How to choose a hairstyle for the wedding

The question is, how to choose a hairstyle for the wedding,care about each bride. From this choice will depend on the whole image of the bride. Weight stylists and barbers offer their services, but every girl aspires to recreate their ideal picture of the bride's appearance. For this reason, the future bride and groom spend countless hours searching for that same installation. However, choosing it is necessary to consider not only their own preferences, and such details as dress style, hair color, face shape, and even wedding season.

What to consider when choosing hairstyles for the wedding?

To create a harmonious image of the bride,to work hard over the choice of not only the clothes and accessories, but also to find a hairstyle that meets a number of requirements, which many brides forget. What to choose - a tight bun, Hollywood curls with a veil, romantic braids or weave a Greek diadem? To decide this question will allow the analysis of the following factors.

bride growth

According to stylists, the most difficult to pickhair brides low or high growth. Tall girl should pay attention to packing with medium length hair. They should avoid lush packings, high hair and options with long flowing hair. Petite girls stylists offer opt for the laying of average volume, they fit loose or poluraspuschennye hair. Do not give up, and from the elegant curls. But from the short haircuts and smooth pilings have to abstain - they will reduce the already low growth.

Wedding hairstyles for different heights

Most brides are lucky average growth. They can afford almost any hairstyle and accessories to it. They fit flowing locks and high stacking. Experts recommend to pay attention to all sorts of bundles that open neck, visually increasing the height of the bride. Brides of this type is necessary to pay attention to the other individual characteristics - body, color.

face shape

Choosing a hairstyle, brides should payattention to the shape of your face. Round oval allows doing high, asymmetrical styling with curls. Owners of an elongated face fit wavy strands, gently flowing over her shoulders and bangs. To form a triangle (narrow at the top, wide bottom) stylists advise multilayer stacking.

Hairstyles for brides face shape

At the "inverted triangle" type of person (in the narrowthe lower part, wide at the top), you should pay attention to the hairstyle with volume in the neck or loose hair of medium length. Square Type allows poluraspuschennye hair with loose curls flowing over her shoulders. To pick up the oval styling easiest. So brides fit lush fleece, elegant Babette, openwork weaving or classic curls.

Hair color

Depending on the colors chosen not only thehairstyles and jewelry to him. Blonde brides fit intricate styling with small curls, long bangs, braided plaits different, decorated with any miniature accessories. Blondes do not get involved with small shiny ornaments, they can get lost on the general background. Precautions girl with blond hair, use ribbon, flowers and hair clips. Regarding the veil, that blondes can use any model accordingly.

Wedding hairstyles for blondes

Bride with dark hair is recommendedpay attention to the styling with crisp, large elements. The ideal choice would be smooth beams retro wave or braiding. If the bride prefers undulating models, they need to be large and bulky. As brunettes jewelry accessories fit any bright colors, flowers, veils, ribbons, barrettes and veil.

Hairstyles for a wedding for red-haired girl

Most lucky red-haired brides. And without that bright hair does not require special research. They advise a simple no-frills styling: Greek tail with beautiful ribbon, romantic curls with the effect of "wet hair". On the red strands look good small details and a short white veil. Profitably set off the beauty of the golden curls fresh flowers. In this case, the plants to decorate the head may overlap or coincide in the shade with a bouquet of the bride. However, the red-haired brides have to abandon the silver jewelry.

Wedding Dress

Choosing a hairstyle should be considered especiallyBride dress: dress style, his style, the fabric of which is sewn outfit. With horizontal silhouette apparel, which have curvy models, styling must also be a large volume parts. Suit greased back hair or heavy curls. Vertical silhouette, embodied in a sheath dress, mermaids, allows flowing curls, braids, smooth styling.

Hairstyles for a wedding dress

For an elegant dress classic stylestylists recommend exquisite, complex, with lots of elements, styling. For dress-suit sundress "spit from the waist up," with a crown of flowers, smooth Babette decorated with ribbons or hair with the effect of the alleged carelessly flowing hair. When choosing accessories, you should take into account the fabric from which sewed the wedding dress.

Satin and silk gowns allow the presence ofsparkling rhinestones on pins and smooth strands. The dress made of natural fabrics such as cotton or linen, not combined with sequins and sparkling ornaments. For them, better to leave the hair without accessories or decorate them with fresh flowers when the season permits. In any case, the dress and hairstyle should complement each other and be one harmonious whole.

The time of year and weather

Choosing a hairstyle to the celebration, should be consideredAnother important factor - the time of year. If the wedding is in the spring or autumn, the tolerance of bad weather - rain, wind. It is necessary to abandon the bulky, loosely latched pilings and flowing hair. For a summer wedding would be appropriate natural hairstyle with the minimum number of clamps, several accessories for completeness wedding image. Decorate the bride's head is a beautiful wreath of fresh or artificial flowers and berries.

Hairstyles for a wedding at the time of the year

High laying suitable for a winter wedding,neck opening. This is due to the fact that the bride will throw a cape over his shoulders and a fur coat. From flowing hair in the winter should be abandoned. The ideal option is a high or low beam. It can be smooth or slightly disheveled. As an accessory use the tiara, white ribbon, veil. Perfect for winter and all kinds of braids and weaving. This may be French braids, decorated with shiny accessories and arranged in a pony or Greek weave with a lot of elements.

Video: how to choose a wedding hairstyle bride

Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding,in which a special place belongs to the creation of the ideal image of the bride, while every detail is important. A special place in this list is hairstyle. Without it, it is impossible to create a harmonious image of the bride. What will it be - high Babette smooth, flowing hair, braids or Greek tiered complex styling with lots of sparkling accessories, choose easy. Decide with the decision of this question will help advice of a professional stylist, with whom you can be found by looking video clip.

Photo of well-chosen hairstyles for wedding

Wedding hairstyle can be done in a completelydifferent style directions - or classic with a veil, ribbons, decorated with pearls, flowers, sequins, or ultra-modern styling. Wedding styling made not only on luxurious long hair, but also on short manicured obtained very beautiful. View options for successful hairstyles for brides offer in our photo collection.

Photo of successful wedding hairstyles