, millions of women fell in love with hair of the heroine, which is called by its name - "Babette". It is made mainly on the long head of hair, but the girls with short hair should not be sad. At this point it is possible to use hairpieces to add the desired length and volume.

Greek Wedding hairstyle with rimor bandage also applies to retro styling. It gained its popularity during the 60s of the twentieth century. Her love of art people - actress, dancer, singer. For its creation, the head is put on a bandage, which in turn, starting from the temporal area, tucked strands. Form a "nest" is decorated with sequins, beads, mesh.

Video: How to make a wedding hairstyle with roller

How to create a retro image with their hands steps with photos

Elegant hairstyle fleece looks elegant andsolemnly, so many brides are choosing it, to create your retro image. This styling will approach a girl with long bangs regrown since the fleece is made from it. Step by step instructions with photos will easily make such a hairstyle on their own:

  • Comb hair comb or a special brush to give your hair smooth. Bang screw, secure the clamp on top.
  • The rest of the pryadok converts to curl the hair ends up using curlers or curling irons.

Stages retro hairstyles
  • Release the clamp on the fringe, align it utjuzhkom.
  • Screw on the fringe curling inward. Start cranking from the tips pryadok. Attach the resulting roller clamp or hairpins, invisible, sprinkle it means for fixing.

Retro-bang - an important part of hairstyles
  • The remaining curls should be dissolved, or make them the tail.

Elegant retro hairstyle with bangs

As you can see, create wedding retro image entirelynot difficult, it is necessary to follow the above instructions. Complete styling matching accessories - and you get unsurpassed image!

If you know some other options for hair in retro style, share your ideas below, comment on an article.