Wedding shoes without heels - photo

Wedding day, the bride is painted on the clock. Makeup, hair, meeting with the groom, the ceremony in a registry office, a photo shoot, banquet, dancing ... It's a busy schedule for each girl walking down the aisle. However, on the day of the wedding the bride should glow with happiness and joy, so buy comfortable shoes for the bride should pay special attention. What to choose - wedding shoes without heels or stilettos? If for you the main thing - convenience and comfort, choose the model on a flat sole.

What are the advantages of wedding shoes without a heel?

Without heel wedding shoes fit girlswho prefer the comfort, ease in all circumstances. They are also indispensable for the brides, whose health condition does not allow a full day to spend in high heels. For example, if you suffer from varicose veins or suffering constant pain in the joints, it is unlikely to want to get married in the model in high heels. bride's pregnancy - a good reason for the selection of comfortable shoes for celebration:

  • Firstly, it is a guarantee of safety.
  • Secondly, comfortable shoes will protect the girl from the discomfort.

There are other reasons to choose a shoe:

  1. In the model with a flat sole are less likely to stumble, fall.
  2. Shoes without spikes indispensable if the bride groom above.
  3. Selecting models flat shoes - is practical. Rarely festive footwear heels worn in daily life after the celebration, it is usually gathering dust in a closet, or sometimes it is put on the other celebrations and parties. But the model without a heel useful bride after the wedding, it will look great with a sundress or other appropriate clothing.

Tips on how to choose the right shoes bride

The correct choice of bridal shoes will help makeimage of the bride's complete and harmonious. When buying it, keep in mind that the size and fullness of the legs to change during the day. In the afternoon, a little foot swells, so at this time it is best to try to buy shoes. So you protect yourself from the purchase of close copies, as well as by unpleasant sensations in the legs during the celebration.

Ballet Shoes for the bride

Try on a pair of shoes on the tights with the samedensity, and stockings that you plan to wear for the wedding. When choosing a model, give preference to a pair of genuine leather. Only the shoes of quality material able to provide comfort for your feet during the celebration. Buy shoes a few weeks before the holiday and every day for 10-15 minutes of their shoes, walking around the house. This will allow them to carry a little before the celebration.

Ease of wedding shoes

wedding day is made up of activitiesthat begin in the morning and go one after another into the night. Bride on the wedding day for almost the whole day to be on his feet, but with a happy smile on his face. Therefore, without a comfortable shoe the bride will be difficult to experience the beauty of the wedding day and store the fond memories of him. Some girls find interesting, practical solution: they acquire once 2 or 3 pairs of different shoes.

Shoes for the bride to go low

If you've always dreamed to wear a wedding dressbeautiful high heels, buy them, and then the first half of the solemn day spend in them. And for the second half of the wedding ceremony of the festive day buy a model without a heel. Then you can change the shoes and with pleasure and comfort to continue its celebration in the comfortable slippers. Also pertinent is the model and with an average heel for dancing.

Be sure to have to buy a few pairsfootwear, if the wedding is scheduled in the winter. For nature walks will be needed warm boots, harmoniously combined with a wedding dress. Modern manufacturers offer white and cream-colored models for brides, in harmony with the clothes. And for the ceremony in a registry office and banquet elegant boats are perfect.


Wedding shoes are choosing a wedding dress. If the dress is decorated with a large number of decorative elements, the shoe is better to choose a more modest style. If you choose shoes with massive ornaments, it will disrupt the harmonious picture of the entire image of the bride. Different styles of shoes in our time would be appropriate for the bride, so every girl will find a model to your own taste. Wedding shoes besides shoes may be sandals, boots, sandals, boots, model or platform heels.

Ballet Suite ivory

To create a harmonious image of the bride is important to take into account the style of wedding dress in the selection of shoes:

  1. Short dress looks spectacular with models heels or ballet flats.
  2. Sandals Lace-up model with an average heel fit under the dress of the Greek silhouette.
  3. Wedding dress with straight brim perfectly with the shuttles.
  4. If you decide to get married in a pantsuit, it will perfectly blend in with the boots.

The general rule is that when fitting dress withselected dress shoes should not get to the floor of 2-3 cm. This is an important condition which is required to comply with when choosing any shoe including high heels and models at a low move. Thus the harmony between beauty and comfort, which is important for the bride of any age and physique.

She marries in ballet flats

Color spectrum

Wedding shoes should be in harmony with the colorwedding dress or differ with him on a 1-2 pitch. When buying shoes in a store, compare it with a sample of the fabric shade their festive attire. Pastel shades and white, ivory and champagne - that's popular palette for wedding shoes. It is also important to choose fashionable and for the triumph of a juicy, bright shoes. It is appropriate at the harmonious combination of colors of shoes with elements of dresses or accessories wedding dress. Effectively will look in one color with a shoe bag, belt, brooch bouquet bride.

Model shoes flat shoes for wedding

If you have firmly decided to walk down the aisle in a model withoutheel, then you need to define its style. It is chosen depending on the wishes of the bride and dress, as well as the time for the celebration. Ballerina pumps with low heels, espadrilles, boots - this option is more convenient and beautiful shoes for celebration. Models with a flat sole - is a guarantee of comfort and convenience on your wedding day.

Ballet shoes

Ballet will give the image of a bride easeRomanticism. They are perfectly combined with a long dress in a floor. In them you will not feel any fatigue from the long walk, either from the incendiary dance. Ballerinas help out if the bride or less the same height with the bride. Also for pregnant Suite they will be comfortable festive shoes. Cute and beautiful ballerina look with rhinestones, satin ribbons, sequins, also interested in such shoes will look decor flower.

Model on average heels for the bride

Classic low-heeled

You are not ready to put on a wedding dress shoesflat shoes, but also on the heels model is also not your choice? Then a compromise solution will be a choice of shoes for a holiday on a low heel (5 cm). In low-heeled foot models will not be tired, so the bride will feel comfortable. These classic shoes are suitable for different styles of dresses, because they look elegant and feminine. They are especially suitable when creating a retro style for the bride.

Espadrilles Suite


Shoes made of light fabric with woven soles givebride feeling of weightlessness. Espadrilles for the bride sewn from lace or satin fabric. They fit perfectly under the lace bride. Also good espadrilles combined with a modest cut of a long dress made of expensive fabrics. If the dress has a medium or short length and style of his extraordinary, this lightweight model can help to complete the original image of the bride.

Boots on the low base of 2016 for a wedding

Wedding boots

Extravagant and bold bride want to createunusual wedding image. To do this, they can choose as footwear under the festive attire original boots. This is especially true for winter weddings. For the cold season to a celebration fit boots made of suede white or cream color. However, the summer sometimes lace, satin boots with elegant brim will go perfectly with a short dress. For the production of the models can be used jacquard and satin. Boots can be made in gold or silver color and have a fashionable shade of beige.

The bride in boots

Photo collection of wedding shoes without a heel in 2016

Interesting rich shoe trends 2016giving the bride a reason to feel comfortable. Classical and modern models in harmony with dresses of different lengths and styles. Looking at the photo shown below, choose the type that suits you and buy shoes, comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Beauty bride - her trump card, so there is no unimportant detail in its image.

Models at a low sole Suite 2016