Stylish shoes for the wedding for the bride

Every girl that she did not say, in the showerdreams of a beautiful wedding dress lush, gorgeous hairstyle and elegant shoes. How many traditions associated with these attributes - the shoe stealing, buying back from it drinking champagne. So wonderful to feel like Cinderella at the ball close to the beautiful prince. In the fairy tale the whole plot is built around a beautiful pair of crystal shoes. The modern "Cinderella" just want to get into a fairy tale, and therefore wedding shoes for the bride - is the same responsible choice, as well as dress.

Tips for choosing wedding shoes for the bride

The bride - it is always individual. We can only advise and suggest how to correct and easy to pick up shoes. After all, there are many nuances that must be considered when buying:

  • seasonality;
  • height and complexion of the bride;
  • style and length dresses;
  • particular shape of the foot.

But buying choice is only for the mostbride. The holiday from the comfort and beauty of shoes will depend on the mood of the girl: she wants to dance, have fun and enjoy the unique moments of your wedding or have to sit cross-legged agonizing in pain. In the second embodiment, the only thoughts and desires of the bride will be early release from the shackles of tired feet. What to look for when choosing wedding shoes to the holiday was a success?

Ease of wedding shoes

For shoes the main criterion should bea combination of beauty and comfort. After the festive bustle begins early in the morning, and can end after midnight. We need to be constantly on their feet. Be the center of attention all the time, smiling - not an easy task. With comfortable shoes is easier to cope with it, so comfort should accompany the bride all day. Here are a few tips to help you find the right solution:

  • First of all, the purchase should pay attention to the material from which the shoe is made. It is better if it is leather, which gives the leg to breathe.
  • Heel height should be comfortable. Even if you are used to wearing high heels models, better to choose a more stable version of sandals or shoes.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the correct size and completeness of shoes purchased. Do not expect that spacing. This can result in painful trouble.
  • The main focus is the season of your wedding. If it is a cold time of year - your legs will be more comfortable in fishnet boots, hand-picked by the tone of dresses, shoes than in the lungs.

The most ideal option is to secureseveral pairs of shoes for the wedding day. In order during the ceremony the bride was shod in elegant high-heeled shoes, and a walk in the moments of the dance part of the program - in a more comfortable shoes. Therefore, if the budget allows, do not hesitate to purchase a spare pair of wedding shoes or, for example, ballet shoes.

Color spectrum

The new color scheme for the wedding shoes

For years fashion shoes for the brideceased to be perfectly white. Someone has a strict classics, but more often not only the color of shoes, but also has a cream-colored wedding dress pastel shades. Nobody is surprised, if the shoes are one to two shades darker than the dress. Very nice look champagne, ivory, creating a slight accent on the shade. The more daring bride to buy wedding shoes bright saturated colors. The main thing that remained combination with accessories or bouquet.

Trendy color shoes for the bride

The last in 2014 gave way to a fashionable bluecolor in all shades - from pale blue and ultramarine up. This year is continuing this tradition. The current fashionable women have something to choose from this season. Complete harmony and a bright image of the bride shoes come if her friends will be wearing the dress of the same color. This is very unusual, beautiful and memorable wedding accent.

Decorative elements

Options jewelry shoes bride

Wedding shoes of the bride should not lookon a daily basis. Often decoration are silk ribbons, rhinestones, flowers and bows made of fabric. If your dress is embroidered with an abundance of ruffles, lace, embroidery, flowers, the shoes should be more strict style. Buying sandals or boots for the wedding, containing decorative elements, it is important to take into account the length of the dress. To able to boast of such shoes, dress should not be below the ankle. Everywhere the measure is necessary, this also applies to the amount of jewelry.

Heel height

There is an unspoken rule - the shorter the dress,the higher the heel height and slender bride. But if you are not used for a long time to be in such shoes, the day of your wedding - it's not the best time to carry out the experiment. A wide selection of bridal shoes in the retail network helps future bride to choose the perfect combination and preference for an ensemble.

To each a style wedding dress suitappropriate kinds of shoes: ballet shoes with low heels - models for the lush, classic pumps - for severe long dresses to the floor, glamorous pin - for short dresses. However, the basic requirement is that the bride feel comfortable throughout the holiday. The best option - the average height of the heel stable, including wedgies.

What better shoes to wear to a wedding in the winter?

If the wedding takes place in winter, the bride should notcatch a cold in such a memorable day. After all, in addition to a warm place, where it will be fun, will have a lot to be on the street. Why expose yourself to unnecessary tests? It is better to think over all the details and to buy the correct version of the shoe. For example, stylish boots and fishnet boots.

At first glance, you need to combine incongruous -wedding dress and boots or ankle boots. But there is always a way out! This short boots made of suede white and delicate high-heeled boots, almost no different from the shoes, and more insulated version with fur trim for severe frosts. Let it looks like a call to the wedding traditions, but the kind of bride who heroically going to light sandals thin soles slippery on snow or ice, not happy.

Winter shoes for the bride

Photos stylish wedding shoes for the bride

Stylish shoes on the wedding day - one of the most importantstrokes in one harmonious image of the bride. The final choice is yours: You'll be at her wedding in boots, sandals or shoes, high heels or no. The main thing - to feel like a queen on her ball! Looking below the proposed options for models of shoes, you can quickly make the right choice.

Stylish shoes for the bride

Stylish shoes for the bride