Wedding dresses for pregnant women

With great looking forward to the girlthe moment when a loved one would call her his wife. It would be desirable in the solemn day of the wedding to be irresistible, very charming! But what if the bride in an interesting position, and is preparing to become not only his beloved wife, but also a happy mother? Which model to choose the wedding dress, so that it was not only beautiful, but also practical, is not shy about the future of the baby? Several factors need to be considered when choosing a dress.

Features dresses for pregnant women

many models developed stylistswedding dresses for pregnant women. For the most part this is not available, the figure droops robes and exquisite clothes, emphasizing the dignity of the female figure. Notice how solemn they look at photos.

Wedding dresses for women in position

A woman expecting a child, usually stout,therefore the selected style should make it visually more slender, rounded to hide the tummy. It promotes the overestimated waist, which is present in most outfits. This dress makes the legs longer than girls, and she was taller and slimmer. It does not create any inconvenience to the child as completely free in the abdomen.

Elegant looks and dress A-shapedsilhouette, which will encircle the top and gradually expand downward. The most beautiful dresses of this style, made of light flowing fabrics. The skirt, like a wave, the figure drops to hide the fullness of the bride.

Style A-line

Greek style

Wedding dresses in this style have become part offashion. Their distinctive detail - inflated waistline that starts right from under the bodice and soft folds of her skirt falls loose. Wedding Dress Greek style is chosen not only pregnant women. Therefore, in the early stages, when the waist size is not greatly increased, no one even suspects about your interesting position.

Greek way

Garnish with a dress can be a wide ribbonbreast with embroidery, pearls or lace, as well as a nice big bow. Straps, if present, are decorated similarly. In the area of ​​the waist and skirts pinch decor to a minimum. But the bodice can be embroidered with beautiful embroidery, sequins, original applications. This will distract the attention of visitors from the tummy. For tailoring Greek dresses fit chiffon, silk, lace, and other synthetic fabrics, drapes easily. It folds and pleats must fall smoothly and gently, like a wave. Leaf should not strap a strong chest. If the wedding is still a lot of time, because of the physiological processes of breast volume can be increased, and then it will close.

Ball gowns

In the early stages of pregnancy the bride is almost norestrictions in the choice of attire. She is fine fluffy dress. bride's figure gradually begins to be rounded, and it will help to hide flaws. The main rule - do not choose the outfit, decorated with a variety of buttons, frills, bows and other bulky items. They only attract the attention of visitors to your tummy. Better to let them look at the beautiful sloping shoulders. Try a style with bare shoulders and a full skirt. It is better to choose a sleeveless dress. If you are very much like a corset, buy it, but make sure that he was very careful not to overtighten the stomach. For you now the main thing - the health of your crumbs, so the fabric must stretch well. The dress should be as comfortable as you and your child. Bride with perfect legs can afford a short fluffy wedding dress. It looks great on pregnant women V-shaped neckline that emphasizes the chest perfectly.


Short dresses

If the bride is pregnant, it does not mean,that it is necessary to hide behind the seven locks in a long and wide dress. Not at all! Pregnancy is decorated with a woman, it blooms and fragrant. To demonstrate the advantages it offers will be able in a very short dress, and the dress of medium length. For those who do not wish to be confused in long and wide skirts, designers developed a model of short wedding dresses. It is the bride an opportunity to emphasize the dignity of the figure and sexy, show beautiful legs. These dresses do not look less solemn than long, and are especially important during the summer season. Form-fitting short dresses are acceptable in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the figure has not undergone great changes.

Options with a short skirt

At a later date, when it begins to stand belly, fit short dresses a-line.At later stages, preferably choose dresses in the Greek style - decaying waves from the chest, or completely free cut styles.

Styles for late pregnancy

Choosing dress for gestational age:

first trimester

In the first trimester of pregnancy brideyou can use any cuts, because the waist and chest had not grown in size, the bride did not gain extra weight. Designers are advised to stay on a plateau with a low waistline. After lowering the visual center, they make a slimmer silhouette.

Styles with a low waistline

A good option would also dressesvertical pleats starting from the chest and ending in the buttocks. The elegant bow or other item under the bust will attract the attention of visitors, concentrating their views on the upper part of the figure.

Color accent on the waist

Irresistible is pregnant bride in a dressbare back. And if she has beautiful legs and a petite figure, her suit short wedding dress in pastel colors that accentuate her femininity and fragility. For example, very good looking straight dress with straps, decorated with embroidery and pearls.

Modest dress with straps

In the first trimester of pregnancy as wellfit style A-line with a slightly high waistline and a beautiful plume. Just do not overdo it with a belt or corset lacing should not be close.

Take a look at the video as this outfit looks good on the bride.

second trimester

In the second trimester, when there is a trend towardsweight gain and belly already visible, it can help to hide feminine and charming styles in the Empire style - fitting bodice, skirt begins under the chest, she drops beautiful waves, like ripples from top to bottom. Inflated waistline, located above the belly, can emphasize a belt or strap. With such a gorgeous dress will look a long veil.

Empire style

Will help to hide excessive fullness and trapeze dresses with a slightly exaggerated loose waist with curvy cuts-neckline.

third trimester

In this heavily pregnant bride cannot to get into a standard dress. So you need to buy a dress larger and customize it according to the figure. Such services are rendered in bridal salons. Choose the most free and easy style. Silhouettes are the same as in the second trimester - the Empire and the trapeze.

Ideas for the third trimester

Accessories for dresses

Pregnant bride has charmingly itselfcurrently, therefore accessories to the wedding dress should be bright and provocative, should be strictly maintain the measure. From jewelry fit a string of pearls. Footwear choose flat shoes, soft, comfortable, worn-desirable advance. There is a superstition that a pregnant bride should not wear the veil - a symbol of chastity. But now rarely find a bride going to the altar a virgin. If a girl wears the veil, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, there is nothing wrong, it will become even more beautiful. If the bride does not want to be in a veil, she can weave in her hair or wear a sprig of flowers beautiful hairpin.

Tips stylists

When choosing a wedding dress, consider its weight. It is not necessary to acquire a magnificent heavy ball gown, which weighs more than 3 kg. It takes a lot of inconvenience to the wedding ceremony, it will be too hard to walk the girl wearing a child's heart. The best dress is the weight to 1.5 kg. If the bride in position, it is not necessary to make a purchase dress in advance, it is better to buy just before the triumph, not to be mistaken in size. For a pregnant woman clothes sizes are changing very quickly, and you can lose. The store on the fitting of the dress you will notice that the length of a little more than normal. Wedding dresses are sewn with the expectation that will put on a high heel. But the bride in an interesting position heels to anything, so the bottom of the dress have a little hem. Fitting dresses done in bridal salons, and not only in length but also on the figure. Hem stitched so that it does not reach the floor by 3-4 cm. Shortening of dress should be just before the wedding, to the growing tummy is not raised front edge of the dress, or it will not look. Choose dresses with high waistline and neckline. Dress should be simple and elegant, not weighted superfluous ornaments. Let attracts the eyes of the upper part of the dress by beautiful embroidery or lace trim, delicate satin ribbon or a bow under the bust. You can throw on the shoulders of the original bolero jacket or an elegant shawl. A selection of popular wedding dresses for pregnant women, see the video provided.

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