Wedding pink dress

Dress white dress for a wedding - it's a tradition,has developed over the centuries. But more and more women are opting for colored wedding dresses to accentuate their brightness and individuality. A lot of girls from childhood love pink shade, so some of them are choosing wedding dress that color because it looks amazingly gentle and feminine. Romantic pink wedding dress fit for a wedding in the same color, which will look original. Are there rules for choosing this outfit and that should be considered?

Trendy styles pink wedding dress

delicate shades of rose petals Wedding Dresscan be of different styles: luxuriant, straight, long and short. Decorated interesting decor, it will turn the bride into a beautiful queen. Bride in dress is so unconventional color - it is safe and effective. Color option will be original and festive look on the following models a wedding dress:

  • Style "Mermaid", skinny body to the bottom of the hips and flared towards the bottom, perfect for women with a proportional slim figure. He will emphasize the beautiful figure girl.
  • Attire silhouette "Princess" has a skin-tighttop, full skirt with lots of petticoats, ruffles or flounces. It is ideal for women with a curvy hips, small waist, because it will hide flaws, and will focus on the merits of the figure.
  • Models with A-silhouette - perfect for girls of any figure. Smooth transitions from top to bottom in colored clothing style that would smooth all figure flaws.
  • Adjacent or straight silhouette repeats the line of the body of women, expanding to the bottom. It will suit a slender woman of any height.

Colored clothes to choose wedding youngGirls who are not afraid to be original. Swarthy women can safely choose strawberry tint. Perfectly suited to the color image of silver accessories. For example, look great glittering crystals at the waist, and long earrings and an elegant hairstyle will complete the image of the bride.

Short pale pink dress

In our time, the couple are free to choose whichlength will be their wedding decorations. Some eccentric girls prefer to be marrying in short pink dress. When choosing a model, it is necessary to consider some points. For example, in a short dress the bride can get lost among the guests at the party. To prevent this from happening is better to choose clothes as much as possible light shade. A long train behind colored short dress will emphasize the original image of the bride, will allocate it as the main character celebration.

Short model

Magnificent dress with a train

The bride in a magnificent pink decorated with a trainIt will look incredibly romantic. Volume skirt flower color with decor or frills, bows give the image of a newlywed special charm, aristocratic. Coloured wedding or celebration cartoon themes are perfectly combined with fabulous clothes. Such colored finery carefully you should choose the girls, whose skin is prone to redness. But this model is suitable refined girls with a good figure and dark skin.

Models with a train

The Greek style

Pink wedding dress in the Greek styleperfectly able to mask minor imperfections girl figure. Coloured cloth elegant dress silhouette Empire will allow him to acquire a bright, festive look. clothes Jewellery in the form of flowers or other elements complement the image of the bride and give it more romantic and mysterious. Models with a high waist and a plurality of folds effectively look at the owner of magnificent forms and pregnant women. This wedding dresses will allow the girl to feel comfortable with the whole holiday.

Robes in the Greek style

Choose dresses shade

The pink color - a warm, romantic, noble,its colors are many, ranging from pale and ending with toxic colors. It is unacceptable combination of saturated color and satin inserts, or a large number of decoration on the wedding dress. For festive decorations fit soft, subtle shades and aggressive, cloying tone quite inappropriate for the bride image. Pale pink wedding dress will look perfectly even ornate decor. This is a powerful argument for the choice of the color of the wedding dress.

What pink elements complement the white dress?

Harmonically in a wedding dress and a white blendpink color. Small colorful details accentuate the individuality of the bride. The snow-white outfit will look beautiful with a pink belt with bow ribbon, decorated in the form of flowers or train. These clothing items will create a romantic, elegant image of the bride. But shoes or jewelry to belt tone is not recommended to choose brides. The less color elements on a white dress, so they look more expressive.

Pink belt

Pink hue traditionally associated with younggirl. On a white wedding dress a colored belt placed around the waist, thighs or under the breasts bride. This element of the decor fit young bride of 22 years. If such clothes to complement a light veil lined along the edges of the ribbon tiers to match the belt, it will make the bride unusual, colorful, delicate.

If you want to emphasize your originalitycolored gloves with a touch, similar to the tone zone, then select only the short model. Bright color in the image of the bride has to overlap with the same shade of the groom dress. To effectively combine the colors in Suite, for a young white buttonhole, you can add a second color in the form of ribbons or pick up his shirt the same tone as the belt the young.

Belt strawberry shade


Wedding dress with pink train turnbride into a princess, and the wedding feast in a beautiful sight. Colored or white dress, coupled with the element will give the image of originality and sophistication. For festive clothing perfect removable ribbon cable or a skirt with an elongated bottom, trailing on the floor. In the latter case, it may be done by combining pieces of white and colored material. It looks bright, unusual.

Girl with elegantly flowing skirt hem willlike a royal personage. In order to make a bride feel comfortable, until the day of her triumph is necessary to learn to manage with a train. This is especially important if the "tail" long. If the line is a continuation of the skirt, after the official part of his holiday shortened by folding like a bustle. This means that the bottom of the "tail" is fastened at the waist by special fastening.

Color plume

Tape turning into a bow

Effectively, it looks bright bride in a white dress,which is decorated with a ribbon with a bow. Such an element of decor conveys a romantic mood girls all the guests at the ceremony. Bow feature on the skirt or the front or rear. Fine colored ribbon around the waist line will focus on the surrounding petite bride. A thick belt, rolling in the bow with a volume flowing through - is elegant and aristocratic. Pink ribbon tied around her hips, looks great on models with low waist.

A huge bow behind will make the image of a brideunique and regal beauty. On the fitting high-waisted Empire style is best to position the belt under the breast, and bow tie on the side and decorate it with sequins or beads. Models with the silhouette of a mermaid look spectacular with a colored band which is located on the junction of the flared skirt. Bow to give this place a special charm to the bride's dress, elegance.

Models with a large bow

With pink flowers

Beautiful white bride's dress, decoratedpink flowers, perfect for a romantic, daring person. Flowers in the image of the bride will underline its tenderness, youth. At the wedding colors does not happen much. It is appropriate for the celebrations will look on the bride's dress. Flowers on some models of wedding beautifully located at the waist, shoulder, and on the other - they decorate the front of the skirt.

Dark colors such as crimson decor element

Photo pink wedding dresses

Pink dress bride - it is fashionable, stylish,effectively. every girl there is a queen celebration. Guests will marvel at the entire festival delicate taste and personality of the bride. Bright shade gives wedding dress tenderness and purity. Selecting the color of wedding styles for girls is huge. They impress with their unique design, beauty. When choosing a wedding dress consider a few tips:

  • help increase breast model with lace corset, high-waisted;
  • if you need to "do" waist, choose a style or Empire A-Line;
  • wide shoulders will be visually less indirect silhouette dress with a small cut;
  • curvy hips will hide the accent on top of the original corset with bright décor;
  • model with low-cut in the Greek style visually make you taller;
  • style with low waist, wide belt, sleeve-type flashlight perfect highest ladies.

Beautiful tender cuts