Stepping wedding hairstyles at home

Look glamorous dreams at her weddingevery girl. To create the ideal image will require a lot of effort, because you need to pick up a dress, make-up, hairstyle and accessories, which are not only suited to the bride, but also combined with each other. She is fully capable to make a wedding hairstyle yourself, think through all the details and find the perfect option. To the day of the wedding with no problems to act as their own barber, pre-experiment, seeing step by step implementation of celebratory packings.

Options for hairstyles for brides with long hair

Girl with beautiful long hair can easily pick up a wedding hairstyle to your taste by choosing any option:

  • Dissolve them in order to show the beauty of their hair. It is ideal for women who want to create a romantic image.
  • Gather strands into a ponytail.
  • Make a beautiful bundle of hair, using a roller.

A bundle of long hair

Long hair - is the pride of every girl, butnot so easy to cope with them. Always try to do your own hair for a couple of weeks before the celebrations looked different stepping pilings. This is necessary in order to able to choose the ideal, to determine the amount of time required to perform the hair, or to remain able to find a specialist, if after several attempts at creating a masterpiece not succeed.

Options for wedding hairstyles for long hair

Wedding hairstyle based on the cauda equina

Owners of luxury hair should payConsider the example of incremental implementation wedding hairstyles based on the horse's tail. For its creation, advance purchase or find at home the following materials:

  • comb;
  • studs;
  • stealth;
  • small gum;
  • strong fixation nail.

Stepping hairstyles:

  1. On the parietal area of ​​the triangle should be allocated. These kill the hair, not to interfere with, the rest gather in a ponytail, which needs to be fixed with a few invisible and gum.
    We share the hair, tying the tail
  2. The hair in the parietal area spikelet braid to the side. povytyagivayte slightly thin strands to create a more voluminous tresses.
  3. KOLOSOK fold in half and secure with pins.
  4. The tail divide into 3 equal parts, each of which must be divided again by 2. Braid pigtails, secure them with rubber bands. Total should get 6 braids.
  5. Pull them as "accordion", invisible and secure pins.
  6. In the resulting beam spread strand to become lush hair.
  7. Secure all good varnish strong fixation.
  8. Attach the veil with the help of hairpins.

Laying on the basis of the cauda equina

The Greek style with a tiara

The popularity of Greek-style hairstyle activelyIt is growing in recent years. This option is perfect to create a gentle romantic image of the bride, and will go perfectly with the Greek or dress in the Empire style. There are many variations in the Greek styling, consider stepping high hairstyle with tiara and braids. To create a need:

  • comb;
  • small gum;
  • studs;
  • stealth;
  • strong fixation nail;
  • diadem.

Stepping wedding hairstyles:

  1. Comb your hair and take a smooth parting from the forehead to the crown.
  2. Separate left a thin strand, divided into three parts and begin to weave braid, throwing the strands to the center.
    We share the hair begin to weave braids
  3. As weaving thin strands connect with one hand.
  4. It is important to delay the braid backwards and upwards. Fix the finished braid band.
  5. Weave a similar pattern braid on the right side. It is important to follow the symmetry.
  6. By analogy another weave pigtail 1 on each side of the first top. You must adhere to the same tension braids, strands, their symmetry.
    Scourge pigtails
  7. The remaining curl curling curls. Start standing with the back of the head, and move up. To fix the curls need to use lacquer.
  8. Stranded lift locks on both sides and secure with pins or invisible.
    Frizz hair, pin up their sides
  9. Pigtails freely pull up and fix invisible, hiding under the tails strands.
    Pigtails teasing: hairstyle ready
  10. Decorate the hair tiara.

Splayed curls

Bride with luxury long hair perfectlysuitable hairstyle with loose, slightly curled ringlets. This option is always in fashion design, it looks stylish. To create curls need a curling iron, hair iron or curlers. The larger the diameter of the rollers, the rounder curls are obtained; do not choose small, so the result is not turned "lamb." Consider a step by step creation of luxurious curls using a curling iron and ironing. Necessary accessories:

  • comb for hair;
  • curling iron / hair iron;
  • nail fixation;
  • foam, gel.

Step curling curls:

  1. Wash and dry your hair. To hairstyle was kept, and the curls are not untwisted, you should definitely use foam or gel, and at the end with lacquer.
  2. Horizontal parting separate the top part of the hair, and kill them. Winding strands need to start from the bottom, slowly moving to the top.
    We share the hair begin to perm
  3. By spiral screw the lock on the curling, moving from bottom to top. Better to take a smaller curls, then they are heated evenly and beautifully curled. Keep stranded strand of about 20-30 seconds.
    Screw locks
  4. In this way, screw the whole hair. Secure varnish.
    Curly locks gather in hairstyle

Step by step creation of curls using the ironing:

  1. Before creating a wedding hairstyle, wash and dry the hair.
  2. Thin strands screwed into the finger and fix the roots using stealth or clip. According to this principle all the hair curl.
  3. Ironing press down each curl to strand was completely jammed.
  4. Fan the locks, tighten up the ends if necessary.
  5. Secure varnish.
    Create curls utjuzhkom

Phased implementation of hairstyles for medium hair

Medium length hair is ideal forwedding hairstyles. With them easier to handle than the long and stacking options is much more than for short. For medium-length is perfect beam, shell, bow, Greek style with a ribbon. To choose the ideal variant of registration of hair have to try different variations.

Options hairstyles for medium length hair

Bow of Hair

Originally looked at the wedding hairstyle as laid in the hair bow. Decorate her help fresh flowers or a beautiful hairpin. To create a need:

  • utyuzhok;
  • comb;
  • hairpins, invisible;
  • lacquer.

Stepping bow:

  1. The hair collected in a ponytail at the crown.
  2. Bang separate, secure grip.
  3. From the tail to make a loop, tying an elastic band in the hair tone. The end of the tail should be left at the front.
  4. Loop divided into two equal halves and dissolve in hand, pressed to the head.
  5. The remaining tail throw midway through the "bow" and stab behind invisible.
  6. Decorate with a bow if desired, attach the veil by means of pins.

Stepping bow hairstyle

With wicker and flowers

To create stylish hairstyles for weddingmedium hair weaving good fit: braids in different styles, techniques of execution. Popular classic French braid, air, fish tail, openwork braid, French Falls. To create the hairstyles based on weaving not require a lot of effort and skills. To give a festive look to the spit, as decorative ornaments can use fresh flowers, for example, the same as those included in the bouquet.

Stepping French braids:

  1. At the top of the head to separate the upper part of the hair braiding braids, divided into 3 equal parts. The right to put a lock on top of the middle and the left on top of the other two.
  2. Put all the strands in the left hand, to share them with your fingers.
  3. A small portion of the hair to separate the right side of the braid and add to the strands. Move it all to the left.
  4. Central lock shift to the right. Care should be taken, so that the strands are not mixed and not messed up.
    We begin to weave a French braid
  5. On the left side separate the thin strand and to attach to the queue. Move to the right and the middle part of the left.
  6. By the same principle doplesti scythe through.
    Procedure of the French braid and the result
  7. Wedding French braid ready. On request, decorate it with flowers, pins, attach the invisible veil.

Wedding styling with a French plait

How to make hair with his hands on short hair?

Brides with short hair is to focuson ornaments in her hair, because they are able to emphasize the style of the selected image. Such decorations are not necessarily perfectly combined with all the elements of the image - make-up, dress, veil. Excellent choice of hairstyles for short hair to the wedding can become characters in a retro style, hairstyle bob, "mischievous" hairstyle. In order to keep the shape of laying, it is necessary to use the funds to fix - a gel, lacquer, foam.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Retro wave

In short fine hair will look hairstyle "waves in a retro style." To do it, it is important to be patient and follow the steps below. You will need:

  • comb (comb or small);
  • means of fixation (foam, varnish);
  • in some cases, - special clamps.

Stepping retro waves:

  1. Divide the hair side parting, put the retaining means on the portion with which the work begins. Well comb.
  2. The index finger of the left hand put on the hair at a distance of 5-6 cm from the root.
  3. Set the comb teeth in the direction of the head at a distance of 2 cm from the pin. Form a wave by lifting hair up comb.
  4. The middle finger of the left hand put in place the index and the last move over the combs, forming a ridge. Comb move another 2 cm below.
    Performing laying retro wave
  5. The index finger is again passed on to the comb, the average leave in its place. Between the fingers formed the crest 2 and 1 recess.
  6. By analogy, do well on the other side. It is important to blow symmetrical. Wedding hair in retro style is ready.

Retro waves for wedding

Naughty careless laying

To create an image of a mischievous girl shorthair will suit perfectly. This hairstyle will look stylish, fashionable, and the bride will be satisfied with their appearance. For laying need a little: a comb, curling iron, for fixing means 2 small hairpins, optional - diadem. Before creating hairstyles need to thoroughly wash and dry your hair, apply a foam or gel.

Step by step instructions perform installation:

  1. Since the back of the head, screw the hair with the tips of the forceps out. Do this with all the hair.
  2. Bangs and curls at the temples flagella twist and lock pins on the parietal zone.
  3. Decorate the hair tiara, veil attach.

Careless wedding hair styling

Step by step video to implement wedding hairstyles

To learn how to create beautiful, stylish hairstyle and self make it to your wedding, take a long time to train, learning step by step instructions and master classes.

Workshop on the implementation of haircuts in the style of the 60's

Retro style back in fashion. Often, it is chosen for parties, meetings and even weddings. When making a triumph in the style of the 60's it is important to take care of according to the image of the bride's chosen theme. It will help to make this retro wedding dress, makeup and hair arrow. After watching the video below, you can learn how to do her hair in the style of the 60s. Laying suitable for both long and short hair:

Hairstyle "Gibson" with his own hands

Beautiful hair - beam "Gibson" usespopular and often used as a wedding styling. The beam will help to create a gentle, romantic, feminine look. The undoubted advantage of this hairstyle is the ability to create it yourself at home without the presence of special skills and special accessories or assistance. To ensure ease of execution hairstyles, watch the video with detailed step by step instructions and try to do it with his own hands:

Photos stylish hairstyles for a wedding with a bang and without

No matter what the length of your hair - to the waist orjust take out the shoulders, straight, or with lots of curls, obedient or not, with or without bangs. For each type, you can select the appropriate option, and look on the day of the wedding celebration just great. Below are examples of popular, elegant hairstyles for brides, looking at that, you can pick up something for yourself.

Boxes with a bang

Fashionable styling in the Greek style

Hairstyles with hair pin

Laying a perm