Wedding dress with straps

Romantic and elegant wedding imagesare becoming increasingly popular among today's brides. Some choose lush wedding dresses in the style of Barbie, to surprise everyone with his pompous chic appearance. Others prefer more feminine and sophisticated fitting garments. However, all the girls tend to emphasize their beauty and originality. Wedding dress with straps on advantage can take its place among the dominant elegant, feminine and unusual images. I wonder what can be the model of the dress?

The models of wedding dresses with straps on shoulders

Shoulders - one of the most attractive areasfemale body, why not to focus everyone's attention on this dignity, at least, is not reasonable. There are many interesting models of wedding dresses, serves to emphasize the shoulder line using different thickness of the straps. One need only imagine how it looks magnificent furniture with thin straps, or dress in the Empire style with wide shoulder straps, a sexy Fish with an intriguing one straps on the fragile shoulders of the girl.

A variety of wedding dresses with straps

This is just a small list, which will open yourimagination to give preference to a particular wedding dress that necessarily equipped with a strap. For many girls who marry, that choice will be very difficult. Therefore, in order to facilitate the process of making a difficult decision, consider some further options for the variety wedding image - each individually.

Classic fluffy dress with thin straps

Luxuriant dress for her own wedding, choosinggirl, standing out from the crowd, accustomed to a lot of attention from others. In this model, corset wedding decoration, straps look very original, especially if they are thin arc. This requirement is maintained without reason: the straps must integrate harmoniously with the magnificent image of the dress, supplementing it with a slight hint of its presence. In this decoration you will feel a fairy princess, creating a general impression of the fragile, delicate woman of unearthly beauty.

Magnificent wedding dress with thin spaghetti straps

The Empire style with wide straps

Empire style - a classic Greekwedding dress. He usually creates the overall impression laconic female image, which has a straight cut skirt. Corset in this style of wedding dress is not provided, because the lower part of the dress (skirt) begins immediately under the bodice. Cut on the chest in such a model, gentle and noble bride emphasizes femininity.

There are only relevant wide straps thatare a continuation of décolleté, they originate from the skirt. There is also another option, when the straps are more like a sleeve draped on his shoulders and sewn to the bodice dress. Empire style, tend to prefer the romantic personality that distinguished the original taste and modesty.

Wide straps wedding image in the style of Empire

Attire Fish silhouette with a strap on the shoulder

Aristocratic the fairsex with a classic taste, like a wedding image - Fish with a strap over his shoulder. This model is better than any other wedding dresses is able to emphasize the dignity of a slim figure and flawless bride. It looks unusual if the strap is as wide and made of the finest lace. Another win-win, but the opposite version of an evening dress with a silhouette of fish - thin or delicate satin strap, which is almost negligible.

Depending on the design ideaswedding dress, shoulder strap can be placed on one shoulder, and can be sewn diagonally (when one end is sewn on one shoulder in front, and the second - on the opposite side of the other arm). In any case (with a thin or wide straps), this element wedding image should be of the same fabric as the dress itself, not to cause disharmony in the overall appearance.

Fish Silhouette with the strap on one shoulder

A silhouette dress with Halter

Wedding Dress A-line has the formelongated trapezoid skirt which diverges from the hip. It is a remarkable way emphasizes thin female waist. Often these decorations have an average length of the trail, which stretches over the beautiful bride. This model looks more harmoniously, if the bride's shoulders advantageous played with wide straps around the neck. It can be rooted from the back of the corset, passing under the armpits - this option (in the form of a triangle) will focus on the area of ​​your neck, increasing breast visually. This is the choice for extravagant lady.

Attire A-line with the strap around your neck

Options decor Wedding dresses with straps

Wedding image must shine,creating the most solemn aura around him. This can not be achieved if the dress will not be decorated with different elements of the decor, complemented by some details, such as lace or rhinestones, brooch or huge flowers. All this and much more able to add wedding decoration festive colors, nice beat this or that element of dress, for example, straps. Consider these options more decorating wedding dresses with straps.

Lace and embroidery

What could be more beautiful fine Frenchlace? Openwork design of wedding dresses at all times had a huge popularity among girls gathered under the crown. It has for centuries considered a classic one for the wardrobe of beautiful representatives of humanity that emphasizes femininity, tenderness and sexuality of their way.

Lace can be so subtle that youYou think as if they were glued to the body of the bride or painted. Use this idea to beat the original straps of your wedding dress. An alternative to expensive openwork fabric can serve as an original hand-made embroidery. This is another relevant option to beautifully decorate the straps wedding dress.

Decor wedding dress with embroidery and lace

Stones and crystals

Stones and crystals - the most common, however,the most attractive version of everyone's attention, which you can decorate a wedding dress straps. The way these things and play shimmer in the sun, often remains beyond comparison with any other ideas decor. However, here the main condition - not to overdo it with the number of sewn rhinestones around the dress. Better to let it be done modestly, but with taste, rather than a lot, but to create an overloaded image. Very little stones decorate the straps so that they shone brightly in the light with all the bride's dress.

Decoration of wedding dresses with sequins and stones

Brooches or flowers

Straps wedding dress, you canan original way to decorate the shimmering brooch with stones. This can be done, for example, placing them symmetrically on each strap, mimicking the small stars on the shoulders of women. If you are afraid to be overbuilt, a large number of massive decorations, use a brooch in the center of the asymmetric wide straps, which is located diagonally on your shoulders.

Another option is a beautifully decorated weddingdress - a rag or artificial flowers, such as lilies or lush asters. Buds may be completely different: from the smallest to the biggest. It all depends on your imagination and creativity. There are a lot of interesting ideas to decorate extravagant straps evening dress the bride, for example:

Wedding dress with flowers and brooches
  1. Gusto nasheyte strap on the small sizeartificial flowers. It will appear as an optional accessory to your wedding image. It would be better if you use the data board to decorate dresses with one shoulder-straps.
  2. Take a live flower, such as feces. Loosely unnoticed in its wire stem to achieve the effect of flexibility. Next you will need to gently entwine each strap in the form of a large wave of this flower. Let bud elegantly decorates the middle of each of your shoulder.
  3. If you do not want to take risks and are afraid to gettoo colorful image in the end, take a large living aster pale pink. Carefully attach the chest bud pin to one of the straps of your dress.

Additional advice to real flowers preserveda fresh look throughout the day: before buying consult with an experienced florist, which is pretreated with you favorite buds with a special solution. These small tweaks uses everyone who sells flowers, so they remained for a long time, as has just been cut. And for the wedding day - it just needs to be the most beautiful bride.

Photos of the bride dresses with straps on shoulders

Variations on the theme of the wedding dresses withstraps there are so many, for every taste and style. It all depends on the individual preferences of the particular bride. Often it becomes difficult to finalize the model and then to help you can come an attempt to look at the image from a practical point of view. Additionally, check out the photo below, which have been specially selected for you, to help make a decisive choice. Here you will find a lot of various styles of wedding dresses with straps on the shoulders.

Bride Dresses with straps on shoulders