Modern wedding hairstyle - photo

His image of a wedding bride thinks updetail long before the wedding day. Particular attention she pays choosing a wedding dress, shoes and accessories. A final touch in the image of the bride will be the festive styling. What are the modern wedding hairstyles? What to consider when choosing a bride of a hair styling for the wedding?

Variants of modern hairstyles for wedding

Modern wedding styling brides shouldchoose, taking into account the style of wedding dress. If you have a dress with a neckline, then it will blend in perfectly strands in a bun or loose curls. Closed modern styles of wedding dresses will go perfectly with raised hair and beautiful wicker, flowers.

The wedding fashion naturalness - this datetrend. In this regard, stylists recommend to adhere to the naturalness in creating modern festive hairstyle. Fashionable considered naturally and freely arranged long tresses. Some of them are harvested and slaughtered flowers on spikes or barrette. Remain relevant for modern high bridal hairstyles and retro. In a fashion styling is simple and concise, but the Greek and French braids (for example, "fish tail") are still at the peak of popularity in the modern wedding fashion.

Volumetric beam

A popular option for modern stylingBride is surround beam. It can be done in the style of 60's or supplement beam braids, plaits, well fixed smooth curls with flowers. When the beam can be used to make the image of the bride modest, but elegant. This wedding styling is stable, it does not ruffle, not fall apart at the celebration under any circumstances. To get a beautiful modern voluminous hair, use a consignment note hairpiece that to mask decorated with braids and silk ribbons.

Lush beam is ideal for retro dressbut it is also considered a versatile addition to any type of dress, make-up and appearance of the bride. Beautiful Body hair in the form of collected hair will look with clothes, which opened back. If the volume styling has many additional elements, then it is better to combine with elegant dresses. Original and feminine looks lush low beam, accessories decorated with pearls, rhinestones and veil. Options pilings with a beam of voluminous:

  • Classical. To create a special roller is used, false locks.
  • Ballet. The beam in this case is complemented by a strand or braid snake around its foundation.
  • With weaving. The switches can twist beam or on the same side of the head.
  • Careless. From curls beam was particularly impressive.
  • Snail or shell. Original hairstyle in form of a spiral approach to the modern wedding dress or a short dress style Empire.
  • With curls. Curly and decorated harness locks will give the bride a sophisticated and feminine image.
  • Smooth. Beautiful modern chiseled styling will impress all guests with its perfect view.
  • Twisted. The strands in the form of twisted together in a bundle that looks impressive and stylish.

Volumetric beam on the bride's head

Flowing tresses with nap

Wedding contemporary styling with fleece especiallyrelevant, besides, they are ideal for women with round faces. Long, flowing curls larger, combined with fleece on the top at the same time help create a discreet and romantic image of the modern bride. The bride with the shape of the hair will look luxurious and aristocratic. Make wedding hairstyle bride with fleece easily yourself. To do this, you must adhere to the following scheme:

  1. A lock of his forehead combed back.
  2. One wide top and two side locks temporal remove.
  3. On the vacated seat cushion put. On top of him drop the top strand, and the sides of his close temporal strands. The volume can be created without the use of the roller, only by means of fleece. To do this, on top of several separate the strands. They tease and give them a form of flagella, which are laid with a body and fix. On the resulting hill laid with top and side locks that hold the clamps. The result is the volume of hair section.
  4. Flowing strands wound on the tongs or curlers.
  5. At the bottom of the front bouffant hairstyle decorate a tiara or other suitable accessory.

Flowing curls with fleece on marriage

Cascading waterfall

Modern hairstyle French waterfall approachto create a gentle and romantic image of the bride. It can be done by yourself, because it is simple to perform. As a result, you get an elegant wedding styling, suitable for ceremonial events. On the basis of weaving braids cascading make beautiful hairstyle for newlyweds. An original way bed strands create the impression of a flowing waterfall. Beautiful wedding cascading tresses look at Streaked hair, which favorably emphasize her hair and give it an unusual color.

Wedding contemporary French styling Falls

Light curls laid on its side

With modest dress style and a minimum of accessorieswill combine excellent light hair, arranged on one side. The image of a bride with a modern hairstyle will find a special tenderness and femininity. Wedding dress with an open back, shoulders, combined with ringlets on the side emphasize the beauty of naked body parts. To create the hairstyles do curls with a curling, curling irons, or curlers. Then comb curls comb with a few teeth, is sprayed with lacquer. Then make out the curls to one side using fixing hairpins, barrettes or invisible.

Modern bride with curls on the side

Kos in the Greek style

The leading place among the hairstyles for bridesIt takes Greek Spit. It is perfectly emphasize sophistication and romantic image of the bride. Modern spit in the Greek style combines perfectly with any wedding dress and accessories. The original weave style beauties of ancient Greece profitable emphasize the beauty of the cheeks, neck, shoulders, face, arms, chest. The main features of the Greek wedding streamers are clear parting, tight curls, a kind of braided hair. Hairstyles in this style are numerous:

  • Tightly braided Greek Spit.
  • Free weaving, wherein the abundance of vybivshihsya spit curls.
  • Beautifully laid tight curls around the rim.
  • Asymmetrically located Spit, which is made on one shoulder bride.
  • Spit in the form of a crown.

Greek braids to create a modern image of the bride

Hairstyle in form of a bow made of hair

For extravagant modern brides excellentoption would be wedding styling the strands in the form of a bow. Unusual hairstyle will emphasize the originality of the girl. Bow of hair can make small size as a supplement to the basic hair or to create it using all the locks. The amount of bow of strands depends on the thickness of hair.

If you have fine hair it is possible touse artificial strands to create extravagant styling. Charming modern haircut in the form of a high bow will make the bride childishly sweet and naive. This image perfectly complement the bride short wedding dress. Decorate wedding hairstyle can be a clip attached at its base.

Hairpin with pearls or rhinestones at the center of a bowor a bright invisible side will give the hair a special beauty. Decorating this original hairstyle optional, because it is itself too bright and unusual. If you plan to wear a veil, it is better to attach a high bow. But you can drop this item in the image of the bride. If the bow of the strands - a small addition to the hair, it will blend in perfectly with any outfit the bride.

Wedding hairstyle in the form of a bow

Photos modern wedding hairstyles 2016

Choosing the type of modern styling for weddingBride responsible decision. It should take into account the following three factors: the shape of the face, the girl preferences, style of dress. Modern Bridal hairstyles are so diverse that every bride is sure to be able to find among them a version for the wedding. A hat with a veil, a feather, a living flower, tiara can give your hair a beautiful view of the bride. A few useful tips to help avoid mistakes when creating your image:

  • Dark hair girl make over, so in this case it is better to choose the styling with an open face, without a bang.
  • Curls look impressive on light hair when they are thick and long.
  • Wicker looks bright light strands, and dark braids "lost."
  • Voluminous hairstyles are not recommended for high lady. They no longer will to face flowing curls.
  • Chubby brides perfect big curls fit.
  • Long nose will be less visual, combined with lush hair and bangs volume and a decrease will help with hair brushed back strands that are raised high above the forehead.

Trendy hairstyles for brides