Wedding dresses with train photos

Flex - a chic outfit for the element are identicalmarriage, transforming it into the owner of a real princess. If you want to choose a festive model, look wedding dress with a train - photo styles listed below to help you decide.

What trail

This element is an elongated partskirt from behind. His smallest length - twenty centimeters and the largest depends on your preferences. During this part of the walk dress stretches on the floor, if it is long - at the time of the official opening ceremony of its charge to bear children or bridesmaids.

Wedding dress with a short train

Mini-dress, decorated with magnificent detail,It looks elegant and unusual. If you have a good figure and shapely legs - consider a loop "tail." However, it is not suitable for the ceremonies of the church wedding, where only a long skirt is acceptable.

Short wedding dress with a tail

Middle length

Girls who do not have perfectphysique, may apply to a convenient embodiment of the dress of medium length. Wedding dress with a train - photo shows how it hides stout legs - is bound to attract attention. This length is convenient, as well as short, but is not allowed at the wedding.

Flat cables for medium-length wedding dresses


The classic version of this element - longformal attire. Harmonious just a loop tail looks at wedding - the most solemn part of the weddings. Luxury longest fabric, flowing across the floor fits perfectly into the mysterious, fairy-tale atmosphere. Wedding dress with a train, a photo of which confirm the length of the elegant, useful in the process of selecting a model for girls and women of different sizes.

Length wedding dress with a train - the classics

Types of materials for the loop

Thin materials are used for the elementlike tulle or chiffon - then it looks like the air, gently, beautifully, adding a feminine girl. However, these fabrics are suitable only for pure, harvested areas. Otherwise, better to prefer a satin, silk cloth - they are heavy, strong and less susceptible to damage. Heavy materials do not look so gentle, but they allow the bride to move comfortably in all conditions. Wedding dress with a train, a photo which demonstrates the different materials in the model, given the chance to choose the combination for each bride.

lace, beads, crystals, embroidery - a variety of materials are used for the decoration of fabric. Choose decorations according to his own image.

Materials for daisy wedding dresses

Take care of the assistants, who at the right time will correct fabric. Your elegant appearance will be ruined if the "tail" would have rumpled appearance.

tuck trail

The bride does not have to walk all day withstretchy fabric for a skirt tail - then he would have definitely torn and soiled. Designers have come up with how to solve this problem in several ways. The first of them - tuck option. It is a fabric that is by means of special fasteners, hinges mounted above or below the skirt draping folds.


The second way - coming unfastened removable model. It is convenient because it does not add extra volume after exposing. However, there is little risk that someone will come and it will be a great piece on the floor. Typically, it is attached at the bottom or below the waist, a shorter skirt.

Removable tail option for a wedding dress

Long royal trail

Royal trail on a white dress for churchor secular wedding looks majestic. This decoration of several meters, so do not do without the help of girlfriends. Think before you sew for yourself this outfit, because naturally he will look only at the time of the wedding in a huge cathedral. This "tail" at the time of the painting in the registry office of the city, will look ridiculous.

If you want to create a luxury image, refer to the average length - such an option will look chic.

Wedding dress royal style with a train

How to put

Wedding dress with a train - photo shows that put a great part of the furniture can be different - can be the basis of the image at the expense of the original details:

  • Flex-bustle, which appeared in the 19th century. Detail are folded and secured at the level of the length of the skirt, creating extra volume from behind the decoration, reminiscent of a bustle.
  • Loop Fastening with special loops and buttons. Having assembled views, an element fits perfectly into the structure of the decoration.
  • Flex material from the air. It is fixed on hand to groom independently adjust its length.

Options styling wedding loop

The short trail

Accurate short model is ideal formodest small wedding, painting registry office in the district, while even at the banquet will look organically. The bride will be able to self-correct this detail dress, to monitor the situation. Option Greek robes in the Empire style with a short train bride adorn low, which does not go medium or long model. Look at the photo:

Cables for the wedding dresses of various lengths

Magnificent dress with a train

Ball fluffy dress, decorated with daisy"Tail", looks great. This style can give the bride a lot of discomfort, if the bride is not "regular" assistants - volume skirt prevent correct fabric.

Bulk wedding dress with a train

Right dress

Elegant narrow model, decorated with magnificent"Tail", perfectly complement the romantic, gentle way. Restrained direct model are rarely decorated with many details, it usually rhinestones, embroidery on the bodice, draping concise. For a simple model wedding dress look more interesting, try to imagine it in a pale pink, blue, cream color. Direct style options are available for photo:

The direct style of dresses for a wedding with a train


Stylish elegant version of "Mermaid" with a loop- Selection of tall, slender girls. Due to the peculiar style, tight-fitting shape to the knee, this option will look good only on the bride's ideal physique. Look at the photo:

Wedding Dress mermaid tail with a loop

The most famous dress with a train

World renown acquired several orders,decorated this part, and the first of the best - the decoration of the English Princess Diana. Beloved of her son, Kate Middleton, also made her daisy wedding dress known to the whole world. The outfits of celebrities are presented on the photo:

Famous wedding dresses with trains

By selecting such an interesting, majestic modelyou will become a real star, not only in the celebration, but also photos that show the ceremony. Luxury item easy to attract attention to you, making the most elegant bride of the day.

Share in the comments what outfit you liked the most.

Video collection of elegant dresses with a train: