Wedding shorts

The wedding ceremony - is the finest hour forany girl who dreams to visit the princess in a beautiful dress role. It is believed that a grand wedding, which invited a large number of visitors, should wear a dress with a long, narrow or wide skirt. Flamboyant personality, departing from the classics, prefer an unconventional point of view in this matter. Choosing non-standard dress with shorts, the bride will attract the attention of others and make a splash at the banquet.

This wedding dress suit with shorts

This kind of wedding products has three elements: top, in the form of a corset, skirt and shorts are the meek, cover them, which at the right moment detachable, transforming the usual dress custom dress for the wedding. This is very handy if the bride marks a significant event in the country, in nature or in the sea. This garment will not hamper the movement, and the likelihood that in a festive atmosphere on the skirt anyone comes, is reduced to a minimum.

Wedding dress with shorts can not affordeach bride. It is suitable for girls, having a beautiful refined figure, emphasizes the harmony of legs, giving the image of sexuality. This dress in the photos will be a playful look bare leg of the bride, covered front at hip skirt with a slit. It profitable to look the girl of small stature because outfit visually add height. Additional centimeters, you can add, wearing high-heeled shoes. Grew up to do it is not necessary for them acceptable footwear on a low move.

Wedding attire the bride with shorts

The models of wedding dresses with shorts for the bride

Unconventional models bridal dresses supersedeclassic wedding fashion and fit girls who love to surprise or even shock revealing outfits. These styles can be varied, as well as length. For example, very short (18-20 cm) long. In some models, the length can reach 45 cm. If the wedding falls on the hottest period, the bride will feel comfortable in small shorts. Long products prefer a girl with scars or other defects on the legs.

There are models in which the curvy or straightskirt cover shorts, but are made of transparent materials. This option overcame extravagant and for creating explicit image of the bride. The wide variety of colors: peach, gray, red, classic white, the bride will be easy to look original to the wedding day. Dress color is chosen based on the wedding theme, and based on the type of girl. Swarthy ideal peach tones, and light - white.

Dress-transformer with a removable skirt

These models consist of three elements: corset, shorts and skirts, and will appeal to brides who want to change a few dresses for the gala evening. The ceremony convertible dress will look like a traditional luxuriant, and the festive banquet, the girl will be comfortable in shorts. Couples who choose to mark the wedding of the islands or the beach, too, should look at this model. In hot countries be in the lush dresses for a long time seriously, and this outfit will feel comfortable in the heat of the day.

Wedding dress-transformer shorts

Dress shorts and lush train

The skirt sewn to the corset and completely opensfeet ahead - this outfit for the brave and bold girls who are confident in its irresistibility. Flex is made of multiple layers of tulle and combined with lace or embroidered beaded corset. The skirt of a large number of flounces looks playful and sexy, smooth harmony with the rest of the cloth garments. Make emphasis on the harmony of legs with the help of the bride dress with a magnificent train will help high lace boots.

Wedding dress with shorts and a magnificent train

Which is suitable for the top wedding shorts

When creating wedding dresses with shorts designercombine them with different types of corsets, which are used for smooth or lace fabric. Courageous brides choose top with bare back, straps on his neck and sleeveless. Often, this dress is attached to a small strip of cloth shorts, decorated with ruffles. More modest girl choosing garments with short sleeves transparent.

The top of the dress, made in the form of lacy counters,perfectly complemented with ostrich feathers, matched in tone. By this way of perfect hat, veil which is used as an alternative to the usual veil. There are dresses with long sleeves, completely cover the arms to lovers of elegance. This attire is used lace skirt that gives mystery bride.

Options for the top of the bride dress with shorts

Photos female wedding shorts

This option is perfect for girlswhich do not recognize the skirt. Bride relaxed, not afraid to attract attention, get real pleasure from such attire. Extravagant model with short shorts, emphasis is placed on the legs, allow to feel comfortable on the dance floor of the festive evening, an unforgettable picture in the memory. Complementing the image bag, veil, tiara, she will demonstrate her unusual taste and flamboyant style.

The variety of dresses with shorts for the bride