Wedding dresses with a corset made of pearls

Pearls in the image of the bride is able to transformWoman beautiful princess from a fairy tale. Pearl tone in bridal dress will emphasize its purity and tenderness. Wedding corset, decorated with pearls and other shiny elements will help to focus the attention of others on a thin waist and beautiful figure of the bride. What are the wedding dress with embellishment of pearl beads? How to choose the right accessories to this dress?

Finishes corset wedding dress with pearls

Pearl beads on a wedding dressIt looks charming, cute. Pearls look great on fabrics of different colors and textures, so they are widely used to decorate wedding dresses. Pearl detail round or oval shapes can freely decorate the bride's corset, combined with other bright stones, crystals, embroidery.

Even if the dress is decorated with a smallthe number of pearls, then the image of the bride still acquire luster, unique look. For decorative festive clothing suitable for both natural (white, pink, sea, river), and artificial pearls. Decorating wedding dress white beads looks great on models of different styles (princess, a year, a mermaid).

The dress with corset studded with pearls only

Create aristocratic, gentle image of the bridehelp outfits in which the upper part is decorated with mother of pearl beads. If the dress is decorated with sea pearls does not suit you due to its high cost, then look at the wedding decoration with artificial beads. They are difficult to distinguish from the original, and the beauty, luster, color, they are not inferior to the natural decor.

The advantage of dresses, decoratedartificial pearl beads, is that it is much cheaper model, decorated with real jewels of sea shells. And if by chance a few fake beads during the celebration will be lost, it will not ruin the bride unnoticed mood. Placers white beads may completely cover the upper part of the dress, or to focus on the upper chest, waist.

Decorated with beads wedding dresses will makebride more feminine and regal fine. For visual breast enlargement suit outfit that richly decorated with valuable gifts of sea shells on top of the corset. Originally looked at the dress with pearl shade that contrasts with the color of the bride's dress.

Pearls in a corset dress bride

Finishing corset dress with pearls and sequins

Decor corset pearls, rhinestones givewedding dress bright, irresistible look. With finishes shiny stones can emphasize the graceful figure of the bride. When exposed to light rays on the embroidered patterns arises spectacular shimmer, shine. Such a rainbow overflow attached along a special beauty, chic. Depending on the designer's ideas, the corset can richly adorned with shiny stones and pearl beads, and with them, and rhinestones are scattered neatly on top of the dress.

Pearls and rhinestones on the wedding dress

corset decor crystals with pearls

Adorned with crystals and pearls weddingoutfit is suitable for glamor girls. Patterns on the corset, lined with stones and Swarovski pearl beads, beautifully twinkle and shimmer in the sun. Shiny ornaments advantageous to look at matte fabrics. Exquisite shine Swarovski stones and delicate color beads on the dress will give the image of the royal bride charm. Crystals can be used to create large compositions on fabrics or laid them only zone, and sometimes the top of the bodice.

Crystals and pearls in a wedding dress

Corset decorated with embroidery and pearls

Elegant embroidery and pearls perfectly matchin a wedding dress the bride, because the picturesque patterns and beautiful ornaments to effectively emphasize the iridescent shine of beads. Wedding decorations with embroidery does not require ornate pearls: pearl peas are evenly placed across the top of clothing or concentrated only in certain areas of her. A beautiful combination of embroidery and pearls will give a royal bride, refined look.

Embroidery, pearl wedding dress

What kind of accessories to suit the dress with a corset made of pearls?

If the bride's clothes lavishly decorated with pearls, thehis presence in the wedding accessories optional: in this case it is important not oversaturate way of decor. And if on the wedding dress a little pearls, they will be quite pertinent in accessories. For example, the decorative elements can be tiara, gloves, shoes, earrings, necklaces, and other elements of the image of the bride. If you plan to combine a wedding dress and a pearl necklace, then have a look at some tips for choosing this accessory:

  • Thin woman with elegant long neck perfect style necklace "collar" (30 cm).
  • Under the model with V-neck, or type "boat" you can wear beads that are tightly encircle the base of the neck.
  • Necklace length 40-48 cm is suitable for any type of clothing the bride.
  • Beads 50-60 cm long wear only when the thread does not touch the cut line on clothes.
  • Long necklace (90 cm) are lowered below the bust line.
  • Beads, which are longer than 90 cm, wrap around the neck in several rows and tied them in knots.

Young brides do not wear necklaces withlarge beads - jewelry is better suited to women older. Beautiful, original look of pearl jewelry for the hair: studs, pins, thread beads, brooches. Elegantly, effectively will look bride earrings decorated with sea shells of gifts and thin bracelets with pearls give the bride femininity. When choosing this type of jewelry, consider your tsvetotip, shade the eyes, skin, hair. It is believed that the color of the stone should be close to the girl's skin tone.

  • Swarthy, tanned women ideal beads cream, pink, golden hue.
  • A girls-Slavyanka is better to choose earrings, necklace, beads, bracelets with pearls of snow-white, silver.

Pearls in wedding accessories bride

Photo dresses with a corset made of pearls

Wedding dress, embroidered with delicate, beautifulpearls - a selection of trendy, stylish, romantic girls. Dresses in pearl pattern with rhinestones, crystals make beautiful princess bride. Amazing play, shiny stones will make the bride lovely and spectacular at the ceremony. Models silhouette "Princess" with lush tulle skirt or style "Mermaid" with a low-cut corsets and fabrics look great especially with the decor in a sea of ​​beads.

Jewelry made of pearls on her wedding dress