Men's shoes for wedding

Choose shoes with a decent weddingit is difficult not only the bride, but the groom. In stores and online resources it offered men's shoes a lot, but when it comes to shopping, the time to spend a lot of choice. After all, men's wedding shoes should ideally be combined with a suit, time of year, with all accessories and wedding style. To facilitate the purchase of the groom, we offer some practical advice.

How to choose a men's wedding shoes?

The main rule is that the young men must learn -it does not wear bright wedding shoes under a dark suit and vice versa. Choosing matte shoes or boots, it is difficult to make a mistake - they fit in style to any men classical suits. Universal models with slightly pointed or square nose, but without strong fluctuations in one direction or another. Buckles and laces on the male models should not strike the eye and attract attention. Remember: classic - this is the win-win situation. A few tips for the selection of wedding shoes for men:

  1. If a man is prone to edema of legs, it is not necessarybuy shoes in the morning, and it is better to postpone the purchase at a later time. Feet swell, as a rule, by the end of the day, and bought shoes in the morning to the evening is frankly low.
  2. After buying shoes desirable spread to at a wedding party they rubbed their feet.
  3. Do not seek to acquire fashion model, because fashion is changing rapidly, and especially male figures remain unchanged.
  4. If the men's wedding suit involves narrowpants and fitted jacket, it is better to buy a comfortable model with a pointed nose. The general rule is: the smaller the width of trousers, the sharper toe shoes should be.

Oxford: classic is always in fashion

Color bridal shoes

The exterior of the groom at a wedding every detailimportant, so you need to think everything through in advance before the date of the celebration to the ceremony not to upset the bride. Color bridal shoes is of prime importance in the guise of men. Usually it is selected in the color of the suit or jacket if they are different shades with trousers. Choose shoes lighter or darker than the suit is not necessary - it looks ridiculous. Recommendations from professional stylists perfect combination of men's shoes, look at the video:

An interesting way out, when the man picksaccessories and shoes on the wedding of one color, contrast with the suit. This gives it a stylish flair, for example, under the white man's suit to pick up dark blue shoes, tie and a belt of the same color. Some people are able to choose a combination of colors, destroying all the established rules that are right at the top of the fashion Olympus. But men's fashion is conservative, so give a little traditional tips:

  • Black suit worn only black shoes.
  • For the dark-blue suit would be appropriate are black, dark blue or brown patterns.
  • Brown suit is combined with dark brown or black shoes.

Proper combination of colors

Comfort height and lifting the heel

No less important requirement for bridal shoes -comfort, because the groom will have the whole day to be shod, and his mood will depend on the convenience of the shoe. Preference is given to high-quality shoes made of genuine leather to the feet breathe. Also during fitting it is important to pay attention to the rise. If he does not comply with the rise, the legs start to hurt very quickly. The more that the groom will have to participate in a photo shoot, to dance a waltz with the bride, take an active part in various competitions.

Heel height also plays a role, especially inwinter. After all, the man should wear his chosen one in her arms, and in the ice easily slip and fall. So winter is better to choose men's shoes without a heel, preferably with corrugated soles. In all other cases, the wedding is considered a classic of the small square heel (1-2 cm) on any men's shoes.

Shoes must be stable in all weather conditions

The combination of a dress of the bride

Groom Attire is usually resonates with the dressbride, because the couple should look not only officially, but also harmonious. But usually combine any decorative elements, or a man with a shirt dress of the bride. Shoes bride chooses to match his suit. But there are always exceptions. Especially if the bride is not wearing a white dress or a wedding held at the informal sample or for a particular scenario.

Bright shoes bride and groom

Photo stylish men's wedding shoes 2016

Men's wedding shoes should have thefeatures like the convenience, quality and style. With a huge selection, which offers a modern shoe market, the choice of men is facilitated. But before every wedding brides faced with the choice of shoes, afraid to depart from tradition. It is not necessary to strictly adhere to the requirements, do not be afraid to be bright and original, listen to your heart and it will tell the best choice for you.