Bride Hairstyle for short hair

wedding ceremony providesa lot of trouble for the newly-made bride. Selecting the appropriate image is not the last place in the organization of the wedding and hairstyle plays an important role in the way future wife. Owners of short hair very lucky, because they have a large selection of elegant wedding pilings. Wedding hairstyles for short hair should be in harmony with the dress. What kind of hairstyle to choose the bride for the wedding?

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Keep in mind that short hair is completelyIt exposes the neck and shoulders of the bride. Any hairdresser will tell you that unadorned styling get boring, so you should take care not only about selecting a suitable hairstyle, but also about the accessories that will complement it. Consider what styling approach depending on the decorations you.

With a tiara

Diadem allows the bride to feelreal princess. In addition, thanks to this enhancement is possible to experiment. Wedding hairstyle with tiara on short hair is to create a romantic image for the wedding ceremony. It should be curled curvy locks, secure the tiara, and you will look spectacular at the ceremony. If desired, the curled hair can be fixed on the top of the clamp, only then decorate diadem head.

Hair adorned with a diadem, it is desirable to decorate with sequins and beads. Then you definitely impress the guests. The image will not only romantic, but also the original.

Bridal hairstyles with tiara and flowers

With flowers

Current trends suggest decorationpryadok artificial or real flowers. But first, you should decide which installation will be perfectly combined with flowers. So, the girls haircut "square" styling approach, in which the locks are placed on one side. For it is well kept, use nail fixation. The second option - light curls, which are created by using large-diameter rollers.

To decorate the strands are used as artificial,and fresh flowers. If you want to use artificial flowers, choose decorations that mimic the decorative flowers - hair clips, rubber bands, hoops. Also, fresh flowers are used to decorate the hair, among which are the roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, lilies of the valley. It is important that the flowers in harmony with the dress, the bride's bouquet.

From rim

Wedding hairstyles with short hair on the rim,They do not lose their relevance now that season in a row. The decorative bezel is a perfect solution if you are going to do a Greek hairstyle. Also, without this accessory can not do when creating high pilings, beams, bouffant. The rim well supported collected strands, it adds to the image of zest. Choose decoration delicate pastel shades that would be appropriate at a wedding.

Without the veil

Each year the popularity of veils as accessorydecreases, because in its place come other decorations: veils, hats, headbands, tiaras. While many brides give up any accessories for the head in favor of fashionable styling. Hair Bride without veils in the case of a short hairstyle should emphasize the delicate facial features, open neck, the shoulders of the bride.

Wedding hair ornaments

Consider what styling will look good without veils with other accessories:

  • Classical - provides a flat, smooth, unadorned styling accessories. For its creation, use the hair iron, styling gel fixation.
  • Voluminous curls of short strands lookmuch more spectacular than from long strands. Using a flat comb make parting and curl hair curling. Curls is desirable to decorate with beads and sequins.
  • Shaggy hide subtlety and tenderness of the haircover. To create, divide hair into two horizontal parting. Upper parting nacheshite inside, lock the resulting beam lacquer and pins.

As we can see, the use of a veil is not necessarily. If you wish to be able to do without it and create a chic way.

Hairstyle for a very short hair

Owners of a short hairstyle is not necessaryworry about hairstyles, because if locks nicely put, you get an elegant look. Using curling irons to create waves of light: it put on the hair mousse, take a curling iron with a thick head, and in turn twist the strands. Sprinkle the resulting styling varnish. It is also a popular trend is "the effect of wet hair": this installation is optimal for very short hair.

Photography: Hairstyles for bride on short hair

Cara with a veil

If you have four of a kind, consider the order tocomplement their way of veil. This accessory adds a bride charm and mystery. A straight line of squares accentuate the beautiful features. Wedding hairstyles with veil for short hair made using curling irons, nail polish. Curling strands align along the entire length from root to tip. Sprinkle laying resistant varnish that hair does not lose shape. The veil should be fixed on the top pins and hairpins, invisible.

With a bang

Because of rather short haircut with bangs failsexperiment in creating hairstyles for brides, but much depends on the length of the bangs. So, if it's not growing back, and completely covers the forehead, it should align utjuzhkom and fix varnish to avoid disheveled. If the fringe takes approximately 2/3 of the face, then a good option would be to create the curls out of her lungs. Also because of the long bangs comfortable doing bulk fleece, which will attract the attention of others.

Without bangs

Hairstyles without bangs are considered morepreferred for wedding ceremony, because they do not cover the bride's forehead. Therefore, facial features seem fresh, and the bride herself this hairstyle makes it more youthful. In addition, the absence of the Bang does not create restrictions on the choice of hairstyle for the bride. If you do not have bangs, you fit voluminous curls, braids laced, high stacking - whatever your heart desires! Decorate the resulting hair rhinestones, beads, ribbons.

Short haircuts with long bangs for the bride

Long bangs combined with short strandsIt creates a truly magnificent way. These hairstyles are suitable for almost all types of persons. Therefore, if you think hard to cut your hair before the wedding, we offer you a pleasant short hair with long bangs for the bride:

  • "Bean": for wedding styling most preferably layered bob cut, which provides a lot of "ragged" strands. Then the short strands will be able to do anything - be curled, straightened, make a pony.
  • Cara is perfectly combined with a long fringe. Especially this hairstyle suits brunettes with brown eyes. Careful square is ideal for creating a lush, voluminous curls. Also considered successful laying straightened strands decorated with various decorative elements.

Rack for wedding
  • "Pixie" refers to the category of extremely shorthaircuts. This hairstyle is suitable for curling strands into small curls or light waves. Also, the "Pixie" is perfectly combined with accessories - veils, veil, tiara and other.

With short hair you will look irresistible on all wedding photos and video, and your friends will be envious of the magnificent image.

Beautiful styling options for short hair

Wedding hairstyles for brides charmingshort hair should match the chosen image. There are many varieties of festive hairstyle for the bride, the bride will be so many to choose from. Consider suitable for wedding styling and steps to create them.

Watch the video, which shows the different types of hairstyles for short hair:

Retro style

Short haircuts are ideally suited forcreating a retro hairstyles. "Shell" has become fashionable in the 60-ies of the last century, but it is still popular among owners of long hair, and among shorthair girls. How to make a "seashells" prompt following instructions:

  1. Zacheshite hair back, leaving two strands along the right and left sides.
  2. Rub in the hair mousse for hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Divide hair into a horizontal parting.
  3. On the inner side of the upper part of the hair, do bouffant with a flat comb. Get a small "hump", which is necessary to fix a beautiful clasp in the neck.
  4. Spray hair spray, strong fixation.

Retro style is desirable to complement the beautiful flower or the delicate veil, then the bride will look not only romantic, but also stylish.

You want to create a "Shells" with his own hands? See the next master class, which is a step by step guide to the retro hairstyle:

Greek haircut

Greek-style hairstyle successfully carried outnot long strands. It is appropriate to look on the occasion of the wedding ceremony. You must select a cute border for such hairstyles - and memorable image is provided to you!

Consider a step by step guide to the Greek haircut for short hair:

  1. Carefully comb the hair, dividing them into parting. Put on a prepared ring.
  2. Then curl your hair, lying beyond the rim. To do this, use curlers with a diameter of not less than 4 cm. These result in large curls, but the front part of the head is covered with smooth hair.
  3. To blow not broke, use strong fixing means, and the rim attach pins.

Greek haircut - is a great way to emphasize the brightness and elegance of the shoulders and neck.

With false hair

During his wedding want to feellike a princess, but short hair sometimes prevents this. Then come to the aid of false hair, which are able to "extend" your hair. Their color should be chosen appropriate to their locks, otherwise the hair will look ridiculous. Also, a bride with short hair hairpieces are used: they are designed to give the amount of the missing strands, for example, when creating a fleece or "Shells".

Video tutorial: Beautiful wedding hairstyle for short hair with his hands

Photos hairstyles for short hair with a veil

Fata medium length

Fata veil for the bride

Veil on the hair bundle

Wedding hairstyles for short hair brideselected quickly, if you study the fashion trends and become familiar with a variety of hairstyles for the bride. It is no secret that well-chosen styling creates a good image of the wedding and give a good mood!

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