White wedding shoes

Wedding - is not only the happiest, but alsotroublesome time in every girl's life. We need so many things to do: find a cafe or restaurant, make a guest list and send invitations to all, to choose the outfit and do not forget about the shoes. And the last detail - plays an important role, especially in the cold season. If it's winter, the perfect alternative to the shoes will be stylish shoes for the wedding. If you choose, pay attention not only on their beauty, but also functionality.

What white boots is better to choose for your wedding?

If the celebration is held in the cold season,the ideal option would be white boots. Delicate, subtle bride looks original and effectively in conjunction with the shoes. Due to the large range of models of boots, every bride will be able to easily create sophisticated elegant, elegant and at the same time a creative way. It can be long or short boots, leather, fishnet, high heels, on a stable heel or flat shoes. Pick up shoes for your wedding style, dress and personal taste.

The perfect boots for a winter wedding

Classic boots in Victorian style

Marriage in Victorian style - this decorbanquet hall in pastel shades, diluted with bright accents (gold, blue, red). Dress the young, it is desirable to sew to order, and to complement the image pick jewelry massive, heavy strands of pearls. Invitations better to write on old postcards beautiful calligraphic handwriting. Bridal bouquet should consist of roses, allowed additions of nezabudok and pions. The image of a young perfectly complement the classic white Victorian-style boots without laces and a small, comfortable heel (no torment!).

White boots in Victorian style

Ankle heels

Not only traditional but also a solemnoption of wedding boots - this exquisite boots on the thin stiletto. These shoes every day is becoming more popular among brides, which is not surprising, because it has many advantages:

  • boots are versatile - ideally combined with a lush, long or short dress;
  • these boots really exclusive;
  • they are very comfortable, and thanks to a stable sole, you will feel comfortable all day long, even while dancing;
  • These boots are appropriate in almost any weather, at different seasons of the year.

If you want to create a natural andat the same time original, feminine, sophisticated image, then clearly you need to choose the white boots. The designers have created a truly unique model of boots, which can reliably protect the bride's feet from the elements. But even after the celebration they can safely wear, they are perfectly combined with a wedding dress and white fur.

To look irresistible and shine in the photo,Stop the choice to lacquer variant of boots that stand out not only because of its material and texture. Giving preference to the white boots, you'll feel like a queen, and spend the whole day in a comfortable shoe. Very interesting look boots with champagne hue.

White boots for wedding

Hessian boots

The original, but very nice option forbride - the white boots boots for the wedding. As strange as it may seem, this model becomes more tender thanks white. If you chose the short dress with a long train, then boots, boots - perfect shoes. They will protect in bad weather, enhance the beauty of shapely legs, and perfectly complement the gentle image of the bride.

White boots for wedding

Bootees grid without spikes

The natural choice of many brides - elegant,modern, stylish and original boots without a heel. This model is perfect for a wedding, especially if the bride is planning to spend all day in boots, not shoes pereobuvayas to another. This option does not heel, but it does not put the image of the bride to be refined, feminine.

Walk down the street can become a mandatory part ofyour wedding, because you still have to go to the registrar of the photo shoot, and then to the restaurant. If you do not want a few hours to suffer from severe pain after an uncomfortable high heel shoes, it is worth to stop the choice on wedding boots with mesh and without a heel, perfect for summer or spring celebrations. This shoe you can wear long after the wedding and reminisce about the happy day.

White boots mesh for wedding

Lacy lace

Modern brides often wonderwhether to choose a wedding white lace boots with laces, because apparently they are more like underwear, so they can look vulgar. But this model of shoe is combined with a short flirty dress or outfit, made in Spanish style (short dress, having gorgeous long train). If you opted for a long dress, lace the boots of these should be abandoned, because they not only will not be visible, but under the skirt you can feel not so comfortable.

These shoes fit for a summer wedding, and notIt worries that it will be very hot boots. They are made of a special, well-ventilated material. This model of shoes can be any length above the knee to mid-calf. Particular attention should be given to selecting the boot of their color, they must comply fully with shade dresses. Recently popular game of contrasts - a snow-white wedding dress stylists advise to choose shoes of the opposite color. Choosing lace boots, forget about it, otherwise it may turn out not just tasteless and vulgar way.

White lace boots

Pick up the correct size boot - they shouldclose-fitting leg and resemble a second skin. If, however, they would be great as a result of the ankle begins to gather ugly folds, and the whole image will look sloppy. And the boots are too small to cause severe discomfort, and you will regret that they have stopped their choice. Very elegant and stylish looks these shoes with laces, but the most used decorative satin ribbon.

Cowboy boots

If you decide to celebrate the wedding daythe fresh air, the ideal choice of shoes for you to become cowboy boots white. This model has recently become very popular among brides. For its production uses high quality soft leather or suede, and heels are stylish wedge shape. These boots are perfectly combined with a simple, deliberately casual wedding dress, but if you prefer an exquisite outfit, these shoes do not choose.

Photo collection of white winter boots to the wedding