Wedding dresses, haute couture

Every bride wants to be a princess on theirwedding. And this desire must necessarily be implemented with the help of beautiful clothes, accessories and other items. To the bride outfit was perfect, often preferred the wedding costume from world fashion designers. Their beauty brand and was confirmed by many famous personalities. Designers and fashion designers from around the world are scratching their heads over how do you create a dizzying image of the bride, and for many it goes well.

The special design of the dress from couture

If you have ever participated in the search for weddingdresses, you probably noticed that the clothes in expensive popular stores are very different from those presented in the conventional markets. What can we say about the design masterpieces. In such a model is embedded soul, in addition to the highest quality materials, jewelry and accessories. Wedding dress on fashion houses and are not cheap.

There are many seamstresses who modeled modelsfashion brands are taken to make copies of them. Yes, they have produced their masterpieces, but they are quite similar to the original. This is because the latest technology, they are tested and checked, modify, refine used to design the costumes. Next to designer dresses, haute couture is impossible to put a collection of wedding salons. The level of execution of works at them different.

Designer dresses, haute couture

Haute couture dresses from famous designers collection

Wedding dress from the fashion house Dior, NaeemKhan, Valentino, Versace is very popular among fashionistas who marry. Since ancient times there was a rule that show the new collection last instance always becomes the wedding dress. A model that it demonstrates, beyond the hand with the creator himself. This dress - face of fashion designer, and often it is a wedding. Such attire is always the most expensive, sophisticated, difficult in execution to display. About as it does not go, it means a priori.

Now the tradition of showcasing wedding dressesthe final fashion show a little left by the wayside. Designers create some great collection of dresses for brides. In this show of wedding costumes dreams of visiting every future bride. Choose a dress on demonstrations is much easier than in the store. But if you do not get to such an event, do not worry. Now we look at the main trends that use well-known fashion designer.

Wedding dresses from Dior

Some collections of the fashion house weremade in the style of Barbie. These wedding dresses are corset format used by A-Line. Dresses decorated with beautiful bows bright colors, lace or openwork. The opposite in the collection were gray, black wedding dresses that emphasized femininity in a different way. The Dior fashion house is never afraid to use different styles of dresses.

Particular attention should be model with blackembroidery on the skirt, sleeves with pleats and beads business suits that go to the smell. It would seem that such a combination of shapes is not possible, but Dior changes the standard of looking at things. Much attention and fans got a dress with lots of flowers, which are sewn on the skirt and a corset. The upper part of the dress - a translucent, and the bottom - do not light up. Short stylish outfit perfectly fit into the image of a wedding bride bold.

Wedding dress by Dior

Naeem Khan

Wedding dress from Naeem Khan are verydifferent - soft, strict, unusual. But each model in its own way unimaginable. Some images are able to completely overshadow the other women, and even the groom. Fascinating outfits contain a lot of stones, brooches and embroidery. There is a special wedding collection by Naeem Khan, which is made of a special fabric. There are no standard accessories, but the material creates an elegant complete image.

Dresses for the bride from Naeem Khan


Wedding dress from Valentino always impressedhis modesty. This fashion house is able to create a level of tissue charming image of the model by dress. Most popular found outfits in white color with a fluffy skirt. Coming out of the waist, the fabric seemed to inflate the bottom and creates a puppet effect. This kind of wedding dress was not the ideal option for a bride, and can rightly be called the most popular type of dresses from Valentino.

Images of brides from fashion designers are not alwayssimilar to those to which we are accustomed. Very often it is short dresses, strict silhouettes and unexpected colors. The stylish options from fashion house Valentino found a transparent, light, flowing fabrics. There may be a minimum of lace, distracting from the non-standard form. No bows, standard models you will not find here, and the minimalist style of design house can not win the heart of one of the bride.

Bridesmaid Dresses by Valentino


Wedding dress of the house considered the benchmarktenderness. Though the rest of the women's collection Men's brand felt the notes, but solemnly to them not at all brides. The collections by Versace bows have a lot of lace, dresses embroidered with stones and sequins - this is why they attract so much attention of young brides. This kind of wedding dress handmade be a great addition for a perfect celebration.

Some celebrities wanting to be original,bought clothes for himself. It is very popular among fans of Versace, as an exclusive wedding dress will be one for the whole world. All the details and the little things are thought out fashion designers of the fashion house, and the holder will receive the most exquisite outfit (dress, veil, shoes, accessories, gloves, tiaras).

Wedding dresses by Versace

Elie Saab

Few among women is their weddingdress rings, weight Petticoats. Especially suitable designer Elie Saab is a desire to show that elegance can be not only the finery for brides. In its collections there are dresses of one layer of high-quality fabrics, laces. Models look great by decorating belts, stones and bulky parts.

Elie Saab as a fashion designer made popular bytheir wedding dresses. There is no standard form, dominated by an unusual model with pockets, transparent fabrics and unrealistic variations. The focus of the dress can be made on the sleeves, a scarf or a small train. But all the details of wedding dresses by designer Elie Saab necessarily be thought out to the smallest detail.

Bride Costumes from Elie Saab

Jean Paul Gaultier

Approach fashion fashion house Jean Paul Gaultieris ambitious views, they sew not similar to each other models of wedding dresses. In the same collection there are short dresses with wide hips underwire, open parts of the chest and a long transparent veil, but it can also be very lush wedding attire with lots of petticoats, jewelry and accessories.

Bride in swimsuit style - this is also the casethe hands of masters of house Jean Paul Gaultier. This outfit can decide to wear only a very brave bride. But as you dress the queen with stand collar, hat and closed before? It also created a furor among fans of the brand, as to stand out from the other models show maximum originality.

Bride Costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier

Photo of wedding dresses, haute couture in 2016

Before choosing your wedding dressbe sure to consider several options for beautiful and stylish in the photo below. It can to push you to the cherished idea of ​​a dress that is a symbol of love and happiness. Important in the selection of the wedding suit - not to make spontaneous decisions. Weigh all the positive and negative aspects of each model, "oversleep" with a desire to buy a dress, and in the morning you will have the right solution.

Wedding dresses 2016 from the famous fashion houses