Wedding Dresses Mermaid photo

Among the basic models dress style "mermaid"( "Fish" or year) is considered the most sensual and feminine. Dresses for the wedding - is no exception. For many years in the designer collections occupy a place of honor wedding dresses mermaid. The top of this dress allows for any variation from modestly closed up boldly-sexual. However seductive silhouette of "mermaid" has a downside - this style will suit not every bride. Therefore, to the choice of the dress did not disappoint, it is necessary to consider several points.

Is suitable dress in the style of a mermaid?

"Mermaid" model assumes a maximumfitting silhouette from the top to the middle of the thighs (or to the knees). The lower part of the skirt is extended, creating an image of mermaid (or fish) tail. Feature style - in a clear, sculptural outline the lines of "chest-waist-hips", which makes this model seductive mermaids. However, if your options are far from the "90-60-90", do not despair. Style Fish has a few secrets, so wearing it can even custom girl.

Wedding Dress fish

High slender brides dress this modelIt fits in any form without restrictions. If the growth is small, but the proportion of correct body, mermaid model will look great (just do not give up high heels). Visually add centimeters open or transparent neckline. Little girls do not fit long lush trail - a massive painting will emphasize short stature.

A little extra padding will not preventselect the style mermaid. The main thing that the figure was proportional, and flaws in the form of small wrinkles fine quality hide corrective underwear. Lined with tough stretch fabric also aligns the figure, but it is an extreme measure, as move in a dress is not very convenient, and the summer is still hot. Girls with forms is to abandon the lush (multilayer or frilly) the bottom of the skirt, preferring smooth single cut year.

Attire for full girls mermaid

If a small bust, you should choose a model withfocus on the top: ruffles, intricate cutting, draping and lace neckline will distract attention. But thin straps perfect look just for girls with small breasts, recreating the timeless image of Kate Moss. For owners of magnificent forms need a quality corset and neck in the form of a heart and carefully allocate profitable dignity of the figure.

Wedding Dress year

When an implicit waist emphasize the silhouettethe bride will help bright zone (different from the material of the dress, texture or color). Lush hip compensate V-shaped neckline, an oblique cut or draping skirt diagonally. Too broad, massive shoulders hide dress with a fluffy skirt from mid-thigh. For wedding dresses mermaid unacceptable Basque (frill at the waist line) or an incision in the hip - is not only hide figure flaws, but also ruin the outfit itself.

Recent models of dresses in 2016:

Although the style of fish remains in demand onOver the years, parts and trim are changing every season. In 2016, the focus shifts to trendy lace. The mermaid wedding dress will be the actual total domination of lace - up corset skirt edge. If it is completely covered with dress does not suit you, leave a lace accent on the shoulders and shoulder blades. Another innovation - long sleeves (or at least?), Especially if they are also made of lace.

Bride 2016 model mermaid

Fashion affected and colors. The dominant white moved the gentle pastel colors: pink, blue, mint, gray and beige. Embroidery with gold, silver, crystals and black finish - also in trend. Find a suitable option and decide on the finishing details you can, looking at photos of wedding dresses fish in the gallery below.

Wedding dress fish


Delicate lace, as well as the noble satin, perfectsuitable laconic a style mermaid, repeating bends figures without familiarity. It can be used for decoration of wedding dress or completely sew the bride outfit of this sensitive material. Lace is best not to combine with a great abundance of beads or sequins - the image get overloaded. For the rest there are no restrictions.

Lace dress mermaid

With a loop

Flex perfectly with SHAPED fish. It gives the bride elegance and grandeur. Do not forget that the plume creates some inconvenience in walking. Attach it to the arm will not work (in both direct style dresses), with a skirt, this year looks bad trick. Do not drop any options with detachable train - wedding model transformers are back in fashion. Unsubscribe from the long loop is a girl of medium height, otherwise a "tail" makes maiden grotesque figure.

Dress for the bride fish with a train


In the upcoming season, wedding dresses with longlace sleeves are particularly relevant. For style fish fit sleeves of any length and shape with narrow up brushes, or three-quarters to the elbow, short or light fitting, flared, prisborennye in cuffs, raglan or cuts. If the shape of the shoulders and arms of a beautiful, select a model with draped sleeves instead. To dress fabric with a dense smooth sleeves are permitted both from the same material and are transparent.

Wedding Dress fish with sleeves

With open back

A good choice would be the style of a mermaid with an openback when the season allows, and the bride bold and confident. Nude back adds sexuality is no less than a high slit or deeper neckline. An important condition for wearing such a model is a good posture and clear skin. If you do not want to bare hands, then fit a wedding dress with sleeves and neckline on the back.

Silhouette mermaid with an open back for the bride

On the straps

Wedding in the warm season - a good reason towear a dress on the straps. This style of light, carefree and romantic. Thin straps are perfect for brides who want to look sexy, but are embarrassed to wear a bustier (bra without straps). Abandon Strapless is a girl with big bust or massive shoulders (or to give preference to models with wide straps or drapery).

Attire bride mermaid with straps

How to choose a veil to the dress mermaid?

Fata - important wedding accessory, but it is notshould pull the attention from the bride's dress. By mermaid wedding dress, thanks to their a style, suitable for both long layered hat, and light short veil. If the dress is used lace, embroidery or ruffles, is to buy a veil with the same finish. The main thing here - a sense of proportion. If decor veils immoderate, it would flood the image of the bride. The luxuriant, richer than the wedding dress, the veil must be modest. If you choose the most concise model, beautifully decorated veil reveal and complement the image.

Fata to dress mermaid

Photo Mermaid Wedding Dress

Find in a wedding boutique model of the desired finishedcutting and finishing is not always possible. The best option - to study photos of wedding dresses mermaid new season and order the desired option in the studio. But buying already sewn wedding dress fish in the catalog without trying - a big risk. Custom Made averaged patterns, this dress will most likely have to adjust the figure, and in the worst case - the search for his replacement. Study the photo below and select the appropriate style.