Which dress to wear to a wedding

Wedding - an important celebration, and even if you do nota bride to look attractive at such an event should be every girl, and attire should emphasize your strengths while hiding flaws. Which dress to wear to the wedding? This is a question which is raised by all of the fair sex. When choosing a dress for the wedding do not forget about the unspoken rules of etiquette. Put on the dress in which you will feel comfortable and confident.

Beautiful evening dress for wedding

The choice of cocktail dresses for wedding is huge. It all depends on your taste, body, personal preference.

For guests

not so easy to choose a dress. as it might seem. First of all, you must consider a few important points:

  • The dress should fit well, fit to your figure.
  • Do not choose too bright, eye-catching,open causing outfits c large cut. It is unseemly, and you will attract everyone's attention, which should rightly belong to the bride and groom.
  • Do not abuse sequins.
  • Clothing should match your age, status, and, optionally, it should cost exorbitant amount of money.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to fasteners, the best option - a hidden zipper on the back or side.
  • One should choose wisely shoes, accessories, jewelry.

Dress for wedding guest of the day

Choose a dress and is based on the stylecelebration. If the wedding will be a case, then get dressed for the ceremony is according to the style of the holiday. If the celebration takes place during the day is fine pantsuit or skirt with a blouse.

For mother of the groom or the bride (mother-in-law)

Parents of the newlyweds, especially mothers, should look attractive and impressive. What is better to put in-law and mother-in?

Dress her that should not be white, blackand as no surprise, green. As a rule, the marriage of his daughter, mother dress dress red, burgundy, purple shades, and for mothers of grooms more suitable violet, blue, blue, purple shades. They may be bright, saturated colors (tones), and light or pastel shades.

Harmoniously will look if the mother dresseddresses the same length. Not very nice, when one mother will put a dress on the floor, and the other - a mini. This should agree in advance to dress the same way. The optimal length - knee-deep, and the style is better to wear a classic evening, cocktail dress.

It is not recommended to choose clothes from a fabric with a floral pattern, with an abundance of sequins or rhinestones. Jewellery must also fully comply with the image of, well, when they are more restrained.

As you come to the wedding the bride and groom mothers

To witness

If a restaurant is chosen for the celebration,to witness the best option would be to put on a party dress a little below the knee. Select it better together with the bride to not work out misunderstandings.

Regarding color, the witness should avoid white, black. Optimal colors are considered to be blue, yellow, purple.

When choosing clothes for a witness, should be givenShine attention - should not buy expensive shoes with a high heel. Besides the fact that the witness would have to be a lot like with the newlyweds during shooting and walking, she will also have to participate in contests and shoes with stud is uncomfortable, tired legs quickly. It is best to buy shoes with a mean, stable heel or platform.

The dress for bridesmaid

For bridesmaids

For the bridesmaids are perfectcocktail dresses are not too bright colors. In length, the dress may be different - short, medium, long. Style is also not important, the main thing to make it look fashionable, it was convenient. The most popular dress-bodice. Interestingly, it looks unusual when bridesmaids wear the same dress, for example, as in the photo.

Same dresses for bridesmaids

Elegant variations on full girls with photos

For women with a curvy shape also hasable to pick up a charming cocktail dress that hides figure flaws and emphasize the dignity (eg, beautiful breasts). Many designers are now producing clothes for plump girls.

Dress to a wedding celebration for full girls

Which dress to wear better, if invited to the wedding

Themed wedding involvesappropriate attire, because in an open-air celebration hardly suitable evening cocktail dress, or funny will look at the Hawaiian wedding dress in the Greek style. Because you should definitely take into account the theme, style, location wedding.


If the celebration will be held in the opensky, suit freer style of clothing, for example, lightweight pantsuit. It is not necessary to wear a T-shirt, shorts or jeans. No matter where will be held a celebration, a wedding - a special day, so dress should be appropriate.

Attire for guests open-air wedding

On the beach

better wear a light sundress for a beach wedding ofchiffon, silk and other light, air material. Perhaps choose clothes of bright colors. Shoes should be as convenient, preferably without high heels.

The Greek style

For a wedding in the Greek style is best to choosedress of flowing fabrics. Optimum color - all bright and pastel shades. The bodice of the dresses often decorated with beaded embroidery or lace. This makes it more effective.

Women's clothing in the Greek style to attend a wedding celebration

In a marine style

For the wedding of the sea style most suitableblue dress, blue, aqua hue. Dress Style can be absolutely anything - a corset-fitting, with a magnificent skirt. It all depends on personal preferences.

Come to visit us on the wedding day: choose an outfit in a marine style

The color of the dress. Can I wear the black for the holiday

As we reflect on the question of what to wear to a wedding, do not forget about the rules of etiquette, which are not registered anywhere, but a priori clear. It is not necessary to wear a black dress, because it is the color of mourning.


White dress is permissible to wear a bride is her day. Because color is taboo for guests, it is not necessary once again to make the bride feel nervous, violate the rules of etiquette, wearing a white dress.


Dress green is perfect for bothbridesmaids, and for the older ladies. For older women is best to choose darker shades - these dresses are elegant, young girls should be fine as brighter shades. Green dress will look great in the spring or summer.

Got a wedding invitation - dress green dress


Dress pink color will look good in the spring or summer. It will make the image of a girl gentle, airy, charming. Clothing such colors is perfect for children, girls and young girls.

Visit a wedding celebration in a pink dress


Yellow dress looks spectacular, attractive. Robe of the color suitable for the autumn or summer.

Yellow dress - an excellent choice for guests wedding day

What to Wear on the second day of celebration

On the second day the bride and groom should lookas charming as the first day. But now possible to relax a little, put a more convenient option. For the bride is fine contemporary dress or sundress. If the celebration continues in the restaurant, it's good to wear long evening dress. You can also choose a beautiful dress in which will feel as comfortable as possible.

What women's clothing suitable for the second day of the wedding

On the second wedding

The second wedding - at least for many eventsgrandiose than the first, but in any case mark the birth of a new family a must. What kind of outfit to wear girl, if she is not the first time in the Palace of weddings as the bride:

  • short slinky dress;
  • evening dress in bright colors;
  • pantsuit;
  • dress in the Greek style, just not white.

The color of dress can be anything other than white and black. Good clothes will look beige, gray, pastel shades. Optionally, it is possible to select a more vibrant colors.

On wedding anniversary

Choosing dress for the anniversary of marriage dependsfrom the place of celebration. To celebrate the restaurant is better to choose a cocktail dress; in nature (if not the anniversary of the winter) can wear a dress is easier - sundress, usually easy to dress. Often clothed couple in wedding wear, to remember an important day of his life.

How to dress a woman in marriage anniversary day

Long and short model

At a wedding you can choose dresses of varying lengths:

  • Long dress in a floor perfect for slim girls with growth above average. This outfit will emphasize all the advantages of a figure.

Long dresses for wedding guest
  • Short dresses have always been in fashion and highly relevant. Do not forget where you are going and what must look decent, because wear too short dress is not recommended.

Dress for a wedding girlfriend short dress
  • Dresses medium length perfect for bridesmaids, guests and even mothers.

Where cheap to buy, rent or sew clothes to order stylish

Buy a dress is not difficult - thereplenty of boutiques, providing a wide range of products. This is the usual clothing stores, wedding shops, Internet directories with clothing company, providing rental of evening dresses.

Where better to buy an evening dress for the wedding:

  • A wide range of dresses presented in «Party House» stores, "Vega", Gallery "Ostankino".
  • You can order clothes through an online store, for example, popular Plumage, Lurmoda, Zsell.
  • Dresses rental shops offer Amone Mio, where a wide selection.
  • Perhaps sew clothes to order. Popular are workshops: Business Look, Dress-liza, Beatrice.

Watch the video below, you will be able to sew a beautiful dress with her hands.

Especially popular are dress-transformers, how they look and how to wear them, see a video guide:

large sizes

For full girls better to go shoppingNext, Marks & Spencer, Monsoon, «Dream of the poet." Popular sites with dresses for women with a curvy shape, which may blow the clothes according to individual measurements, is considered Lina. It is also possible to take advantage of company services and sew clothes to order, then it will fully meet your figure, hiding flaws. You'll look as if descended from magazine pictures.

For pregnant

Popular sites, where it is possible to buyfestive attire for pregnant women are the following: Grand-olivia, Creative mama, Lacteya. Alternatively, it is possible to take a dress rent, because it is unlikely you will come in handy later on. For example, this service may use in Rentastyle.

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Stylish evening dresses for wedding

Once you have handed over the wedding invitation,just think about dress as search for and select it will have to carefully. When choosing a dress based on your own preferences and the amount you're willing to spend on it. Do not forget about the rules of etiquette.

If you were recently at a wedding as a guest or girlfriend and can share advice on the choice of attire - leave comments.