Wedding dresses for girls low

The salons offer many models of weddingoutfits, but, as a rule, they are sewn on classic shapes. Brides are constantly pursuing innovative forms of the problem of choosing a suitable model. Wedding dresses for low girls should be selected, taking into account the specific rules that will draw a shape visually. This is achieved, for example, to dress a predominance of vertical lines. It is important to pay particular attention to the shape of the wedding dress, shoes and even accessories to look perfect on a holiday.

Tips on choosing a wedding dress for lower women

Wedding dresses for girls low desirableacquire specialized stores. Do not take in such places her future husband, as he will feel yourself there are not too comfortable, and it would be better if the dress will remain secret for him. Miniature girls look great into the fitting with a high waist, a horizontal seam and a long veil. This contributes to visual stretching silhouette and make you slightly higher. Low brides fit the following accessories:

  • cuffs;
  • long gloves;
  • small collars.

For more information on choosing a style check out this video:

The color scheme and silhouette

In order to look amazing on a holiday,Choose a dress that accentuate slender figure. For example, a perfect one-piece straight wedding dress. It is important to focus on the waist, but not on the chest and hips. If your form is not very proportional, avoid Balakhonov-dresses. It is better to take a look at the model of the "box" in which accentuate the silhouette. As a member, focuses instead use wide ribbon belt. Choose shades that you slimmer, for example, dark matt tone.

The color and the silhouette of the wedding dress

dress Length

Think, what should be the length of yourwedding attire. If you prefer to dress to the floor, let the skirt ends somewhere on the level of the ankle. On the tiny girl will ideally look shorter style, it will focus attention on your attractive legs. This advice is relevant, if the figure allows you to wear this outfit. Wedding dresses for girls with low length to mid-calf hem visually shorten the leg, avoid such apparel.

What style of dress is low girls?

There are many styles of wedding dresses,but not all of them fit petite girls. Look for dresses A-line, the models in the Empire style. To visually increase your height, low bride should choose a wedding dress to the floor, which enables to wear high heels. A good solution to the problem of small stature will also serve as a model with a train. An additional advantage is the presence of straight lines in the dress and parts facing up. Special attention deserve shorter wedding dresses for girls low. Here are some additional tips:

  • If the bride wants to look small in statureabove, it should look at the wedding dress with a high waist, low-cut, long train. Complete the image of gloves with a length above the elbow. It is not recommended to choose the model of ballroom.
  • In order not to focus on the ample bosom, choose outfit with inflated V-neck. It has the opposite effect model with a high waist.
  • Girls bodied is not recommended to choose outfits, rich lace and ruffles. It is better to focus on the chest. Hem ideally should be straight or slightly gathered.
  • If you have a royal bearing, it must be emphasized. Look for models with open back.
  • For pregnant brides, unfortunately, the choice is not so rich. Most often in such a situation a suitable dress with a high waist or trouser suits.
  • To hide your figure flaws, profitablehighlight its advantages. If problem areas are the hips, focus your attention on the original bodice. It is necessary to supplement it with a variety of decorative elements.
  • Broad shoulders easy to hide, giving up style with surround-cut bodice.
  • You have big breasts and voluminous thighs? These features will help to hide figure model with low waist and neckline expressive. It is not recommended to buy the dress with a high waist and excessive pomp.
  • Brides without waist better to choose a dress in the style of "Empire" to do her accent.

Style dress for brides low

Wedding Dress A-line

Dresses of this style got its name,because visually resemble the uppercase letter "A". They favorably emphasize chest. These outfits are usually one-piece cut with a fluffy skirt. However, sometimes it is possible to select an individual stamp and hem. This will make a unique image of the bride. Due to the universality of style, these dresses are very popular among honeymooners.

Wedding Dress A-line visually makestiny girl up and successfully hides figure flaws. For models of this style fits a wide range of tissues. Natural way to add the skirt of silk. But if you want to add pomp to the main skirt is desirable to use a heavy fabric for the top layer - light, for example, taffeta or tulle.

Attire for the Bride A-line

Short dress in "Empire" style

The main feature of this wedding dressesstyle is exaggerated waist. As a rule, the skirt of the dress begins after the bust line. It can gently encircle the silhouette or the air flow, making your way easy, elegant. Wedding dress in this style is ideal for ladies with small breasts. Emphasize on the bust, barks bodice stones and other decorative elements. Dress in the style of "Empire" successfully hide figure flaws pear-shaped and divert attention from the belly expectant mother.

The image of the bride: style empire

Long-fitting shape

Among the long dresses, tight figure, bowlall are models in the "Case" style or "mermaid". They have an elongated bodice and tight-fitting silhouette bride to mid-thigh. Attire richly decorated with exquisite lace, drawings coupon that will make your look more feminine. This kind of wedding dress well suited for low-girls, provided that they have a narrow waist.

The bridal salons can be found modelsfitting long dress with a train without it. Do not be afraid that the presence of the latter will disturb you. You need only ask the salon staff that the end of the loop was attached to your hand. Thus, in case of need, you can always pick it up, you save a lot of inconveniences. Models of this style does not go out of fashion for several years.

The image of the bride: a long slinky attire

With asymmetrical skirt

Wedding dresses for girls is not lowmust be long. If the lady is the owner of the slender and attractive legs, then her perfect dress with an asymmetrical skirt. It will look very original, profitable focusing on the merits of your figure. Now fashionable wedding dresses with short straight skirt with trim trail. If you have wide hips, choose a style with a full skirt and a corset. This will hide some figure flaws and visually increase the bust.

The image of the bride: dress with asymmetrical skirt

Photo models dresses 2016 for low girls

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