Colored wedding shoes

Search beautiful pair of shoes for the wedding takesthe bride is not less than the choice of dress. After all, the wedding shoes should be beautiful, comfortable, fashionable, and most importantly, like the hero of the occasion. Increasingly, women are turning their attention to colored wedding shoes, especially since the palette of charming models is increasing every year. Shoes are not necessarily chosen to match the wedding dress, on the contrary, to the extent of sustained contrast looks much more impressive.

Choosing wedding shoes to the dress color

By selecting a successful pair of shoes depends on howelegant bride will walk, as well as the state of health in the most important day of her life. Therefore, the selection of colors and facilities for wedding shoes should be treated very seriously. Options colored shoes offered a lot. Take a look at the video, which models will be the trend of the wedding season 2016:

To the wedding to feel comfortable, you need to:

  1. Choosing the right heel. His height - an important point, because the bride will have to spend on your feet most of the time. It is not necessary to purchase colored sandals high heels too, otherwise joyful day will turn into a painful nightmare. Choose not only fashionable style as a comfortable shoe.
  2. Classic colors, when the tone shoescorresponds to tone dresses. But times are changing, and designers have offered to put on a wedding brightly colored patterns, which together with similar accessories on a background of white dresses are the highlight of the bride image.
  3. Look out for the season of the wedding. For example, the bride will be comfortable in the summer in the open colored sandals. In winter, put on a better street boots with fur trim, and the room to change the shoes in comfortable boats.

Green Wedding Shoes

The greens at a wedding is often found in the bouquetbride hair accessories, boutonniere groom. Therefore, if you are looking for colored wedding shoes and stood on the green - it's a great choice. Shades of colors very much: from light pistachio to the precious emerald. For the springtime is best to choose shoes grassy lush green hue, and in the fall at the feet of the bride will look great olive shoes. Often, young people are not indifferent to the problems of ecology, selected Green as the main tone of the wedding.

Green shoes for the bride

Pink Wedding Shoes

If the bride chooses a colored shoes for a wedding,hence, it would be desirable to add to its image a bright note. Glamour pink shoes model in combination with white, beige, cream, pink wedding dress will look very impressive. Romantic individual, it is desirable to look at the bright pink tones: peach, smoky pink or cherry blossoms. These shades will make the image of air and feminine.

Pink shoes for the bride

Purple wedding shoes

Purple color-balanced, calm,It inspires creativity. In any celebration, he always looks majestic and elegant. No wonder he chose the royals. Violet wedding sandals under a cream or beige dress buying refined nature. In combination with the blue dress the bride violet shoes looks noble, elegant. But more like a bride to wear a purple model with white dress, decorating his belt in tone bow at the waist, a frill or Petticoat bright lavender hue.

Purple sandals - the trend in wedding fashion

Purple wedding shoes

On the basis of the tender lilac pair of shoes bridebe able to create an incredibly stylish image. Any color saturation will give a girl of mystery and secrecy. Lilac color similar to violet, but carries a completely different energy, casting a dreamy holiday mood. By the sandals of the tone, you can easily pick the color wedding dress of any length. This gentle color perfectly with pastel colors and perfect contrast with the olive, beige and yellow hues.

Lilac shoes lush dress

Blue Wedding Shoes

Blue color - a symbol of peace,reason, constancy and purity. Brides all countries simply adore. Increasingly, there are the bride and groom in blue clothes and a pair of shoes. In that manner, it attracts the attention of the bride by the fact that combined with many colored dresses for the wedding:

  • white;
  • beige;
  • gray;
  • purple;
  • lilac;
  • light green;
  • turquoise;
  • yellow.

The image of the bride with blue slippers

What should combine bride's shoes?

The image of the bride is made up of many factors, butthe main importance is given to the combination of selected colors. Previously, the bride and groom to choose the shoes was much easier, because a long dress completely cover the feet. They remained only pertain flowers, hat or bag to bring your look to perfection. Now bridal shoes tightened requirements, as it is necessary to purchase accessories to match.

By colored sandals carefully chosengloves, bouquet, jewelery, and even hair ornaments. If you prefer to wear a veil to match the dress and the diadem - the gold shade, the wreath of flowers selected for the color of the shoe. Decor dress too should be chosen to match the sandals, for example, embroidery, belt or lace inset on the back. The bravest girl in the dress which there is a deep neckline, pick up a necklace to match the color pairs of shoes.

Photos colored wedding shoes 2016

Shoes - an important accessory of the bride. Practical girls on their wedding choose the color model to wear after their triumph at the party. Usually brides prefer bright colored sandals without ornaments, limited to a modest bow, but there are exceptions. Paytetki, beads or rhinestones adorn not only the front part and heel products. But whatever the choice was not made, as long as the image of the bride was harmonious and shoes - comfortable.

Original color models of shoes for wedding