Trendy bridal hairstyles 2016 (PHOTOS)

Wedding - this is a special day of conclusion of the celebrationmarriage between two lovers at all times. Each generation tends to look like brides only in this great day, and carefully follows the latest fashion trends. No exception in this matter and wedding hairstyles 2016, awareness of which will not interfere with any modern fashionable bride who had gathered to walk down the aisle this year. Find out what can be a variety of images to long hair, loose curls, braids, different beams and shells.

Trends in wedding hairstyles 2016

Wedding Hairstyles 2016 meanaristocracy, elegance, femininity. It is extremely important that your installation was groomed sheen, orderly, creating its own special charm and style. Wedding styling with long curls is very fashionable this season: they can dissolve by issuing curls with a light or a large wave or braid into a romantic openwork braid. Below, check out a video of the actual and fashion trends in 2016 in the form of modern bride:

On long hair

Long maiden spit was, and remains, in all agesa symbol of femininity, beauty and chastity. A variety of hairstyles for long tresses has a huge selection, connects boundless imagination to accentuate feminine tenderness. This image will never go out of style, in addition, with her hair hairstyles are more long term and do not lose their original appearance throughout the grand wedding day and are suitable for any type of person.

Splayed curls

For every girl's long, well-groomed hair - thisher pride, so many want to emphasize this advantage and at his own wedding. And you can do it with the help of hairstyle with loose curls, which will give you the opportunity to create the perfect wedding image of a natural and gentle beauty. So, consider what a variety we offer wedding hairstyles 2016 with her hair:

Options loose curls for the bride
  1. Screw locks on large curlers and placeeach strand, emphasizing her curves. Curls Spread evenly on your shoulders, putting it nicely bang in different directions with a middle parting. So you get a bulk hair solemnly.
  2. Wedding Hairstyles 2016 wonincredible success in the form of "cold wave". This kind of wedding decoration bride's hair sold by large curled ringlets, which are laid on the shoulder and wrapped in a thin string of beads, fixed terminals, decorated with live or artificial flowers.
  3. Create a unique image with shininghair decoration different rims to make Greek-style or a snow-white color to get the romantic image of the gentle Juliette. Use pearl thread, pins with inlay, etc..

Openwork spit

Curls, braided into a braid - this hairstyle,popular for more than a season, so the wedding hairstyles in 2016 are not excluded from the trend delicate braids, which won its place of honor in vogue among today's brides. For a long time its existence, it has undergone many styling improvement and change, so stylists offer us an infinite number of variations on this theme, such as:

Options openwork braids for the bride
  1. Long hair are wound in the form of largecurls and going on his shoulder in a French braid, or other, creating a thick weave, slightly pulling each curl of plaits. Decorated with the entire length of braid string of pearls, silver beads small, or simply inserted a small stud inlaid with sparkling diamonds and other stones.
  2. Extremely fashionable hairstyle in the formbraids, braided on top of the head, creating a Greek style. Curls in a partially braided in a braid and climb up in the form of the rim, and the rest of the stacks of wind on large curlers and volume spread on the shoulders.
  3. Simply screw the all the hair in the form of largecurls, dissolve them, but at the back the top layer of hair with a crown woven into the bottom layer of hair, to get the hippie style, but in a more classical interpretation.
  4. Decorate delicate braids various wedding accessories, wreaths with fresh flowers, beautiful hairpins.

On the hair of medium length

For medium length hair there is a wholea lot of hairstyles for wedding theme, so that you can create at least romantic, graceful style of bride's beauty. For example, if you have an interesting hairstyle, simply place it and decorate a variety of stones, pins, to give the image of a solemn kind of neat. Below, check out some of the proposed options, which show how nicely put her hair in a bun for a wedding, to create a hairstyle with flowers, tiara, how to make a wedding hairstyle of short hair.

Boxes for wedding mid-length 2016


The beam is considered a classic hairstyle for anyevent or events in life. You might say that this type of hairstyles are pretty fed up with it, and how it can be used to create the bride gentle way of romantic girl. With this statement does not have to hurry, because there are many variations that can offer you a stylist, for example:

  1. Traditional bun on top, made instyle "Babette," only more voluminous, with a slightly tousled curls. Decorate a hair veil and you will be the most unique, beautiful, flirtatious fiancee at his own wedding.
  2. For the wedding hairstyles are perfectfemininely gathered at the nape stranded curls in the form of light waves. Decorate a beautiful bundle of hairpin with iridescent stones, which can be more feminine this hairstyle?
  3. The beam may be issued in the form of a smooth stricthairstyle with hair tight, at different levels. And also you can use a slightly relaxed version released with locks that can be curled at the temple or near the neck.

Classic beam for the bride

Wedding hairstyle with flowers 2016

Hairstyles with flowers fashionable than ever in the yearsfor wedding events. The colors can be decorated with any styling. Even if you just leave your hair in its original form or zapletete conventional tail, without any intricacies stylists and decorate a wreath of roses, or gentle votknetsya one flower of a lily at the temple - you are sure to gain the most delicate kind of bride. Using colors is also great to include the image of the bride in the overall color scheme throughout the wedding decor that will provide similar othe.

The romantic image of flower

With a tiara

Wedding styling to give your tiarathe image of even more solemnity, emphasize your femininity and a special status for the Queen's lover. You will shine like the very first lady wedding celebration, nobody can tear you to your admiring gaze. Consider a few options as wedding styling using tiaras can be issued:

  • Braid small bun on top or prettyuncluttered sink. Decorate the hair only a small tiara, and you get the perfect embodiment of classic wedding image that will never go out of fashion, thanks to its elegance and aristocracy.
  • Fan the hair, slightly screwing them in the form oflarge curls. Let styling is a little sloppy look unbalanced, allow the hair to lie in its particular order. Complete the image, wearing elegant tiara on top of her head.

Decoration wedding flowers laying

For short hair

You do not need to worry if your locks are notare of sufficient length to create scrolling hair, because short hair, there are many options for hairstyles, hair styling that will look the most beautiful bride on her own wedding. Check out some options for hairstyles for brides with short hair:

  • Make small perm to curls looked lush and romantic. Beautifully lay each strand, that they will fall in a chaotic manner - it will give a special femininity to your style;
  • Lay, shape the hairstyle, let it be simple and natural. Use large clips with unusual forms;
  • Any, even the shortest Swifts you can decorate the surround wreath of flowers;
  • Oh and if you are not satisfied with the resulting styling of short hair - the solution is always possible to find an experienced stylist, who with the help of hairpieces you create the desired image.

Wedding styling for short hair 2016

Photos of wedding hairstyles with veil 2016

Fata - an essential accessory every hairstyleBride. Many people do not agree with this statement, considering that the wedding decoration stands battered relic of the past, but there are plenty of options for hairstyles with veil created by experienced stylists, who have a perfect and complete image of the bride. Below, check out a photo-selection on the subject.

Photo: Wedding hairstyles 2016


Without the veil with accessories

But for hard-core "fans are not" in a wedding veilthere are plenty of decoration options, allowing the bride to beat the hair so that it looked no less elegant, her image was to the end formed with the help of special accessories that act as veils. Check out the photo selection below, which shows a lot of great ideas of hairstyles for brides who prefer not to wear the veil at the wedding.

Wedding Photography pilings 2016