Options decorations wedding shoes with rhinestones

Every bride is very well suited to thecreating your wedding image. In the shower the girls always dream of living chic dress, a beautiful hairstyle, unusual shoes. The selection of suitable shoes is also responsible thing as buying a wedding dress. Create a unique image to help glittering wedding shoes with rhinestones. This exclusive piece will highlight your taste, give the appearance of even greater individuality.

Features selection of wedding shoes with rhinestones

A wide choice of models wedding shoe leathercan satisfy even the most demanding requests. You've decided that shoes should be with rhinestones? The main thing is not to hurry in this matter. If you like a certain model of shoes, try it together with the dress. The combination of shoes and clothing selected models should be complete, complement each other. The length of the dress is chosen so that the decorations on the shoes were not only seen, but do not catch the hem.

Do not forget that the shoes look more interesting,if at least one tone lighter than the dress, otherwise the shoe will be kind of worn. To achieve a lighter color, even white, you can use the glittering particles decorations on the shoes. Beige or golden tone shoes will go perfectly with the dress fashion ivory color. Personal wedding shoes - comfortable shoes. In this shoe you have to hold out for the entire day, so comfort is paramount.

Options decor wedding shoes with high heels

Any girl knows that the higher the heel, theslimmer silhouette and spectacular. If the wedding you often use models heels - this is your option. Shoes for the big day can be decorated with rhinestones partially or completely around the perimeter. Models of high-heeled shoes often have a platform, more festive look which will add a scattering of crystals. If you can not find what you dreamed about - that's no reason to be upset. Having bought separately shoes and jewelry for her, go to the studio, where your wedding shoes will find a bright accent.

For decorative bridal shoes fit different types of rhinestones:

  • beads;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • Swarovski stones.

Studded with rhinestones Heel

When the high heel, decorated with rhinestones,fall sunlight or lamps in a dark room, iridescent glow instantly attracts the eyes of others. It looks beautiful, unusual and original. Glittering particles not only pay attention to the heel, but also visually increase the height. Decor elements should not be massive, especially if it is a thin pin-heels.

Decoration High Heel Crystals

Decoration bow with rhinestones on shoes

Nothing gives a romantic imagebride as bows. Even if they are, as the decor, are located not only on the bride's dress, but also on the shoes. This gentle attribute often attached to the heel of the shoe. Sometimes a bow is in the ankle area. Additional decoration of wedding shoes iridescent small crystals creates a chic and at the same time a gentle look.

Bows with rhinestones at the festive footwear

In combination with large stones and pearls

Ornaments in the form of stones and pearls adorn notOnly at the wrists, in the neck area, but also on the legs fashionable woman in wedding dresses. Major elements of the decoration attached to the shoes, commit to adhere to certain rules. Hem of a wedding dress should be deprived of additional decor, not to create unnecessary visual severity. Better to buy shoes with stones and pearls, if you have a small size of the feet, then they will not look massive. Before you buy be sure to check the quality of the attachment of large, heavier ornaments.

Shoes novobrachnoys pearls and big stones

Ideas decorating shoes with rhinestones low-heeled

Not every bride can wear shoes with highheel. foot structure is not always possible to wear dress shoes on a hairpin. Designers do not leave aside those who like the low heel. The most common variant of stylish shoes with a low heel - a classic "boats". Ballerinas, decorated with pearls, is also suitable for the bride, if for health reasons or due to the low growth of the bridegroom she will choose this model.

The decor of classic boats

Low stable heel will give the same charm,and that the pin, only to feel you're more comfortable. So legs less tired, and you can have fun enough on their wedding day. Convenience and low heel - do not mean very simple, unattractive design model. The decor can be made of glass beads, a medium-sized pearls, lace.

The pattern of rhinestones

Decoration of small pearls and rhinestones,attached to the shoes with a low heel, intertwine and create patterns in the form of flowers, twigs and ribbons. Lovely pictures on the material of the shoe give more romantic image of the bride. They can be located on the side of the heel or ballet. Dress length should correspond to that associates could see this beauty.

Patterns of ornaments on bridal shoes

Decorated toe shoes

Often designers decorate the shoe in the area of ​​the sock. This part of the shoes is most visible from under the dress and attracts the eyes of others. Shiny stones, sequins, crystals, pearls give Ballerinas unusually festive look. It may be a geometric pattern or flowing lines depicting plants. If the pattern is repeated in your dress and combine with ornaments on the neck, then you could create a harmonious image.

Decorating festive sock shoe

Decoration for celebration footwear

Video: how to stick rhinestones on the shoes with your hands

Exclusive model of shoes with rhinestones - itreally. You like shoes and went, but she looks a little bored? It takes only about an hour of free time, plus simple manipulations, to become the owner of beautiful shoes, adorned with crystals. The main thing that stuck decor exactly repeated predetermined pattern. Adhesive residues in any case should not be visible. Watch the video below to learn how to decorate their own wedding shoes with rhinestones.