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Selection of wedding dress - a pleasant and challengingthe case for girls. The correct choice of wedding shoes bride depends on good mood for the upcoming celebration. If they are beautiful and comfortable, the perfect complement the outfit, making it an elegant and complete. Wedding shoes with high heels are preferred by many brides because they give the image of greater harmony and femininity. But from a huge range of models is not easy to choose a suitable pair of festive shoes. What to look for when choosing wedding shoes?

What should be the wedding shoes

The future bride tends to be at her weddingcompelling, beautiful and perfect in every way. This will help her properly selected wedding dress. A wedding shoes with high heels make women more feminine gait and confident, add shapes harmony and growth. When choosing a shoe model for celebration, consider the following factors: the shape, height, color, size.

When buying, check the quality of the product. To do this, check the model chosen carefully. It should not be protruding strands, scuffs, dried glue pieces of oblique lines. Be sure to measure the left and right shoe and attach them to each other. Naturally they should be exactly the same length. If the selected model you will feel the unpleasant smell of chemicals, then immediately give up its acquisition. Check the quality of the sole, slightly bending it. In product quality, it will be a little bend in the area of ​​the foot bending.

The shape and height

The higher the heel, the more graceful and spectacularIt will be the silhouette of the bride. Therefore, women often opt for wedding shoes with a high heel. But for an eventful holiday in this shoe will require much effort. To minimize any inconvenience, choose shoes with a high heel stable and comfortable shoe.

Wedding Shoes can be high heelsor have a heel of a square or round shape. When trying on shoes, you feel even a little discomfort, it is better to abstain from buying this model. Do not be fooled, then what inconvenience will disappear. During the fitting model for something a little too tight and seemed slightly uncomfortable strap or heel rise? This is an occasion to look for another product.

Bride shoes a celebration

A truly comfortable model with a high heelwhen fitting felt immediately. In it she will feel comfortable from the first steps taken in the new shoes. If you doubt that soak all day in high heels, you insure and buy two pairs of shoes. One of them must be more convenient one shoe to the second half you could pereobutsya holiday therein. For this purpose, it fits perfectly, for example, a product that has a high platform.

When choosing shoes for a wedding, consider the modeltime of festive events. Shoes with a form of "boat" are ideal bride, if the celebration is planned in autumn or spring. But at other times of the year, going down the aisle, the girls can also safely choose this style of footwear. If the wedding is scheduled for the summer, it will be an excellent choice open shoes with closed-toed or backdrop and beautiful sandals.

When choosing shoes, note that modelsrounded toe makes the foot more petite, and with a sharp bow of the visually extend the foot. If you want the wedding to put on a model with high heels, but in real life rarely wear such shoes, long before the celebration itself buy for everyday wear similar shoes to practice proper gait.

Choosing a model with high heels, considergroom growth and long dresses. The right mix of wedding dress and shoes play a crucial role in creating a harmonious image of the bride. For wedding dress "on the floor", this point is particularly important, because if enough high heels it is carelessly dragged, and if too high, will look out of place short.

The size

To choose comfortable shoes, you should not dobuy shoes in the morning. At this time, the leg is smaller than in the afternoon after an active motor activity. Better to buy shoes in the afternoon, so you can choose a model with the correct size and shape and which will not close after the severe stress during the upcoming holiday.

wedding pumps

It is necessary to give preference to leather shoes,heel and toe that would have some elasticity. But the heel is bound to be hard, so that it is not twisted while walking. This is ensured by the presence in the shoe reinforcement plate, which is a guarantee of a beautiful gait on heels. Buy shoes a few weeks before the celebration, there was a time to get used to them and gently spread it before the wedding.


When choosing shoes to follow the celebrationthe following rule: the model shade should be in harmony with the color of the wedding dress or with other parts of the wedding dress (bag, ribbons, bows, embroidery, flowers). White shoes for the wedding - most of the brides prefer. But as many girls opt for a wedding dress and shoes the color of ivory, champagne or pastel colors. shoes choose a tone darker under a white wedding dress.

Bride shod model Ivor color

Recent trends in wedding fashion allowbrides wear festive attire not only various shades of white, but also to experiment with brighter colors. To select the right shoes take you to the store with a piece of fabric of their wedding dress. This will allow you to understand what color to choose the model to the celebration. Satin uppers well with pearl dress fabric and model of crepe coating will blend in perfectly with the matt shade of a wedding dress.

Which wedding shoes with high heels to choose?

The girl in the wedding day want to be irresistible. Designer shoe models will help to create a unique image of the wedding, but the cost of the author's shoes is not affordable for every bride. However, if you show a little imagination, you can create the most elegant and unique factory model of a pair of shoes. Independently decorated with sequins or lace shoes will look great. But with decorations need to be careful not to overload their wedding attire.

With rhinestones

If the wedding dress is strict, then the shoes arebe more expressive. To decorate your own wedding shoes shiny stones you will need glue and rhinestones. On the net, without decoration factory, shoe surface lay rhinestones with a brush on the glue and corrects the needle. When selecting stones shade guide, for example, wedding color.

decorated with rhinestones product


Lace - a current trend in wedding fashion,so it is used for decoration of shoes for the bride. High-heeled shoes with the decor give the image of a girl romance and tenderness. They will look harmonious with the wedding dress with the elements of guipure. In order to beautify their own shoes lace you have to prepare the glue, fabric, material, scissors.

lace decoration on wedding shoes

Choose lace for decoration such that it eitherexactly match the color of the dress or a little different from it. Determine using centimeters as needed for the application of fabric and cut the desired piece of lace material. Then with a brush, apply glue on shoes and stick to it guipure insertion. These lace wedding shoes will be combined perfectly with the decor of bows.

Classic white

Often the bride's preference for classicalwhite shoes in the form of boats. Such products can be made of leather, suede, brocade, satin. White "classic" approach to almost all shaped wedding dresses. For example, if the white outfit replete with sequins, bows or other decorations, to the harmonious way fit the strict classic footwear. Choosing a model of classical style, you can never go wrong, and you will look elegant.

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