Wedding dresses for a beach ceremony

For lovers girls marriage proposalof the elect - a meaningful and joyful event, after which preparations are under way for the wedding. In recent years, the classic wedding inferior to palm the wedding on the beach. For this romantic ceremony appropriate to select as environs expanses of native and exotic islands. To feel comfortable on the beach wedding bride should pay attention to the choice of wedding dress.

The models of wedding dresses for the beach ceremony

Every girl wants to be irresistible in itswedding. And the question becomes the main choice of dress for the duration of the preparation for the ceremony. Beach wedding is making certain adjustments and restrictions on the choice of wedding dress. After all, you will agree, heavy fabrics and an abundance of decoration of place against the backdrop of wonderful colors, which are abundant nature presents us. And the time for the beach wedding is often chosen in the summer, and the hot scorching sun just too uncomfortable to be a bride under a heavy, multi-tier veil or a thick cloth corset with stones.

Dress to the floor of the aircraft fabric

Heavy traditional long dresses with suchfabrics like brocade, velvet or taffeta, will burden the gentle image of the bride, making it a foreign background on the coast. For the wedding ceremony on the beach preferable to choose a light, weightless style of dress. To do this, fit chiffon, damask, satin, natural gas, or crepe de chine silk. Flying outfit should not choose to train, because the friction of soft tissue on the sand in the short term will lead the ceremony hem in a deplorable state.

When choosing a style examine critically their figure. Thin flowing fabric can not only emphasize the advantages, but also disadvantages open. Skillfully selected style wedding dress, the bride will make a compelling and attractive no matter what. Long dress for the ceremony can be a form-fitting and free, with even the hem, or in the form of petals. Do not choose a dress with rings or expanding too skirt. This creates the risk that the entire ceremony the bride will have to contend with the wind, not to enjoy the moments of your holiday.

If the girl wants aristocratic longDress to the floor with a train, you should be provided on the beach equipped with a track on which it is to walk to the groom. This output will be a spectacular and memorable. In the second part of the celebration is better to choose shorter outfit, because splash in the sea space or jog along the white sand in a long decorated fail. When choosing a style Think about the convenience of the bride and the nuances of the wedding program.

Long wedding dresses for the beach

Wedding Dress Greek style

The most popular shaped wedding dressfor the wedding is on the beach dress with hints of Greece. This decoration of any girl will look like a goddess Aphrodite emerged from the depths of the sea. For the ceremony on the beach, this style is relevant and harmonious. Even famous designers call it a timeless classic. And for good reason. Greek dress seductively sleek, floating lines, emphasizes the silhouette of the bride, making it both sexy and innocent.

The prerequisites dress in the Greek style are: the length of the hem to toe and tailoring of light, flowing fabric. Secondary hallmarks of the Greek dresses will be:

  • Several layers of material at the bottom of the dress;
  • Availability drapes and ruffles;
  • The asymmetry of the upper and lower parts of a wedding dress;
  • Inflated waist;
  • Armholes on one shoulder;
  • Decoration stones belt, gold, beads, pearls, painting, embroidery or sequins;
  • The bodice is made crosswise, emphasizing the seductive chest. It is strapless or with them.

Wedding dress in the Greek style

Knitted dresses for the beach ceremony

A good solution would be to dress Knitted weddingDress for wedding on the beach. Do not choose an outfit dense, knocked mating. On the gentle background of white sand and azure surface of the water, it will look rough and unnatural. And the bride under the hot sun in such attire would be uncomfortable. The beach ceremony involves gentle, airy weave variations, bares a girl's body. Ordering wedding dress knitted in masters or by linking it yourself, the bride will be sure that such a dress in the world does not exist.

The first knitted dresses appeared in 1930. Now the fashion for them again gaining its momentum and popularity. A clear option would be knit dress with large lace, under which she wears a white bathing suit or other revealing clothes. If the bride adheres to traditional ideas, then under such a dress should provide cover from a breathable, natural materials such as decorative pattern is not completely hide the body.

Openwork dress for a wedding ceremony on the beach

Short wedding dresses

In short wedding dress the bride willfeel yourself relaxed, free from stereotypes. After setting beckons to bury your feet in the sand or go for a run along the sea coast. On this auspicious day, it is not necessary to limit the scope of conditional happiness. Length dress for a beach ceremony can be absolutely diverse. Where, if not on the beach, the bride opens her tanned legs that would look quite appropriate, but not vulgar.

To frank mini girl should havegood figure, otherwise the open parts of the body do not cause delight and bewilderment among those present that will create an awkward situation. The skirt is a lush and tight, with ruffles or smooth. Any bold fantasy girl is able to incarnate in the dress with a short length. Nothing will restrict young in the manifestation of their feelings. Open short dress and provides swimming in the azure sea, and happy playing on the coast. It does not hinder movement. In the official part, at the request of the bride's dress is decorated with detachable train.

Bold mini dress for a beach ceremony

Accessories beach wedding dress

Add a touch of charm, refinement in the image of a bridehelp wedding accessories. For a beach wedding in a nautical style attributes fit most, light and air. Do not burden the image of the bride in gold, bulky jewelry with precious stones. It would look ridiculous on the background of nature. Accessories can be bright, in the form of flowers, large beads or shells that add zest along and around the holiday, or gentle, like a string of pearls around the neck of the bride. It looks nice belt, embroidered with sequins, which will give the bride resemblance to a mermaid.

RSvadebnye accessories on a beach theme

Which shoes fit for a wedding on the beach

For beach is suitable outdoor ceremony, lightfootwear. Beautifully looked completely bare feet girls. Unnatural cumbersome on the background seascape look classic shoes and shoes with a heel. Constantly shakes the sand bride will be very uncomfortable. Sandals on a flat sole with rocks, shoes with knitted ornament harmonious look based on the theme of celebration. Feet girls should be as open. Decoration ankle bracelets will add refinement and zest together.

Photo of wedding dresses for the beach ceremony in 2016

In the collections of leading fashion brand, 2016year - time romance touching and feminine charm. Modesty, delicacy popular again. Carefully decorate the neckline does not reveal the girl's shape. Candid cutouts are no longer relevant. They were replaced by a rounded neckline and lace, long sleeves air from the 20s. Elegance, aristocracy in the form of miniature mittens, lace back, elegant draperies in retro style will complement the image of the bride 2016.

Jewellery Rhinestones sunk in the summer. On the wedding dress, you will see silk flowers or delicate embroidery with pearls. Glamorous shine for a long time are not trending. Wedding dresses 2016 have a matte texture, complemented by a lace or veil made of cover. Still relevant pastel colors. White does not yield the palm. If a girl does not want the classic version, the implementation of appropriate dress in coral, violet, vanilla colors.

Wedding Dresses Beach 2016