Wedding dresses in the style of rock

Stylists modern bridal salons are readyfuture bride to offer a wide range of dresses and accessories. What if a girl wants to look outside the box and boring traditional white dress it does not satisfy? Designers have tried to created a wedding dress in a particular style of rock. It is known that the couple prefer rockers causing sometimes vulgar outfits. Stylish accessories, leather trim, the predominance of black, even a wedding dress - the distinctive features of the rocker traditions.

What could be the rocker wedding dress?

Wedding Celebration rocker style

Rockers with their beloved - is not soexotic spectacle than a few years ago. Wedding in style rock or punk has its own characteristics. Extravagant bride dress of this style is characterized by an unusual combination of traditional graceful, flowing fabrics and finishes the bodice or skirt coarse mesh material. Bride in the pants - and rock property. Leather, jeans, stylish accessories, metal accessories - all this fashionable negligence is presented in bright, bold, extravagant.

Devushki- "neformalki" accept care fromtraditional decorum, they are willful, headstrong. Their style - a daring, a little vulgar, but not devoid of beauty. Contrast colors - clothing trump rockers, is dominated by a dark, black color. With a fluffy skirt wedding dress are often combined: black leather jacket or cape, an unusual hat and dark veil. bride's shoes in the style of rock original. It can be as shoes with high heels and black leather shoes. Bright makeup, negligence in the hair, even a bouquet in pink and black colors - rock style.

Sophisticated Asymmetric cut skirt

Style wedding dress is different non-standarda combination of a variety of fabrics, leather, textures, colors. Here, extraordinary, original solutions in the selection of materials are complemented by soft, airy fabrics, embodying the image of a woman militant mixed with a certain romanticism. Inserts made of leather, metal jewelry, denim, mesh contrasted with light, often colorful, bright skirt asymmetrical cut.

Bright wedding dress with scarlet petticoats

Rock outfit the bride is long, with a skirtmulti-layered frills and short. Mini dress - great choice for a wedding party, a walk with the wind on a motorcycle. Designers who design clothes bride's rock style, managed to harmoniously combine the rough base fabric dress, with lace, delicate cloth petticoats. The rich texture of fabric mesh looks surprisingly stylish decoration bodice is often dense, bright ribbons. The motifs of embroidery give the image an additional amount, negligence, but the girl in a dress looks perfect to rock the party.

Asymmetry in a cut wedding dress

Extremely short length

Short length wedding dress - perfectsolution for the ceremony in the style of rock. If the usual bride adhere to traditional morality, picks up a classic model of the dress, the young rocker always strive to show their audacity. The bold decision to open the beautiful legs in a mini or extreme surprise visitors an extravagant model dress with a long train behind - a matter of choice of the girl. Wedding image of the bride's rock far from the modesty and social proprieties.

Elements wedding dress rock Bride

Emphasize the eccentric nature of the rock woman, heroriginality with hints of romanticism stylists possible not only to the short length wedding dress model. An elegant combination of lace, different texture chains, fingerless gloves, leather, stylishly decorated with a corset for slimming shape will create a confident, bright image of the girl-bride-style rock. White dress with colored petticoats lush, loose hair or carelessly curled hair, a steady bright makeup bride - all perfect for unusual rock wedding celebration.

Short model dresses for rock wedding

White dress with black elements

Doom and black leather - is not only a specialexpression girls challenge others. In combination with the traditional white innocence black tone looks original and unique. Contrast wedding dress - a special feature of the image of a rock girl. Color transitions from snow-white to black look quite elegant, not necessarily provocative. Even such an unusual bride can be feminine, graceful and extravagant lady.

Stand Rock classic girl helpjacket, black leather jackets of leather, a massive platform shoes or sneakers. And if we add a few metallic accessories, leather, then a gentle way of beauty become a femme fatale, offbeat, daring personality. White dress with black accents looks unusual and bright. Even Corset leather black or gray tones perfectly emphasize the shape, will give a special contrast, the possessor of such charm wedding attire. Additional image of a small Rock bride, usually red bouquet of flowers.

White and black theme wedding dress

The supplement rocker image of the bride?

Rocker style wedding newlyweds wardrobe- Original and interesting line of work of fashion designers. Fashion House will provide you a great selection of dresses for rock celebration. Here and white dresses with additional accessories, contrasting black and white or colored garments. The girl has the right to be easy, but daring, bright, extraordinary personality to your wedding.

Biker accessories for the bride

Romantic, often short dress A-silhouetteeasy to complete "Rocker tricks": rivets, studs, black gloves, thick laces on the corset, a kind of hat, veil, leather accessories and metal fittings. Brown jackets or leather jackets, coarse lace on the bodice, or colored ribbons at the waist, stylish, massive decorations on the hair allows the girl to appear in the bright image of rocker or biker. Friends rock newlyweds will accept all such exotic image on "hurray".

Pictures of the best dresses in the style of Rock

The best models of wedding dresses rock stylerepresent tenderness, audacity, romance, courage and eccentricity. Exemption from the classics, traditions, manners and attention to all the bright, extraordinary, forbidden. All this is reflected in the elements of a modern wedding dress rocker. Interesting tattoo on the exposed area of ​​the body, sexy neckline, bright makeup accompany rock image of the bride.

Top dress the bride on wedding rock