Phrases on the sole bridal shoes

Marriage - it is an important and responsible step toevery girl who wants to express their own individuality on this day. This can help in such an interesting and unusual tradition as writing various inscriptions on the soles of shoes bride. The main thing is that they are thematic, that is fully in line with an ongoing feast - the wedding. This is an unusual feature of which will make the image of a young unique and original.

Options for the sole decoration of wedding shoes

This interesting tradition every day becomesmore popular. In ancient times, the bride was taken the shoe, and it was written the name of an unmarried girlfriend (they can be applied more), and then began to wonder which of the girls waiting for marriage soon. Previously, this tradition has been popular in Turkey and Greece, and recently widely used in other countries.

Of particular importance, this custom acquired in the United States andslightly transformed, given Western-style - on the soles of shoes bride applied not only to the names of unmarried girlfriends, but also a variety of suggestions. For example, a friend of the young can write a beautiful poem or the names of newlyweds, applied oath of fidelity loved to live with him all his life, much more.

Possible labels for the soles of shoes bride

Initials or short phrases from rhinestones

To decorate the bride's shoe soles canused a variety of short phrases, which causes not only a girlfriend, but also very young. To create the image was a unique, unrepeatable and original, it is recommended to choose a more creative option. For example, you can lay out the selected phrase (it should be short), or the initials of lovers sequins. Most importantly, their shade is fully consistent with the color of the wedding. This will turn into a beautiful festive shoes souvenir.

Crepe crystals using a special needglue, which you can buy in any store for a manicure. Take a brush, it bears little money handled shoe (only base). Then with tweezers or a special orange stick (used in manicure, the cuticle remover) you need to put the name of the groom, the bride. To create a label lasted until the end of the evening and not worn off, to consolidate the results need to use clear lacquer, which is applied on top of rhinestones.

Decoration soles of shoes bride rhinestones

Drawings or suggestions inflicted marker

This popular tradition has severalinterpretations. First of all, it's a few variations on the theme of the future marriage of young girlfriends. It is believed that following the aisle will leave the one whose name is erased from the first sole. But in some countries it is believed that soon would marry the girl, whose name will remain on the shoe and will be only one. Therefore, the majority of female friends of the bride trying to write his name closer to the heel or the toe of the shoe.

The practice leaves room for creativity. For inscription, wishes or drawings nail polish, paint or marker can be used. Last "tool" is the most popular. In this case, you can apply a lot more text than using varnish (brush leaves thick letters). The main thing that the heel was clean, it can not write.

Supported marker writing on the bride's shoes

Stickers with funny phrases

Wedding shoes - stylish and important elementimage of the bride. In some cases, this is - the main highlight style. Stick the stickers on the sole with interesting, funny phrases. If you use Western-style wedding organization, then you need to choose ready-made stickers, labels which are in English. To begin lay out the inscriptions on some shoes and think for how they will be placed.

Gluing those stickers you need to clean, fullydry the sole to the heel remained clean. The ideal phrase is beautiful oath, and the original of the bride can choose a stylish metal pattern, which will be an engagement ring. Perfect wedding date or initials of lovers with intricate designs. However, in this case it is necessary to book in advance labels.

Stickers on the bride's shoes with interesting inscriptions

Exclusive painting

The most popular is the exclusive list,which can be applied not only on the sole, but also on the shoe itself. The main thing that has remained pure heel, which will create a contrast. In this case, the paint should be used every color and a fine brush. Do you need a list in advance, because you need to give your shoes to dry thoroughly, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain, and the pattern will be erased.

Exclusive painting bride shoes

Photos bridal shoes with the inscription on the bottom

Very nice, original look, not onlythe inscription on the soles of shoes young, but also the wishes or the names of the bridesmaids. You can choose more unusual way of inscription - a small metal box with a wedding date or names of lovers. It must be mounted on a clean, dry sole. The advantages of this method include the fact that the record will last until the end of the evening. If you want to decorate their shoes inscription on the bottom, it is necessary to consider the following options: