Wedding dress with sequins

Wedding dress with rhinestones - date andbeautiful image of an element of modern bride. The bride is always the center of the wedding celebration. Her dress should be original and irresistible beauty, so wedding dress with Swarovski crystals in the recently very popular. When combined with lace, beads and pearls, crystals set off the beauty of the divine dresses and painstaking work of skilled workers. Glass Swarovski crystals ennoble even the simplest of clothing model.

The models of wedding dresses with crystals Swarovski

Company polishing rock crystal basedmore than a century ago, Daniel Swarovski - unrivaled leader in the production of crystals. Artificial stones in its beauty is not inferior to diamonds, so outfits decorated with Swarovski crystals, look luxurious and brilliantly. Choose a suitable wedding dress with such crystals wants any future bride, regardless of body type or height. Shimmering shine Swarovski stones advantageously looked on matte fabrics.

Lush dress with sequins on the corset

Many of the girls when buying a wedding dress infirst consider a model with a corset. This type of clothing is remarkable figure pulls, giving it an extra harmony. Chest due to the structure of the bodice corset becomes more attractive and ajar. Wide skirt further increases the effect. To a wedding corset shone even at the slightest contact with the world - it is decorated with crystals, laying crystals ornate patterns or solid canvas around the bodice.

Lush bridal gowns

Lace with stones and sequins on the skirt

What could be more beautiful and more tender than the airlace, like a cloud surrounding the bride? The shimmering Swarovski crystals on a wedding dress like the stars in the sky. The skirt of lace can be a bit like a lush or a mermaid tail, obtyagivaya slim hips of the girl and a smooth transition to a long train. Sparkle and shine lace pattern unwittingly attract the views of others to the lovely bride.

Models with lace

Romantic style dress with lace suitfor girls with fragile, delicate appearance. In a fashion model in recent enclosing a lacy basque, which may have a completely different form, from lush flounces to light wings on his hips. Such a garment many advantages: it hides a small tummy or correct errors failed sewn skirt. Strengthen the focus on the attractiveness of this part of lace clothing possible with stones, if put them on a path Basques specific ornament.

Elegant Empire with a scattering of original patterns

Dresses for a wedding in the style of the Empire (Imperial)characterized by a high waist, wide belt under the magnificent breasts, which is decorated with sequins or lace. Fashion clothing of the early 19th century, France has taken root in modern European countries, because of its convenience. Style in the Empire style does not hinder the movements of the bride, and will allow it to look young and fresh. Free tailoring hides minor figure flaws and focuses on the merits. Belt sometimes replaced finished satin ribbon tied in a bow behind romantic.

Styles in the Empire style

Shimmering placer in the Empire style allowedOnly on the bodice, no frills. By decorating the neck, chest bride visually increase will seem more lush. If you want to emphasize the harmony or externally to increase the growth of the bride, the Swarovski crystals is better to put on the belt, which is located under the breast. Ornate patterns give the image of a young lady lightness and romance.

The Greek style with crystals at the waist

The Greek-style bodice dresses with hard stonesimagine without flowing draperies extending from the waist down inflated line. Another distinctive feature of the wedding garment is asymmetrical cut in the upper part: one shoulder remains open, on the second - a wide strap. Girl with beautiful shoulders in the form of a wedding dress with bodice looks like a Greek goddess. A more vivid way of making crystals of decoration belt. Rhinestones can be lined with Greek ornaments or ornaments in the form of branches, due to different sizes of stones.

Models in the Greek style

Models with decorations on the collar and cuffs

Retro models of wedding dresses with collars andlong sleeves with cuffs are more suited very young creatures with fragile figure. The length of the model fitted with a free-skirt to be above the knee or drop to the floor. The cuffs and collar, lined with small crystals, will give a festive look to the clothes. With this additional decor decorations for the wedding dress will be superfluous.

Retro images Suite

The pattern on the wedding dress

Whatever may have been beautiful Swarovski crystals themselveson its own, but when they are whole fascinating iridescent pattern on the dress - it's worth it to work on a luxury applique. Laid out on a corset pattern can have a national direction or to be romantic. What to choose, embroidered bodice and side pattern with ornaments on the entire height of the wedding dress, the bride to decide itself. Swarovski crystals are different in color and size - a great decor for the conversion of the bride dress at a work of art.

Models with patterns

Photo of wedding dresses with crystals

Wedding dress decorated with rhinestonesSwarovski, a girl will approach any complexion. It is only necessary to choose the right style. Girls with curvaceous better to buy a Greek-style dress with a loose-fitting, where a high waist and bodice decorated will divert attention from the shortcomings of small pieces. Slimming corset, lined with iridescent jewels, will help to visually remove extra centimeters.

Slender girls can afford apparelA classic silhouette, fluffy dress or a tight-fitting shape. The bodice or corset decorated with rhinestones - highlight of any wedding dress. A collection of white dresses for the wedding day is replenished each year fashion designers, but stylish decoration with Swarovski crystals will always be in fashion. Photo below this confirmation. Elegant accessory in the form of a clutch, lined with rhinestones in the same style, it is advantageous complement the image of the bride.

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