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Every bride wants to look atwedding ceremony is open. Wedding dress, shoes, accessories are chosen long before the celebration. Bride Shoes should be not only beautiful, but comfortable: the whole day, from early morning until late at night the bride will hold on his feet. If you walk in it will be hard, the bride will be constantly on their toes. Models heels look great, but few women can spend on his heels the whole day. Is there an alternative pair of high heels and thin?

Wedding shoes on the platform

Benefits wedding shoes platform

Not all have the beauty and slim figuretall. Low the girls want to look taller and full - slimmer. To make the silhouette slimming bride bought a dress with a tight corset and buy shoes that will add them a few centimeters cherished. But not all women fit models with high heels, some feel insecure on his heels. Other women do not wear heels for physiological reasons: from a long walking legs are swollen, inflamed joint of the big toe.

Wearing a model with a platform to avoidtrouble, experiences associated with wearing high-heeled shoes. These shoes are stable, so the legs, ankles and experience less stress. The probability that they are swollen, suddenly begin to ache, sharply reduced. But there is a confidence in themselves, their abilities: no need to constantly monitor the gait. It is better to put on a comfortable pair of shoes, and confidently move than to fall or slip on the heels of others laugh. Fall brides - a real hit of the wedding photos and video!

bride's shoes with high platform


How to choose the right platform shoes?

Stylists recommend buying wedding shoes instores, where there is a large selection of such products, to be able to buy what you need. Remeasure all the models and choose the right fit. The main thing is what should guide the choice - shoes and other accessories must be combined with the dress of the bride.

Another tip: massive platform (wedge) does not fit well with a tight-fitting dresses narrow, because of this, legs, feet seem unnaturally large. Also it is not in harmony with the dress style "mermaid" - legs look too massive. On the contrary, platform shoes are well suited to the lush temperate dresses and outfits. Shoes for the bride should look festive. If you like the shoes, but they are not dressy, decorate them with beads, sequins, ribbons.

Lifting height of shoes for the bride

Lifting height shoe

By selecting the appropriate model, pay attention tothe rise of the foot. Incorrectly matched pair will cause inconvenience in walking. Most women in Russia rise a foot high, and in countries such as Italy and China, the shape of women's feet are different. Manufacturers of these countries do not take into account the structure of the Russian girls feet and produce shoes with low rise, which very few people fit. This characteristic of shoes should match the instep, or walk it will be uncomfortable.

We take into account the features of the figure

Any thing a woman should lookorganically, emphasizing its beauty, not focusing on the weaknesses of the figure. shoe models with a massive platform, which has a large volume, not fit low and thin girls with fine bone. Volume model is not decorate thin legs. If the same shoes will wear a stocky woman with a curvy shape, such a combination would look harmonious.

The color of the bride's shoes: white or ivory

Color Shine: classic white or ivory?

White - a classic wedding hue. If the girl is going to marry, presents itself in a white dress, is to fulfill his dream and order the outfit and accessories that color. But some brides want an alternative. An excellent option in this case will outfit fashionable color ivory. This shade is familiar fashionistas like ivory. Ivory, as well as white, emphasize the solemnity of the wedding, but will look more elegant and graceful.

As the sellers of bridal shopsdresses and accessories, almost half of the orders made little-known manufacturers, performed in the shade of ivory. As for the dresses from famous designers and firms, four of the five dresses made of cloth ivory. If the bride wants to choose the tone of the original wedding dress, let it be the color of ivory.

Photo shoes ivory color with stones 2016

Bride image: color ivory shoes with stones