Wedding shoes with low heels

For every girl's wedding image creationvery exciting, because it is the most long-awaited day when the opportunity to feel like a queen. It is necessary not only to pick a beautiful dress, emphasizing all the profitable advantages of a figure, but also to find a suitable wedding shoes with low heels. Why not on a high? What advantages does shoes for the bride to go low? What rules should be followed when choosing such wedding shoes?

Benefits wedding shoes with low heels

When choosing a wedding dress should be specialattention to accessories - handbag, hairstyle, veil, also can not forget about the shoes. Bride in the shoes have to stay all day, so they should be as comfortable and is ideal in size. If you have decided in favor of the shoes, which have a high heel, it is necessary to pick up even a spare shoes with a small heel or at all without it, to be able to change the shoes and give the legs a little rest.

Wedding shoes on a low course will presentSalvation, and will be useful after the ceremony, when you have to stand for a long time during a photo shoot. In this shoe the foot will feel very comfortable, they are comfortable to dance without feeling even the slightest constraint movements. The most convenient and least elegant option - bridal ballet flats, which are ideally combined with a long dress in a floor.

If you chose the shoes with littleheel, you need to pick it up right height, which may vary between 3 cm (+/- 1 cm), maybe a little more. To the wedding day was not marred by pain in the legs due to a long stay in uncomfortable shoes, you need to select not only beautiful and stylish shoes, but also comfortable.

bride's shoes on a small heel

What are low-heeled shoes should choose for your wedding?

Regardless of the number of fashionable models of shoes forbrides, the final choice depends on the holiday itself will be held in what style. Below we take a closer look at the most running models: closed shoes with a heel, a glass, ballet flats, classic, elegant boats. Choose your shoes those that are most suited to your image. You will be able to choose the shoes to match the dress or play on the contrast. The decoration can be: sequins, delicate lace, artificial flowers, clear or colored rhinestones.

Wedding shoes on a small heel

Closed shoes with a heel-shot of

Shoes that have a heel in the form of wine glasses,They come into fashion and become the most comfortable shoes for the bride - they are elegant, sophisticated and help create a gentle way. Such an element, like a shot of heel, was popular in the distant 60s. If you want to be irresistible to his own wedding, feel comfortable, and at the end of the evening did not suffer from severe pain in the legs, it is necessary to stop the choice on the shoes of the model.

Shoes with a small heel, a glass

Closed ballerina

Most modern brides for holidayceremony prefer to wear jewelery version shoes - dress shoes with high heels. However, there are cases where such footwear is simply inappropriate, and could only come up shoes without a heel. Closed ballerina is worn when:

  • bride pregnant, so it can not go all day on a high heel;
  • growth or groom young prevents wear heels;
  • dress is very lush and short, or done in a sophisticated Greek style;
  • the bride does not like or can not walk in shoes with heels.

No matter what your figure and dress -closed ballet shoes for the wedding will be the ideal option, because they are not subject to fashion and is always very popular among girls. Ballerinas are made of soft leather, thick fabric, satin, have a diverse lineup. Very beautiful and elegant lace look pattern, and shoes decorated with sequins, beads, ribbons, bows. Choose a dress and accessories to get close to him, you can start searching for ballet, which will help create a complete, harmonious way.

Wedding ballet shoes


One of the most popular and sought aftermodels among brides are the pumps. This option is preferred business woman, workers in the office, and it is often used in everyday women's locker room. Boats are always relevant, especially if you are getting married. They are made of various materials - suede, soft leather, latex, lace fabric. Decorated with ribbons, beads or sequins.

Court shoes for wedding

What is the height of the heel would be appropriate at the ceremony?

If shoes or ballet flats go low you do notfit, then choose for your wedding shoes, heel height is not more than 5 cm This is the best option -. these shoes are very comfortable to wear, do not cause rapid fatigue feet, give a sense of comfort. In this shoe you can easily take a day and create a really compelling, feminine, sophisticated image.

Heel shape can be varied -column, brick, cone, wedge, a glass. The last option is the most convenient for brides, because they will be a whole day on their feet, which is very difficult. If the wedding takes place in the winter, this time of year is very important balance of retention and stability of the shoe, so it opted for typesetting heel, column or small wedges whose height should not be more than 5 cm.

Photo collection of shoes to go low with rhinestones