Women's costumes for the wedding

Before the wedding the bride spends a lot of time,trying to find a suitable image of the details of the wedding - dress, shoes, purse, veil, jewelry. But what if no one style of dress does not fit or do not like? Culprit celebrations may draw attention to an interesting and unusual option for gala events: Women's original costume for the wedding. This type of clothing suits ladies aged who marry a second time, young girls, who prefer elegance and simplicity frilly wedding dress.

How to choose a woman's suit for the wedding?

Tradition wear a wedding dressinstead of the classic dress came to us from Western countries. Modern Russian bride almost do not use this kind of clothes for the wedding, but many salons offer them the opportunity to choose from several models of trouser or skirt suits. If the future bride is not found in the store the appropriate style, it should look on the Internet. What to look for when choosing a wedding garment, and creating with him the image of:

  • Colour. To emphasize the tenderness of the bride, is ideal for the classic white. There are other acceptable colors for the wedding - milky, ivory, camel, champagne, cream, pale pink or pale blue. For brides who have decided to choose an unusual style of dress, look great for less traditional wedding colors - red, dark purple, blue and even black.
  • Material. In order to look great, better to choose a beautiful costumes from fabric. For example, different options - brilliant satin, delicate silk, crepe silk (crepe de Chine), taffeta, velvet, linen.
  • Decor. Female wedding dress - an elegant kind of wedding dress, which does not tolerate excessive decoration. To emphasize the solemnity of the moment, the bride can complement the image of exquisite antique brooch. But lavishly decorated with rhinestones, pearls, ribbons or beads costume risks look ridiculous. Do not choose an outfit, the creators of which have gone too far, using cloth decor, even if it inserts lace, flounces, drapery.
  • Style. Every bride strives to look great, so pick up the wedding dress must be according to figure type. Unfortunately, this kind of elegant clothes rarely fit full girl, but options are there: good on them may look sets a pencil skirt or dress, long jacket, hiding full hips. But thin bride can safely experiment by wearing unusual cut model - asymmetry and non-classical tailoring only emphasized by elegant image.

Types trouser dress for wedding
  • Veil. If the bride is sure to want to come to the wedding ceremony with a veil, you should choose a model that is ideally suited to the suit. We'll have to give up the long, medium or short lush veil - women should use sophisticated veil or simply to decorate a stylish hat head-tablet. Good hat will look - and wide-classical, with some costumes appropriate to look tiaras, hairpins decorated with stones.
  • Hairstyle. To emphasize a discreet way, preference should be given neat, sleek options pilings. Suitable sleek tail with fleece, stylish bun, hair-shell or retro Babette. Good will look loose, beautifully coiffed hair.
  • Accessories. Great importance should be given a selection of jewelry - a well with a classic suit look pearl necklaces, a modest necklace, wrist watches. With some costumes look good graceful waist.
  • Shoes. We should also think about the shoe: perfect will look closed shoes with high heels, which will make the bride more slender. Ballerina can also come, but they should not wear a trouser version.

Models white wedding suits

As a rule, it consists of a wedding suitstylish jacket, trousers or skirt, as well as pick up the tone elegant blouses. Choose a style you need, based on your own preferences and the type of shape. But there are models of suits, other than the classics, which consist of unusual items - for example, with a mini-dress or a skirt, pants. Each girl will be able to choose it to your liking. Below is photoselection these various models.

With skirt

If the bride wants to look feminine, elegant - her version of the classic suit with a skirt suit. Style skirt for attire may be different:

  • Stylish mini-skirt,
  • beautiful and strong pencil skirt,
  • medium-length flared skirt with pleating,
  • Maxi skirt.

Tight short model accentuate shapely legs culprits celebrations and hide wide curvy hips.

Wedding dress with a skirt

With trousers

Pants - an unusual detail of the wedding dress,which will help hide figure flaws, make the image complete. The fabric can be decorated with embroidery and lace. Do not choose skinny pants for a celebration, you need to give preference to the more stringent or solemn models - a direct style, fully flared model or flared from the knee.

Models of the original wedding dress with trousers

With jacket

Almost never worn wedding dress is not withoutstylish jacket. Particular attention should be paid to the bride of his cut-out - he is able to emphasize the great chest or hide its small size. The fitted jacket model suitable brides having a thin waist (it will emphasize the elegant belt). The girl with full hands will look good jacket with long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves, a slim bride can choose a shorter sleeve.

Models of wedding suits with jacket

With mini-dress

To demonstrate to all presentlong legs, hero of the occasion can choose mini-dress major part of women's costume for the wedding. Small dress, profitable fitting shape, with a stylish jacket can create both elegant and playful way. Material for dresses should be tight, in any case do not use stretching thin fabric.

Dresses as part of a wedding suit

With a skirt-pants

Culottes - is an option for brides whoThey want to create a romantic, gentle way, but at the same time brought to the audience in an elegant pantsuit. Wide leg, creating a visual impression that the culprit celebration skirt can be sewn with cuts - so they accentuate slender legs of the bride. See a selection of photos with skirts, trousers:

Wedding wear with a skirt-pants

Video: A review of women's suits from Victoria Dougan

To chose the right model, newlywedsWe need to revise a lot of pictures. Then the bride will be able to attend the wedding salons and ordinary shops costumes, which easily find a suitable option vending style. See a selection of photos from the trouser suit for the wedding, made by Victor Dovgan:

Photo of wedding costumes bride 2016

Women's fashion suits for weddingfrom one year to provide various fashion houses. As a rule, these options decoration on the podium is far less than the lush lace dresses, but even despite this, fashionable women have to choose from. See a selection of original, elegant clothes, which will decorate the bride in the new 2016:

Fashionable wedding dresses 2016