Wedding Dresses for obese women

Not all the girls match the ad imagemodels with ideal parameters. Most especially, there are figures - curvy hips, broad shoulders, completeness. But all of them the same way I want to look great on your wedding day. Wedding Dresses for obese women specifically tailored to the young lady magnificent forms can feel like an elegant and beautiful on the celebration.

Choosing the type of style the bride's figure

The peculiarities of his body, you can pick the perfect style easily:

  • Complete the ladies with a pro rata figure of "hourglassWatch "can even afford the luxury of a model of the" mermaid ". They will almost any style, the only thing that should be avoided - thin straps. I do not profitable and straight neckline.
  • Owners of "apple" body ispay attention to the style of A-line dresses in the style of "Empire", ballroom model with corset and skirt volume, collar-yoke - they help to balance the broad shoulders and narrow hips.
  • To figure "rectangle" suitable outfits that will make the waist thinner - Greek style, asymmetrical cut.
  • Body type "pear" will look great, if you pick up for her style a-line. Straps over one shoulder to visually make the shoulders wider.

Ideas festive attire looking at the video:

Long or short

If you have a curvy shape slimlegs, beautiful breasts, then you can safely wear a short dress, emphasizing all of your dignity. Otherwise, a longer model that give the image of elegance and charm. It is important not to overdo it with the length, in fact it is often the first impression of the dress.

Magnificent dress with corset

Wedding dresses for girls with stylish fullcorset will allow to achieve harmony wedding dress - will be the top thanks to a tight fitting corset and trapezoid skirt hides full bottom, making of the bride a real princess. This option is suitable ladies high, but low he "landed", removing a few centimeters of growth.

The fluffy skirt and corset: wedding combination

The Greek style

Wedding dress full of romantic girlsGreek style perfectly hide the extra volumes. Dedicated bodice will highlight and decorate a large chest, and loose skirt not burden, make easy step. This option is good for the fact that it adds a soft femininity flowing through the tissue, and gold or silver finish.

Styles in the Greek style full of brides


Light flowing fabrics wedding dress Empirefor obese women hide extra dimensions of the bride. Its comfortable style allows comfortable to sit together and gives bride feminine lightness. This dress is often sewn with elegantly decorated belt under the bust.

Attire in "Empire" style complete the newlyweds


Wedding trapeze dress for full girls -dress elegant solution. Due to the expanding skirt down, it will hide the problem deposits of the lower zone, and create missing corsage waist line. Tip about this style: Pick up massive tissue - they added "ease" your figure.

Wedding dress bride full-trapezoid


Romantic style wedding dresses for fishfull girls should be selected carefully. Do not forget that the upper part of the model will completely encircle the body from the chest to the hips or knees. Hide figure flaws under the dress will correctly matched corrective underwear.

Wedding "mermaid" for full girls

With a high waist

For brides who have mild-waisted,suitable wedding dress with a high waistline. Stressing the chest - now full advantage of the girls - it will also help to hide the roundness of the figure. Such an outfit is ideal for the future bride and groom waiting for the baby.

Inflated waist line full of brides

With a loop

Along with the train will not look like a brideonly majestic, but also visually deprive her of several kilograms. Flex can be part of an elegant wedding dress for a girl or a full special to wear a button.

Dress with a train full bride


Wedding lace dresses for obese womenIt looks perfect in a volume physique. It is better to choose the model, decorated with lace medium size. Large or small - it can add extra weight. Models on the photo:

Lace dresses full of brides


Sleeves - beautiful decoration dress, hidingHand completeness. Pyshnotelye brides fit most elegant, air-bell sleeves, flared other options, lace, satin model.

Dress with sleeves: the image of a wedding pyshechki

With triple hem

This kind of wedding dress for the original full girl is a few skirts of different lengths, where each successive shorter than the previous one. The highlight of the fact that the shape of the dress slim.

Triple full skirt wedding dress bride

The choice of fabric

Wedding Dresses for obese women fishnetIt looks elegant and stylish. Openwork lace make girls figure with lush visually slimmer figure. Shiny satin or silk pattern in at least help to hide the problem, but the right style to save the situation, if you like these materials. It is important not to forget about the details of decoration wedding decoration that can give the bride the extra weight - sequins, bows, rhinestones, pearls, decorative flowers.

Fabrics for wedding dresses for the full

Unusual colors

Designers have not stinted on the unusual colorswedding dress - off-white, purple, green. However, the absolute leader of the fashion shows - the bold red outfit that will suit confident in his own irresistibility girls. If you do not want to completely color model, look at the exciting options with black, red, pink embroidery. White also does not lose relevance.

Color models of wedding dresses for pyshechek

Where and how to choose a dress?

Even if you are a genuine fan of virtualshopping, do not rely only on your intuition, because buying a dress online store, you risk miscalculate the size or style. Ideal - buy the right model in the cabin, where you can try it, evaluate your appearance. Styles of wedding dresses for girls with curvaceous provided in these showrooms in Moscow:

  • "Sharmel" Podsosensky lane. d.3.
  • "Madame Chicot," st. Novoslobodskaya, d.62.
  • "Wedding" street. Lisa Chaikinoi, 6.
  • "Pretty Woman", Olympic Ave, 16.

Choosing a wedding dress, "uniform" bride should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Do not trust the mistaken belief that the white coloris able to distort the shape, giving extra centimeters. It is not a color, a properly selected according to the type style, peculiarities of your figure - that's where the security of the beautiful wedding image.
  2. No need to purchase a dress a few sizesless, hoping to throw off the excess before the wedding - it's quite a risky lottery. After all, if lose weight fail, you may miss out on the eve of the wedding dress.
  3. We select the right style. Pyshnotelye brides ideal long dress style "Trapeze," he visually pull the silhouette and length of the floor balances the upper and lower parts of the body.
  4. We abide by the rules of proportions. Whichever size you wore, balanced emphasis on the chest, waist and hips - the key to an elegant and feminine look. Pick the outfits models that successfully will display a clear shift from the chest to the waist and hips.
  5. If you choose a dress with a corset, do not tighten it much, leave a little free.
  6. Win-win option - Greek style. Due to excessive waist Greek models, you will hide the excess on the sides and belly, with emphasis on the line neck and neck.
  7. You have beautiful legs? Then feel free to choose a model with a short two-tier skirt - short in front, long back.

Tell us in the comments what dresses for brides with a curvy shape you like.

Photo of wedding dresses for brides full